OCN’s Bad Guys episode 7 (kdrama)

bad guys2

“They kill without emotions.
They have no emotions and they leave no evidence.
And without emotions, they feel no guilt.”

Someone close to Tae Su was killed. Gu Tak tells him that the killer will be caught soon, but Tae Su informs them that the police won’t catch the killer so easily because it was done by a hired killer. As he informs them why he feels like it was done by a pro, I got very self conscious about my brachial artery.

Prosecutor Oh meets with Team Criminal and says his greetings to everyone, only it’s clear that he isn’t be sincere in his words. No one really wants him there, but Inspector Yu shows him the most courtesy by actually engaging him. It’s clear that Prosecutor Oh is connected to everyone on Team Criminal, so he has a vested interest in working with them. Whether he’ll be an ally or not is unknown at this time. He’ll probably be a villain though. Probably. So far we know of his connection to Jeong Mun since he was the one who labeled him a psychopath and worked on that case.

Even though Tae Su said that there would be no fingerprints and thus no evidence, it turns out that he’s wrong. Forensic did indeed find fingerprints and also used that to reveal the murderer. It’s the former hitman friend of Tae Su. When they go to find him, they find the former hitman dead due to hanging. But everything seems to fit into place nicely. He had to have been murdered and framed for the crime.

Tae Su goes out to figure things out, while Inspector Yu and Gu Tak do some investigating at the former hitman’s home. I’m pleased that they seem to be following some of the procedures in place. If only they could get the criminals to do the same thing. As they’re searching, Gu Tak finds a photo of Jeong Mun. Someone really wants him dead.

bad guys3

Jeong Mun and Ung Cheol together and it’s clear that our resident psychopath hold a bit of a grudge. He definitely seems like the type who would. They bicker a bit, but it’s clear that their relationship is strained. Ung Cheol leaves and a bunch of thugs walk in ready to bash someone’s brains in. It looks like they only have steel pipes though, so Jeong Mun should be safe. If they had knives then they’d actually do some damage. Jeong Mun is weak against knives. They get quickly disposed of and Ung Cheol tells Jeong Mun that he’ll find out who ordered his hyeongmin to kill him.

Ung Cheol leaves him outside, while he goes to ask his boss what happened. That seems to be the worst thing to do though, because if he’s alone he’ll be attacked. Soon enough, he’s stabbed. See what I mean about Jeong Mun being weak against knives. That’s the third time he’s been cut. This seems to be a critical hit since he’s taken to the hospital. He’s not dead though.

Tae Su knows who the real killer is, but isn’t willing to tell anyone and wants to do things himself. He is a lone wolf and is use to doing things alone, but he should know by now that he’s part of a team and will need help.

He goes to confront the hitman who keeps killing all of the people in this episode. The suit is back by the way, but it’s lost its charm. The hitman who is responsible was told that he’d have to kill Tae Su as one of the conditions of the contract. Since Tae Su rejected the deal, he has to die too.
During their talk we learn that there’s another hitman who is going o finish the job regarding Jeong Mun. He doesn’t know that he needs a knife and only comes in with a needle. Ung Cheol catches him before anything happens and they fight. Ung Cheol wins in the end.

Tae Su and the other hitman fight each other. They’re prett evenly match, but Tae Su gets the final hit. Tae Su wins, but is it a satisfying one? Not really, since he knew the hitman for a long time and now has no one left in his hitman family. He doesn’t kill the man though, because he doesn’t kill anymore. The hitman still dies though. There’s a flashback that plays out while all this is happening and I felt like it was pretty well done.  It’s nothing over the top, just shows the former hitman together as they laugh and smile about something. In all of the scenes, Tae Su is the odd man out. While they are all sitting, he’s standing. When everyone is wearing a blue suit with a white dress shirt underneath, he’s wearing all black. Everyone in Team Hitman is dead except for Tae Su, so I liked how the flashback showed that without really saying much. It was nicely done.

bad guys1

Since he’s feeling down, he finds the woman from the previous episodes. It looks like he’s going to tell her the truth about him killing her husband, but instead he just lets her see him in a rough state and then leaves. While alone, he cries. He may be alone now, but at least he has Team Criminal. They could be like a family to him.

Jeong Mun is alive! And he rushes out of the hospital once he finds out some important information. He rushes towards the address and finds the private investigator hired to follow him. The PI has a knife to him, which worried me because Jeong Mun doesn’t have a good track record with them. Thankfully, nothing happens. But we do learn that Jeong Mun is a killer. Is he as prolific as the media and the show made him out to be? Turns out that it is. While this conversation is happening, Gu Tak is outside the door listening in with a very hard look on his face. Could Jeong Mun be the one responsible for killing Gu Tak’s daughter?

Even though the PI said all that, is t really true? That I don’t know. I’m not sure if I entirely believe his story, because why else would people be following him and trying to hunt him down? He’s clearly fearing for his life and that has to be because he either knows the truth or has evidence that points to someone else. If it’s the former, then him saying that Jeong Mun is the killing is done to save himself. If it’s the latter, then he’s simply ignorant about what really happened.

bad guys5

I wonder what Gu Tak will do with this information though. The previews show him working closely with Jeong Mun in the next case, so maybe he’ll say something? Maybe not. All I know was that this was another good episode.


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