Gugure! Kokkuri-san episode 8

Kokkuri-san is still a female, so I’m wondering if the intro will change to reflect this. Not in the group shot, but the actual song. Thankfully they didn’t change the song, but they did change the group shot which is to be expected.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (1)
Poor Kokkuri-san, even though she’s a female now she still wants nothing more than to me a man again. She thinks she has a chance to revert back to her original state when Kohina finds another scroll that only those who have been cursed can read. Thinking that it would solve her problem, Kokkuri-san reads it only to end up being trolled once more. Instead of the magic words that she so desperately wanted to hear, the scroll just says that she’s stuck that way forever.

Even though Kokkuri-san hates being a female, she’s definitely cuter this way. And all of her old routines look even better when done as a woman. She’d have an easier life if she remained this way, but she isn’t taking the news well.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (2)

Not well at all.

Shigaraki gets tickets to a hotspring and invites Kokkuri-san to go with him on a (not) date. Kokkuri-san agrees without thinking, because the two use to hang out together before, but ends up rejecting the offer once Kohina tells her that it’s a date. Tanuki-san isn’t willing to give up though and invites Kohina and Inugami to the hotspring as well. He also mentions that there’s a curse removing hot spring somewhere in that area. Hearing that Kokkuri-san is ready to go.

So the four, five if you include Tama, who bet up Inugami to get the fourth ticket, head to the hot spring to enjoy a relaxing weekend. At the lodging they see Yamamoto! I love that little alien. He’s too cute. It’s just a coincidence that he’s there though, but it’s a coincidence that I appreciate.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (3)

Whenever there’s a hot spring or bath episode in an anime, the girls end up talking about bouncy things while the guys try their best to steal a peek. Gugure! Kokkuri-san is no different, but it doesn’t really go the way you’d expect. The girls, Tama, Kohina, girl Inugami, and Kokkuri do talk about stuff and Shigaraki peeks, but he doesn’t end up seeing anything. I never thought that Tanuki-san would be covered in tattoos, but now that I see them I can’t think of him as ever not having them…if that makes sense. The tattoos really fit his character. I’m almost shocked that I never thought to myself that he would have tattoos.

The rest of the episode has Kokkuri-san trying to find the curse removal hot spring with Shigaraki. It feels more like a date though, with Kokkuri-san complaining about being treated like a woman and Shigaraki there supporting her.

He protects Kokkuri-san from cars.

He offers to hold the shopping bags since Kokkuri-san is having a hard time with them, but she refuses. Kokkuri-san is adamant that she doesn’t want to be treated like a girl, even though she is currently is one and will probably remain this way for the rest of her life. Shigaraki finally gives up on holding the bags and instead picks up Kokkuri-san.

Even though he’s a deadbeat alcoholic gambling addict, Tanuki-san was quite manly in how he treated Kokkuri-san. Not only with his actions, but by his words too. He tells Kokkuri-san that he’ll do his best to make him/her not miss being a man. Despite myself and knowing that Kokkuri-san wants nothing to do with this relationship, I found myself wishing Shigaraki the best.

After he says these words, he leans in and kisses Kokkuri-san.

The episode is pretty much over, so I wonder if Kokkuri-san will actually remain a female. I don’t know how I feel about that. Kokkuri-san is definitely cute as a woman, but I like the male voice actor. Plus, what makes the little fox so special is that it’s easy to laugh at him when he’s a man. When he’s a woman, you just find him precious.

Plus, he’s an enemy to the other female characters because he’s more popular than them. He’s not trying to come across as overly confident, but his words are definitely irradiating to the others. There’s a scene that happens earlier when Kohina asks him why he doesn’t like being a female, even though he’s more popular this way.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (10)

She replies with “When I’m a woman, men swarm around me and ask me to marry them.” She’s trying to gain sympathy, but no one wants to waste that feeling on an attractive female who has no problem getting guys.

I hope Kokkuri-san becomes a man again, but I’m conflicted because Tanuki-san is quite charming at the moment. Everything he did in this episode is what a typical romantic lead male would do. Unfortunately for him, the moment he leans in for the kiss the curse breaks and Kokkuri-san is back to being a guy. Kohina’s ancestor made it that the curse can only be broken when you have a touching moment with someone of the opposite sex.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san (9)

Considering the fact that Kohina’s ancestor was the ultimate troll, this is the perfect ending to a curse of this nature. I mean, their family motto is, “Make them suffer again and again” so this is to be expected. I feel bad for Tanuki-san though. He’s going to have to find another girl now, even though female Kokkuri-san was perfect for him. Not because she’s cute, but because Kokkuri-san and Shigaraki are already close to one another.

What could have been….

Kokkuri-san is back to being a male. Shigaraki is back to being a deadbeat. And everything is right again in this anime. I thought Tanuki-san was pretty funny when he first showed up, but I’m loving his manly moments. It started when he saved Kohina out, but it truly blossomed in this episode. I thought I’d only laugh when he showed up, but he’s proved me wrong.


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