Nobunaga Concerto episode 6 (jdrama)


Akechi Mitsuhide is officially a retainer for the Oda Clan. I’m a little nervous because I know the history, but also because he seems to have some jealousy vibes in the last episode when he saw Saburo and Kichou go on their date. Since Micchi is the real Nobunaga, he has to hide his face. He says it’s due to tuberculosis so he doesn’t want it to spread.

Now that that is done, it’s time to spread the Oda clan’s influence even more, this time the capital. Micchi’s idea is to introduce Saburo to Ashikaga Yoshiaki, who is the younger brother of the 13th shogun. Toshiaki wants to become the next shogun and is looking for support. In order for this to happen, he wants a daimyo (feudal lord) to go to the capital on his behalf. He’s pretty much their passport.

So off to Kyoto they go! Everyone cheers and are in good spirits, only Tsune-chan kills the mood my mentioning that there’s a problem with the plan. Saburo has no etiquette.


He can’t talk properly, since some words are difficult to pronounce. His clothing isn’t neat or tidy. And his hair….it’s not fitting for a daimyo. Tsune-chan suggests that he go for a sakayaki, which is the hairstyle that Mori has. Bald on top, but a party everywhere else! I’m not sure if he’s serious, or if this is revenge for marrying off Oichi, but either way the entire bald scene is hilarious! I love how one of the retainers even goes as far to say, “For the sake of the Oda clan, please go bald!”

Not going to lie, I replayed that scene a few times before continuing on with the episode. I really should stop watching it. I need to finish the episode…but one more time wouldn’t hurt.

Since Saburo has no chance at impressing anyone the way he is, Micchi steps in to go in front of the Imperial Court so he could have permission to go to the capital. It works, much to the shock of everyone, and they can finally go to Kyoto!

After an awkward scene, that I had to replay a few times, Saburo makes an enemy of Ashikaga Yoshiaki without realizing it. Instead of tactfully declining the offer of being vice-shogun he says that he’ll take over the country.

It doesn’t matter for now, because Saburo visits Oichi and her place. There, he does a “fortune telling” thing and even does the moonwalk. Random fact, Oguri Shun can do a pretty mean moon walk. He does another dance too, which is funny to watch.


Another depressing Tsune-chan scene as he talks with Oichi. Stop it show, I can’t take it anymore it’s just too sad. Thankfully, we get a scene with Saburo bonding with Nagamasa.

The oni appears and everyone runs away in fear! Only, it isn’t an oni, it’s Matsunaga Danjo, a yakuza time slipper like The Viper and Saburo. The others are afraid of him because of his demon tattoo that he wears boldly on his back. No one knows what a tattoo is, but Saburo instantly that he’s found someone like him. Matsunaga is originally from 2005, which is closer to Saburo than the Viper.

So why did he come to visit the Oda clan? To let them know that Ashikaga Yoshiaki has made Nobunaga a wanted man. Looks like Saburo’s big words have come back to bite him in the behind. Yoshiaki sent a message to all of the daimyo’s telling them to subdue the traitorous Oda Nobunaga. With the letter, all of the daimyos will become an enemy to the Oda clan. If that happens, then Nobunaga won’t take over Japan and unify it.


Nagamasa even tries to help out, before his father learns of the letter. I’m sure Denjiro will tell him so that the Oda clan is destroyed. I like how Nagamasa is such a nice guy. It makes what will happen so much sadder. He doesn’t want Nobunaga to fail and he doesn’t want the Oda clan to be defeated. He agrees with his the message that Saburo is pushing and feels like it would be a pity if a man like that died so soon.

Yuki the spy is being a spy.

Saburo now realizes the full weight of his words and how he caused problems without thinking. He’s feel pretty bummed about it, but Kichou pumps him up and gets him to stop wallowing in his self pity session. His retainers also give him another morale booster.

The Oda clan will go and meet up with the Asakura clan in order to secure an alliance. Nagamasa’s father plans for Azai to team up with Asakura and attack Nobunaga from both sides. Nagamasa isn’t okay with this though, but what can he do? He doesn’t want to fight, but his father uses his unborn child against him to make him fight. That’s just dirty. Oichi overhears this and sends a note to Nobunaga that informs him of Azai’s betrayal.

Interesting note, in the anime version Oichi already had a toddler with Nagamasa before this fight happened.

Poor Saburo, he can’t believe that Nagamasa would betray him like this. Even though everyone is trying to figure out what they should do, Saburo is in shock. The retainers all ask Saburo to retreat with some of the men, while the others fight on. Tsune-chan asks to be the one who will go after the rear putting him face to face with Nagamasa. But Denjiro tells him to go with Saburo and let him fight instead. Hanbei is now suspicious of the little beardless monkey.


Denjiro wanted to be the rear guard so he’ll join the Azai men and attack Saburo.

What the? In the next episode it looks like Saburo gets shot.

Episode six of Nobunaga Conerto has left me with such bittersweet feelings. I loved the beginning. It was funny and the comedy was on point. As the story went on, it just got depressing. I feel bad that Nagamasa is forced to fight in a war that he wants no part in. In the anime, he’s seen as a nice guy too but we don’t’ see enough of him for me to feel sympathetic with his character.

I do here though. Nagamasa is a nice guy whose caught in a really bad situation. If he defeats Nobunaga, he loses the love of Oichi. If he joins Nobunaga, he betrays his family. And if he dies, then his family and Oichi/Saburo will be devastated and might cause even more tension between Azai and the Oda clan. There’s no win-win solution for him, since every path leads to sadness.

Poor guy, but great episode.


2 thoughts on “Nobunaga Concerto episode 6 (jdrama)

    1. mochirochi Post author

      A lot of big names are in this drama. I’m assuming the manga series is fairly popular in Japan, so I don’t think they pulled any punches with the drama.


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