Orenchi no Furo Jijou episode 7

I’ve been wondering when Tatsumi’s little sister, Kasumi, would show up and now that we’re at episode seven it looks like she’s finally arrived. Get ready for an overly attached little sister with a brother complex!

orenchi no furo jijou - kasumi

That’s her trying on Tatsumi’s clothes and smelling it.

The moment Kasumi arrives, she feels like something smells fishy, but she plays with her brother like nothing is wrong. I thought that Tasumi would only be suffering money woos, but I guess keeping a mermaid in the washroom 24/7 would make the apartment smell a bit like the sea. Since he lives there, he wouldn’t smell it, but newcomers definitely would.

Poor Wakasa, it ain’t easy being a man of the sea. No matter what you do, you’ll always smell like a fish. The only way to solve it is by adding an assortment of spices and frying. I guess that’s why he likes bubble baths so much. They help hide the smell.

Kasumi stumbles upon Wakasa and declares war. It doesn’t matter that he’s a man or a fish, anyone who gets near her brother will be exterminated. Plus, she doesn’t like that he lives with her brother and is able to take baths with him too. It’s simply not fair, since Tatsumi stopped doing that with Kasumi.

orenchi no furo jijou - kasumi, tatsumi & wakasa

She’s jealous that she has to compete with a grown man child for Tatsumi’s affection. Considering the fact that she doesn’t live with him and can only see him every so often, it’s no surprise that she’s feeling a little left out. Tatsumi, being the loving mother figure that he is, promises to do anything that she wants next time she comes over. That’s the problem with the word ‘anything’ it can always backfire on you.

Everyone is happy in the end though.

Another cute episode. In the manga Kasumi was pretty hit or miss. I understood why she craved Tatsumi’s attention, but if we see her all the time then it would get a bit annoying. She’s cute though, so at least she has that going for her.


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