Karen Senki episode 9

karen senki (1)

The episode starts with a flashback from before the robot and humans started fighting. Pinky Phakchi is a magical girl who Touka absolutely loves. In case you were wonder, Pinky Phakchi fights giant monster hamburgers and fries. I guess she’s a health conscious magical girl, because all of her enemies are fast food items. Anyways, Touka is at a toy store with Karen and sees the magic staff that Pinky Phakchi uses. She wants it, but Karen doesn’t budge.

The robots then start attacking and not just in a small way, they just indiscriminately drop bombs everywhere. Seek also appears and talks about how he’s helping humans and is will build a beautiful society.

It’s sad how he’s gone crazy. Such a cute robot before but now he’s starting his descend into a dark world that no one wanted or dreamed of.

Touka and Karen run away, but are still thrown from one of the blasts by the robots. Touka somehow manages to find some strength and with her Pinky Phakchi staff, that she took from someone’s dead hands (yea, that happened) she decides to go up against the robots.

karen senki (4)

I guess this episode we’ll finally learn how Touka got inside Karen.

So Touka goes up and is ready to use Vegetable Fire on those pesky robots. Seek finds out who she is though and tries to stop the robot from shooting, but it doesn’t work. She gets killed much to the horror of Karen and Seek. Karen just lies there, but Seek at least destroys the robot that killed Touka. That doesn’t stop the pain of knowing that he killed his first friend though.

karen senki (5)

The robots are absolutely merciless in their pursuit of taking out the trash. There’s a horrible scene where the robots line up men women and children, the young and old, and then kill them all.

Even though the faces on the humans are not all that clear, the scene is still pretty brutal. I really don’t understand why Seek thinks this is all okay. Even if he wants to help humans evolve, killing them like this is horrible. It just makes people want the robots to be destroyed even more. Whoever created the first robot must really be annoyed that he didn’t create an all kill switch for them. It’s too late for that now, since Seek knows how to make the robots himself and can do anything he wants with them.

It seems like the humans have a bleak future, but all of a sudden the Chinese character for eleven starts to appear and brand the humans who make contact with it. I guess this is how the Elevens started up and roughly explains why they have supernatural powers. We only see three members get the mark though. Xiaogang gets it on his hand, Eleanor gets it on her thigh, and Karen has it on her eye. Ouch. Not only is she clutching Touka’s dead body when this is happening, but she also has to deal with the burning sensation on her eye.

karen senki (9)

Where did these symbols come from though? And why did only a select few get it? That isn’t explained, but seeing as how we still have three episodes left, I’m sure it will be. I’m still curious about it though. When Seek was talking about humans evolving, I don’t think he meant in this manner.

Back to the present now and Karen sees a bunch of robots dumping human bodies in a mass human garbage dump. She releases Touka and the two sisters destroy all of the robots. Once done, Touka wants to smash some more, but Karen says no. Touka then disappears, but not before saying, “No fun.”

Through all of these fights, Karen is getting faster and faster. Does this mean that if you have an eleven symbol, then you’ll eventually be stronger, faster, and better than robots? Is it worth it though, when you still create the same sort of destruction that the robots caused when they first appeared?

karen senki (12)

At the end of the credits, we see Touka from the flashback waking up. Instead of seeing anyone she knows, she finds Pinky Phakchi who gives her a magical staff.

Another great episode. Some things are explained, which I appreciated. I know that Seek wanted to take out the trash and help humans evolve, so that both robots and humans can live in a beautiful harmonious society, but his methods are just wrong. Killing people like this is just wrong. I don’t see how humans could ever want to work with robots again if this is how they behave.

I liked Seek before, but this was cruel. I’m still curious as to how these eleven symbols appeared and why they grant the user supernatural abilities and why Touka was included with them. I’m assuming it has to do with the personality of the person though and their powers simply allows it to manifest itself. Xiaogang’s power allows him to go all out without fear of the consequences. The clone lady gets to maintain her looks without ever getting older. And Karen doesn’t have to deal with the fact that Touka is dead.

karen senki (3)

This is only conjecture at this point though, since it hasn’t been explained yet, but this is what I’ll be going with for now.

I’m glad this episode happened though, because I’ve been saying that the show is better when Karen isn’t around. Her anger and mindless fighting got on my nerves, but with this episode I can definitely understand her pain. The robots are horrible. Not all of them, just the ones who view humans as trash and kill them indiscriminately. I still think Karen was annoying before, but at least this episode softened me up a bit when it comes to her characterization.

Like Terra Formars, I think Karen Senki needed some time to find its footing before finally delivering on its promise of an interesting story.

Al in all, it was another great episode. I’m really liking the direction the studio is going with this and hope the next three episodes are even better.


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