Orenchi no Furo Jijou episode 8

orenchi (4)

After last week’s episode that introduced Tatsumi’s little sister, we’re back to the two main starts by themselves. Wakasa hates vegetables and since he’s read a magazine that says carnivores are more popular, he’s decided to be a carnivore for life.

If mermaids are just human fish like creatures, then would they be omnivores like us or would they stick to a mostly vegetation like manatees? It’s times like this that I wish I had a mini David Attenborough with me so that he could answer this.

orenchi (1)

It doesn’t matter since Wakasa is strictly a meat eating mermaid. He learned that carnivores are popular after reading a magazine about them. He doesn’t get that it’s about dating, but whatever. He also decides to use what he learned on Tatsumi by inviting him for a bath and washing his hair for him.

Tatsumi isn’t pleased though. He tries one more time to get Wakasa to eat his veggies, but Wakasa refuses. With a sad expression on his face, Tatsumi leaves and Wakasa starts getting nervous. Did he make Tatsumi angry because of his selfish behaviour? Even though Wakasa likes being spoiled, he doesn’t want Tatsumi to be hurt so he eats all of his vegetables.

orenchi (2)

Never knew vegetables could make a grown man cry so much and cause him to make this kind of face. It’s cute though, in a depressing kind of way. Too bad for Wakasa though, even though he managed to eat all of his vegetables Tatsumi wouldn’t have forced him to do it anyways.

Tatsumi, who once again shows how great of a mother/parent he would be, brings Wakasa a vegetable cocktail thinking that this might be an easier way for the man child to have a balanced diet. Kind of brought me back to when my mom would make a soup for my siblings and I since we didn’t like vegetables as kids too.

Wakasa drinks the vegetable drink too, just to show how committed he is to Tatsumi. Then the two have an arm wrestle and Wakasa easily wins it. Makes sense though. He is a mermaid after all.


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