tvN’s Liar Game (kdrama) episode 11 – I feel bad for Jamie

liar game4

I really don’t get it. I really don’t get it. Liar Game comes out with two episodes per week. That means that this is the last week, but it also meant that we’d get double the amount of content. I’m happy about that. What I’m not happy about is that the first episode that comes on will only have maybe a two minute recap that is mostly just what happened in the end of the last episode. The episode that shows up the next day always has close to six minutes of recap.

It’s not logical.

Woo Jin admits to Da Jung that he’s the one responsible for her father’s debt. She cries and walks away. I bet you that she won’t apologize to Do Young about what she said to him. She turned everyone against him, when he was being truthful and didn’t seem like he would hurt anyone. But she won’t, because Da Jung is too nice.

Since everyone knows that Woo Jin was the one responsible for the stock scandal, wouldn’t his life be in danger? I mean, if someone lost everything because of him, they now know who is responsible and where he’ll be. I hope this show discusses this. Da Jung had the creditors show up to her place, so Woo Jin shouldn’t have an easy time outside.

The Director goes to meet the investors at Lloyd Capital. Lyoyd Capital, L Company…are these the guys who ruined Woo Jin’s mother’s life? Probably. Most definitely actually, but we’ll see how it plays out. The Director goes there to discuss the future of the show and the station. For season one, he plans on making the kind and stupid Nam Da Jung the winner. Even though there’s still some controversy surrounding the show, he’s still planning for season two. If Da Jung wins or if Woo Jin wins and gives her the money, then he can win back the public’s favour.

The chairman disagrees, because Woo Jin isn’t that nice. In his effort to get revenge, he told people to invest their money in the L Company. At least two people ended up killing themselves because of they followed him and lost everything. That’s pretty heavy and I’m surprised that he’s able to keep his head up high when his actions resulted in the death of two innocent people. He may feel bad about Da Jung, but people died.

The chairman wants Do Young to win, because he owes a lot of money to the investors. So like Da Jung, he also has a lot of debt. That is why he entered the game. The chairman reassures the Director that the acquisition of jvN will still take place, as long as the ratings are high and there are some huge scenes in the final game. Like Da Jung betraying Woo Jin, only that won’t happen.

liar game2

I’m trying to take the chairman seriously, but he keeps moving his hands a lot and looks like he’s about to laugh. I thought it was strange, but it turns out it’s meant to be since Do Young is the one actually running things. And he wants to destroy jvN’s stocks. After getting high ratings during the final game, he wants the chairman to sell all of the stocks. I wonder why?

This makes me even more about his character now. Is it meant to be Jokoya or the main Liar Game people?

Da Jung now wants to find her father and feels like it isn’t Woo Jin’s fault that everything bad happened in her life. He probably felt bad and wouldn’t have done it if it hurt her. She’s still willing to go as planned, with her group sharing the money. Obviously she wants him to remain in the game though, he promised her the money.

The next game is a reinstatement one between Do Young, Bulldog, and the former actor. Sung Joon isn’t there because he’s dead. No one knows though. Whoever wins this will get to go in the finals with Da Jung’s group. The game this time is 17 card Poker, which is kind of interesting to see because the original had Akiyama playing this game and discovering its trick.

After five rounds, Bulldog is in the lead.

They take a break and Bulldog and the former actor leave so they can conspire to beat Do Young. Once gone, Do Young sends Woo Jin a text that shows Da Jung’s father tied up. Woo Jin has to go help him out, to ease his heart, but he does have a deadline since the final game is live and will take place shortly after the current game ends.

After another five rounds, Bulldog is still in the lead with 800k.

Bulldog has a way to win, since he’ll always get the joker. He’s able to see it clearly when the cards are dealt. It won’t help him, since it’s almost guaranteed for him and the former actor to lose. They forgot who they’re playing against and the fact that they’re not the main actors.

liar game3

Even Do Young looks amused by their antics.

Do Young realize what Bulldog was doing, so the shuffling order was changed in order to be fair. Bulldog can still see where the joker is so the new change doesn’t’ do much to stop that. It does help Do Young win the game since it’s easier for him to count the cards now.

If Woo Jin was here, he’d know what would happen but he’s gone at the moment so Do Young easily wins the game and gets all of the money. I bet Bulldog and the former actor are annoyed that they followed Da Jung and not Do Young.

Woo Jin does stuff and finds out that he knew Do Young and Da Jung when he was a kid.

The next game is Russian Roulette. Why do I feel like there’s a real bullet mixed in with the blanks and the shocking moment will involve someone dying. Anyways, in the game each person takes a turn to either load their gun, shoot, or avoid. The players can’t be talk when it isn’t their turn or they’ll be DQed.

Dal Goo is the first one eliminated, which was the plan anyways since he’s off to find Da Jung’s father. I feel bad for Jamie here, because she chose to be loyal to those three instead of Do Young and they’re going to backstab her. There’s no way for her to end up in the end. What makes this worse is that she’s following Woo Jin’s orders when if she thought of herself instead she’d be safe.

Jamie is the next one eliminated, but wants Da Jung and Woo Jin to beat Do Young in the next round.

Why though? If she stuck to her guns of being selfish, which is completely warranted, and then she’d still be in the game. Why do these players stop thinking about themselves and only listen to Woo Jin? It doesn’t make sense.

liar game1

As they’re going to the next location, the Director pulls Da Jung aside (in the women’s washroom) and tells her not to trust Woo Jin. I’m sure she will though, because he did everything for the sake of his mother.

In the end, we find out that a real gun/bullet was included in the mix, just like I thought it would be. Does this mean Woo Jin is planning to kill Do Young? Kind of seems overly dramatic, doesn’t it?

The episode did hint at a second season and the ratings have been good, so I’m guessing we’ll get it. Everything depends on the next episode. I don’t think anyone will die, but a lot of secrets will be revealed. Here’s hoping it isn’t rushed though. I want to know why Do Young wants jvN to go broke and the connection he shares with Woo Jin.

It’s sad though, because I quite liked Do Young before but now I don’t really care about him. He’s still better than Da Jung and Woo Jin, but not as great as he once was. In terms of the episode, it was okay but it made me feel terrible for Jamie. Each player, other than Da Jung, Woo Jin, and Dal Goo, joined the three musketeers for no good reason. If they wanted to win some money, then they should have thought of themselves before anyone else.

This highlights the biggest problem with a reality show and making Do Young a villain when he was just a troll. Why are the others so against him? It seemed like it was because he told Da Jung the truth about Woo Jin, but that ended up being the truth. Is it because Woo Jin doesn’t like him? At this point should Da Jung even care about that? The man indirectly killed people and ruined her father’s life. Even if you shared a few moments together, you know the times he called her a burden and told her that they’re enemies, then that doesn’t negate the fact that he is responsible for your hardships.

Even though I still have some major issues with the show, I do have high hopes that the final episode will be explosive. Don’t let me down Liar Game! Don’t let me down!


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