Sword Art Online II episode 20

Sword Art Online II (2)

Last time, Yuuki/Zekken flied Asuna away from everyone and asks for her help. It sounds like something important, but the episode ended so I guess it’s time for us to find out what Yuuki wanted.

Before telling Asuna what she needs, Yuuki first introduces her to the Sleeping Knights which is her guild. I wonder if that name is symbolic to the state all of these characters are in? The guild includes: Jun, a fiery red head who seems like the type who is always ready for battle, Talken, who is shy and socially awkward when it comes to females, Nori, who isn’t afraid of speaking her mind, Siune, who seems like the quiet type, and Tecchi, who seems like the big silent teddy bear type. And to round up the group is guild leader Yuuki.

All of these descriptions could be wrong though, since I’m only going by their introduction. They’re all pretty powerful though if the HP stats from the OP is what we are going by.  The reason why Yuuki brought Asuna to the Sleeping Knights is because she wants her help to defeat a floor boss. Instead of going with the norm of having seven parties of seven, so forty nine people all together, Yuuki only wants her group of seven to go at it.

Asuna is confused, but Yuuki, along with the five others, have already gone on boss fights before but were beaten to the punch by another guild. They’re all strong and have good reason to do something reckless like this. They have until spring before they have to go back to their old lives, so before that happens they want to make a memory that they’d never be able to forget. Plus, if they defeat the boss then their names will appear in the Swordsman’s Memorial on the first floor.

Sword Art Online II (3)

If the forty nine people go out to fight the boss, then only the party leaders are named. I suppose they could simply rotate their party leaders, so that way everyone would eventually be named. I think Asuna’s crew does this, because on the wall you see Klein (floor 14), Leafa (floor 16), Kirito (floor 17) and Asuna’s (floor 18) name on it. But the Sleeping Knights are different. They don’t want to do things this way. Instead, they want their group of seven to all be displayed together, but they need one more person to help them which is why they got Yuuki to do those duels. Their goal was to find someone who was as strong as Yuuki and then ask them to join their guild, so they have a better shot of making this dream a reality.

Asuna thinks. Asuna reflects. Asuna sees her old self in her glass and then agrees to join the Sleeping Knights. Yay!

Sword Art Online II (4)

Now that she’s agreed, Asuna asks Yuuki what she’s been wondering for awhile now. If they were looking for strong people, why didn’t they go with Kirito? Yuuki agrees that he was strong, but feels like he wouldn’t fit with the group since he knew her secret.

The group agree to meet again tomorrow at 1 and Asuna leaves happy and content with the way things turned out. I think we can all agree that she’s been in a bit of a rut, so this is the best thing for her to do to get out of her funk. The happy moment doesn’t last long, because as she’s walking she’s forcefully disconnected from the game.

Her mother took out the cable, because Asuna is late for dinner once again. Even though this isn’t the NerveGear, I still got a bit worried when she just removed the cable like that. I guess it’s safe to do that, but after what happened in the first arc of SAO I’d still be worried about touching it like this.

Asuna apologizes, which I think her mother appreciates, so instead of taking the game she gives her another warning that if she’s late again Asuna will lose her game. It didn’t seem malicious when she said it, but Asuna’s heart breaks as she hears these words. She doesn’t even want to have dinner anymore and goes out on a walk instead so she can be alone.

Sword Art Online II (7)

Both sides are not in the wrong here, it’s just that they lack proper communication skills to come to some sort of compromise. Asuna finds happiness in the virtual world, because she feels like the real world is too restrictive and suffocating. Her mother, simply doesn’t understand why someone who spent two years trapped in the virtual world would want to spend all of their time there and not embrace life.

Asuna doesn’t get her mother and her mother doesn’t get her. It’s normal kids and parents stuff. If they talked, things would be a lot better. I feel like the mother tries a little bit to get her point across, but Asuna simply shuts down, runs away, or acts in a passive aggressive way.

