Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 8

selector (2)

That girl was all alone without knowing what being ‘alone’ meant.

Iona is still on the ground reeling from the punishment she received from Mayu. Even though she’s in pain and even though she knows that Mayu doesn’t want her to continue on with the story, Iona does just that. She knows that Mayu won’t kill her because she’s Mayu friend, child, and even Mayu herself.

Her story is actually kind of depressing. She lived in solitude without much contact with the outside world. Every so often toys, books, and other knick knacks would appear in her room. Sometimes she’d see the person (a maid) bring them in and other times she’d wake up and see them there. One day, she picked up a book and found out that there was more to life than her room.

One day, she got a WIXOSS card deck, but quickly realized that it’s a game meant for two people. We see two cards pop up, one of a silhouette of Tama and one that looked just like Ulith. As she was playing she ended up creating friends.

That’s actually pretty nice, because she didn’t have any friends. I smile when I saw that because someone like her needs people in her life. Too bad they were imaginary ones that no one else could see. For the one that looked like Tama, Mayu named her Shiro and called her the Girl of Light. For the one that looks like Ulith, Mayu named her Kuro and called her the Girl of Dark. Shiro was the good one while Kuro was the bad.

selector (1)

Shiro and Kuro…Mayu clearly is lacking in the naming department, eh?

Since they are imaginary, people looking at her thought she was a little…off. Or maybe being alone all the time warped her mind. Even though Mayu is having fun, I kind of like that Kuro and Shiro have very monotone like voices. There’s no real feeling to what they’re saying. Considering how Mayu has never really talked to anyone or had friends, it makes sense for them to be like this.

So how did the whole wish granting game come about? Well, as her bond with Shiro and Kuro continued to grow she started to play a certain game. This one involved Shiro and Kuro going to the outside world and bringing girls to Mayu. If they come, then their wishes will come true.

Again, it sounds sad but nothing out of the ordinary. It’s just the sayings of an extremely lonely girl who wants some contact with the outside world.

But then Mayu says that Shiro and Kuro will play WIXOSS the girls and whoever wins will be granted the wish of the girl they brought to Mayu. Then, that girl will be stuck in the world of cards and the only way to escape is for them to bring in another girl. If the girls lose, then their wishes are not granted.

selector (4)

Okay, this is a bit overboard, but I guess her desire to meet other people is just that strong. It’s a bit weird and kind of crazy, but it’s understandable.

Then Mayu has to add that the wish not being granted isn’t a big enough of a punishment. If the girls lose, then their wish is reversed. And thus the Selector battles were created and the rules are now in place.

I think this should serve as a warning to anyone that if you make someone alone all the time, they might go crazy and do things that ruin people’s lives. It’s just not worth it.

Those who won and those who lost surrounded Mayu, but the more she watched the girls play the more the colour left her world and everything became white. Shiro asks Mayu what her wish is. If you thought it was to have friends. You’d be wrong. If you thought it was to see the outside world, then you’d be wrong again.

If you said revenge on everyone who lives in the outside world, because they’re allowed to have wishes and be selectors then you’d be right. Seriously, she got messed up from not having any contact with the outside world. Really messed up.

So Ulith wasn’t Kuro, Iona was. After winning, she became Iona, but because she’s meant to battle and bring misery to the world she received an LRIG. It was Ulith, but she was in the form of Iona’s Kuro form. The reason why Iona wanted to keep fighting and find someone who loves to battle was because that’s what she was created to do.

Iona and Tama love battling, because that is what Mayu said that they’re meant to do. They’re simply dolls who are being played by Mayu, but they still care about her and want Mayu to be friends with everyone. Mayu won’t like that though and Ulith won’t either. Mayu really should have picked a better candidate than Ulith. Because of her, Tama will turn black.

Ulith enters Tama and level 5 happens for her.

If Tama stayed black then it would be fine, but she goes back to normal after beating Iona up. Ruko has just lost her first battle.

Ulith is happy with the outcome, because her win ended up causing the most damage to everyone. Too bad she broke Akira a bit too much, so the episode ends with Akira stabbing Ulith.

selector (8)

The previews have the return of Chiyori, which is nice since we need a little bit of happiness in the WIXOSS world. The episode was really good, but a lot of bad stuff happened. Mayu and the Selector game. Tama going to level 5, destroying Ruko’s game pod and beating up Iona. And then’s Akira who thankfully didn’t kill herself. I thought she would since Ulith broke her, but instead of doing anything to herself she stabs Ulith instead. I was kind of happy when that happened. She needed to brought down a few pegs and Aki-lovely was the best person to do it.

selector (7)

Amazing episode.


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