5-Line Recap: Terra Formars episode 9

terra formars (4)

Adolf vs. a bunch of roaches. Who will win and who will die? I’ve really been enjoying the last few episodes. Hopefully people are still watching, since the show did get better in terms of direction. In terms of animation, I’m going to ignore that issue because it’s clear that this is the way it will be so I can’t knock it for that anymore.  Everything has been great though, but how does this episode fare?

Here’s your 5-Line Recap

1. Isabella uses the medicine and then gets straight up shanked!

This is pretty much exactly what happened in the manga. We’re introduced to her and her bug ability and then with one punch she’s done. They did angle the killing blow a bit differently from the manga though. Instead of seeing the punch that exposed a lot of her guts and organs, we just see her legs.

Terra Formars Isabella Death - manga & anime

It’s not that much of a change and definitely not a big deal, since the message still came across. I just thought it was clever that the studio changed it in this way and not use a black box like before.

2. Poor Adolf is still remembering his adulterous wife Rosa and can’t help feeling sad about everything, which makes sense considering how recent all this has happened.

Random Sidenote: Whenever the cockroaches speak they’re saying “Johj,” but for some reason it sounds a lot like, “Gyoi!” So I keep picturing the doctors from Doctor X all lining up and saying “Gyoi” back to them. Maybe that’s what this mars mission needs. Daimon Michiko. She never fails in the surgery room, so maybe she’d never fail in mars as well.

3. The chief roach, who has a serious case of lazy eye, appears and all of the roaches go after Adolf; thankfully, his teammates arrive to help him out even though they can’t do much.

He may have been okay before, but there’s too many for one man to handle. Even though his team has no chance against the roaches since they’re not fighters, it’s nice to see them do something. A lot of them get hurt, some even netted which is scary because the roaches would use their body parts for experiments.

terra formars (3)

4. Team Germany seems done for, but Adolf comes back and snorts a huge amount of the medicine to save his team.

Using that much medicine is dangerous though, but he does well and takes out a lot of roaches. Adolf, he truly lived up to his ranking as the second strongest person on the Bugs 3 crew. Just think, if he’s this awesome then just how strong is the number one? Spoiler, they’re pretty amazing. Anything else I say will be a bigger spoiler so I’ll leave it like that.

5. Adolf gives the roaches the finger and then a huge lightning bolt hits the chief roach.

The episode ends on that note, which means next week will be the conclusion to the Adolf arc. I wonder what will happen after this, because there’s no time to get to the really good part unless the studio skips a lot of stuff. Maybe a second season will happen?

All in all, this was another great episode, which is to be expected since Adolf is a very sympathetic and all round great character. His story makes you want to root for him and let him have a happy ending that he deserves. I do wish that Team Germany was a bit stronger, like Russia. They still would have a hard time since there’s a lot of roaches there, but at least they’d have a better time dealing with them. It’s almost like a conspiracy, to make sure they’d have a hard time and maybe be killed in the process?

terra formars (1)

So many questions, but I don’t know if they’ll be answered here. With three episodes left, I’m really curious how this season will end. One thing is for sure, the Adolf arc has had the best episodes of this season thus far. It’s a shame that the show didn’t adapt the manga in this way, because a lot of people would have stuck around to watch it if that were the case. I know a lot left for the censorship, but it was the direction and writing that were the biggest problems with the show. With the censoring gone, it became more evident. It did get better though, but I wonder if it’s a little too late for some potential fans of the show?

I hope not, because these past few episodes have been a blast!


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