That doesn’t mean she’s a bad person, just human.

The next day, Asuna assigns the Sleeping Knights roles and they go check out the boss and do some planning for when they’ll actually fight him. Getting thrre is surprisingly easy and Asuna starts to question why she was even brought in if they’re all so good already. She gets to show her skills though, when they encounter some players who could potentially go after them. Siune seems excited at the prospect of a PvP fight and is pumped up and ready to do some damage. With that, she’s now my favourite person in the guild.

The three players don’t do anything though, so the Sleeping Knights go into the boss room.

Sword Art Online II (10)

This isn’t the real deal though. They’ll try their hardest to fight, but they won’t use their expensive heals or leave after they die. The point of this exercise is to look at the attacks and study them so that the next time they fight they’ll be ready to take on the boss. They lose, but Asuna mentions that the three players that they encountered before are information gathers for a guild that only takes on bosses. They watch players fight bosses, so they can then take that information back to their guild and beat the boss by themselves.

This is third time that the Sleeping Knights’ have fallen into those player’s hands. Since Asuna knows how that group works, she tells tells the Sleeping Knights that they should regroup and try again in thirty minutes.

One problem though, even though the boss fighting guilds would take an hour to get ready there are already some men there waiting for the rest of the seven groups to show up. Their job is to block the door and not allow anyone to come in until everyone else arrives. Asuna argues that they should let them go through, but it doesn’t seem to be working. So Yuuki walks up and challenges them to a fight.

Yuuki has gotten some guts to her. She’s the guild leader, but it seems like Asuna took ovrt and planned everything so I was wondering what she was going to do as the main leader. When Asuna wonders why Yuuki is doing all this, she simply responds with:

Sword Art Online II (11)

“There are things you can only share with someone by fighting. For instance, how serious you are.”

Her words get through to Asuna too, who thinks of her mom. Maybe she’ll actually start talking to her now, instead of running away and being passive aggressive? If so, then I’d be happy to see that. In any case, she sets aside her wand and grabs her sword because it’s time to go after some stubborn players and show them whose boss.

Asuna is serious.

Good time too, because the rest of the boss fighting guild members comes running in. This causes the Sleeping Knights to be caught in the middle, but that’s okay because they’re all incredibly strong fighters.

Sword Art Online II (12)

Lucky for Asuna, one of those running with the boss fighting guild members is Kirito who jumps ahead of everyone to protect Asuna’s back. I have a feeling that this might annoy some people, because Kirito is back to save the day again, but it makes sense for him to be there. If a guild is going to clear a boss level then he’d definitely be there to help out. We already know that Asuna’s crew would help clear boss levels, since their names are on the wall, so Kirito showing up is fine and actually makes sense for the plot. I mean, if he just came running and didn’t do anything while his waifu is getting attacked, then he’d be a pretty bad husband, right?

Sword Art Online II (13)

Overall, I quite liked this episode. I still find Asuna to be a bit immature when it comes to her mom, but I like that the issue won’t take too long to be resolved. At first, I was bummed that the Mother’s Rosario arc was only going to get a few episodes, but I’m actually happy for it. If Asuna spent 15 some episodes acting this way with her mom I think I might start hating her and I don’t want to hate Asuna.

I also like how the show isn’t making her mom out to be some sort of monster. Her words do make sense, it’s just that Asuna and her don’t have the greatest relationship in the world. So Asuna sounds bratty to the mother and the mother sounds cold and distant to Asuna.

I’m finding it interesting that during this arc, there’s been a lot of scenes of Asuna looking into a cup and seeing her reflection from it.

Sword Art Online II (5)

Anywhoozie, twas a good episode.



One thought on “Sword Art Online II episode 20

  1. Ryan C

    Great review! Reflection seems to be a repeating theme in SAO II. That should make sense since the events of the first would be pretty traumatic to anyone. Looking forward to the next episode!


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