tvN’s Liar Game (kdrama) episode 9

liar game

It doesn’t even feel like it’s been a week since I watched the last episode of Liar Game. Time sure flies by when you’re busy. Last time we learned that Do Young was part of a child experiment that made kids become monsters. They have no emotion and are able to control their facial expressions in a way that isn’t humanly possible.

I’m still on the fence with this reveal, because it makes it seem like Woo Jin can only be beaten by someone not human. Then again, the reveal means that we’ll be seeing more of Do Young and his awesome trollish ways. When I think of it like that, then I’m all for the reveal.

Kang Do Young’s English name is William Kang. He doesn’t look like a William to me.

Woo Jin and the reporter are unable to find anything, so they seek the help of Sung Joon, who is apparently a brilliant hacker. For some reason, I have a sneaky suspicion that he’s working with Do Young but I’m not 100% sure. We’ll probably find out how faithful he is to Nam Da Jung and Woo Jin though, because he’s tasked with finding the truth about Do Young.

I understand why Woo Jin wants to know that information. His ego is bruised and doesn’t like that Do Young has information that could potentially hurt him. But Do Young is the only link he has to find out the truth and instead of working with him he looks like he wants to destroy the man. For Choi Sung Joon to help seems weird though, because Do Young is the one who helped him in the game and is the one with the money. If he crosses him then he’ll be in severe debt. Even if Do Young is a criminal mastermind, you can’t go against legally binding contracts.

The Producer meets up with Nam Da Jung’s father and I’m a bit confused here too. We know that Liar Game is a huge hit and everyone is talking about it, so when she confronts Da Jung’s father and tells him to see her, no one in the airport or their path snap a picture of it or say, “Omo, Da Jung’s father is in the airport!”

I like the reality show idea and how the show is integrating social media into things, but I feel like it’s inconsistent and only pops up when things are convenient.

Speaking of the dad, I find him to be a very selfish character. He got into debt and then we learn that he tried to kill himself at home but Da Jung showed up and he had a change of heart. So instead of killing himself, he runs away and lets her deal with the aftermath of his debt. He may have felt stuck, but you don’t do that to your kids.

Another interview, but this time Dal Goo and Do Young are the guests. Even though he’s no longer a host, he’s still able to take charage and lead the discussion the way he wants it to go. Instead of talking about Woo Jin, which is what the Director wanted, he starts talking about how Nam Da Jung is the one he has the most worried about. He then makes Dal Goo question Woo Jin’s loyalties by bringing up a good point. If a swindler is playing the game and is giving all of the money to someone else, then why is he playing it at all? Dal Goo, who was defending Woo Jin like a faithful dog, has nothing to say at this. He’s so shaken up that he can’t drink his water, so Do Young offers him his cup.

liar game2

Kang Do Young, never change!

As for what he’ll do with the money. He’ll rent a helicopter and then throw the 10 million out into the wind. He wants to see everyone run for the money with their hands stretched to the sky. He wants to see that moment in the helicopter. When questioned about traffic laws, he just says he’ll pay the fine. I don’t know if that’s what he’ll actually do though, since he said it is a joke.

Dal Goo wants Da Jung to quit, but she doesn’t want to since she’ll be short and the next round is a team game so it wouldn’t be fair to them if she left now. She then says that quit if everyone else does. Since Woo Jin and Dal Goo didn’t say anything, she’s staying in the game.

The next game is the Smuggling Game. The teams are Da Jung, Dal Goo, Woo Jin, and Jamie. And the other team is Bulldog, the former actor, Do Young, and Sung Joon.

The game is pretty simple, each team have to try to get as much money smuggled into their banks without the inspector finding out. With each round, a smuggler goes into the enemy’s bank and tries to smuggle up to 1 million dollars into their case. They then have to go through the inspecter who has to guess if the smuggled something or not and if the smuggler did, then they have to guess how much was taken.

Da Jung has thought of a brilliant way to win. If she doesn’t smuggle anything, then she won’t lose any money and if they wrongly accuse her of stealing, then she’ll get money. She tries to work on her idea by over acting and doesn’t win anything. Not for lack of trying though. Jamie tries to win some money by going all basic instinct on bulldog, but fails as well. Dal Goo also tries, but doesn’t get anything either.

Jamie tells Dal Goo to call 100k, but he doesn’t and Sung Joon ends up smuggling 100k. If only he listened, but in his eyes she’s already betrayed them so why would she stop now. Understandable, but if they lose then the only way that she’ll win anything is during her turn as inspect and smuggler.

She did betray them before, but Dal Goo doesn’t have to be such a jerk about it. Constantly yelling at her and even threatening violence is a bit much. Do Young knows this and uses this to taunt Jamie and make her team not trust her even more.

Do Young gets 100k. The former actor decides to go against Woo Jin and loses. How was this possible when Do Young is on the team? It’s all because he decided to take a bathroom break and go all crazy face on us. Since they lost money in the last round, Do Young takes all of their cards and refuses to let them be smugglers anymore. He also tells them that if anyone is caught betraying their team, then the one who tattles will get the card of that player. SO the betrayer gets nothing, while the tattler gets double.

Do Young goes out and keeps winning and winning and winning some more. What’s surprising is that Dal Goo keeps winning as well. Seems somewhat suspicious, doesn’t it? Woo Jin seems to suspect something as well, she he writes something down for Da Jung and tells her to open it only when she’s in front of the ATM.

Do Young is up against Da Jung and tells her that Woo Jin is responsible for her father’s debt. She doesn’t believe him though and just thinks of him as a bad person. She then tells everyone in the East to stop following Do Young and that she’ll help them if she wins. She acts all righteous, but Do Young is telling the truth. And why should she distrust him or not include him in her plans to save everyone? Because he told her something that is against Woo Jin?

liar game 3

I don’t understand why everyone is so against Do Young on this show and making him seem so evil.

Plus, if she finds out the truth after ruining Do Young how will she feel? Will so go and apologize?

From the previews, it looks like Woo Jin ends up breaking Do Young which is no fun. I feel like I should be rooting for Woo Jin and Da Jung, but I just can’t. They act way too high and mighty for my liking. Even though I like Do Young, he didn’t really do anything for me in this episode other than the scene in the interview and when he told Da Jung the truth about Woo Jin. Other than that, he was just okay. I miss troll Do Young. The one now is just “I’ve been through a horrible experience as a child” Do Young and then I start feeling bad that Woo Jin is so against him. It’s clear Do Young went through a horrible experience, so why kick the man because of it and instead use Da Jung to try to change him or something.

They’re acting like he’s so evil, when he’s essentially like a child solider who has grown up with a brainwashed mentality. He’s not evil for the sake of it. He’s ‘evil’ because he doesn’t know any better. You pity them because of what they went through, you don’t actively try to ruin them.

I know I’m bias towards Do Young, but this reveal about his background and the child experiments doesn’t really make me like him all that much anymore. I know there are a lot of people who like the reveal and think it makes Do Young creepy and whatnot, but to me it makes him lose his appeal. He’s just not that interesting anymore. That being said, I still want him to win, because I don’t like Da Jung or Woo Jin.


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