Gugure! Kokkuri-san episode 7

Another weirdo showed up. This time a female who has fall in love with either Kohina or Kokkuri?

Gugure! Kokkuri-san

The OP changed to include the new scar on Shigaraki’s face. I love when the show does little touches like this.

The new character is a stalker, just like everyone else on this show; she’s been following Kokkuri day in and day out. She finally mustered up enough courage to talk to Kokkuri-san. Will she confess her feelings for him? I mean, he is a bishie after all so it’s understandable if she wants him. The girls at Kohina’s school couldn’t get enough of him, so maybe she wants a piece of that foxy, foxy man.

The only problem is that Kokkuri-san isn’t ready for a relationship and doesn’t like making women cry, so how will he reject her earnest feelings without hurting her? Turns out he doesn’t have to do much, because like everyone else on this show she wants Kohina and not Kokkuri-san.

That’s embarrassing, but I guess this was her plan because she grabs Kohina and starts cuddling and sniffing her. She sniffs Kohina in a very weird and illegal place, but sniffs her nonetheless. It’s kind of funny how the only normal supernatural creature on this show is Yamamoto and he’s has a weird sibling living in his mouth. I actually thought Tama would just join the cast, but have issues with Kokkuri-san and Inugami since she’s a cat. She did have issues with them, but the show surprised me once again with how weird these characters can get.

The new weirdo is Tama from Nennekotei and she wants Kohina. She can’t believe that someone so cute can be a human. It doesn’t help that Kohina keeps referring to herself as a doll. Tama really wants her though and is even willing to trade her freaky possessed dolls for Kohina. Kokkuri-san manages to chase her off, but it looks like Tama was able to complete her goal of capturing Kohina.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san

I wonder why Inugami and Tanukki-san don’t recognize that this isn’t Kohina. Once Kokkuri-san mentions the changes, the three head over to Tama’s workplace to find Kohina, who has now been renamed Okiku-chan. There’s kind of a freaky scene when the fake Kohina doll starts running to join them.

Since Tama has ramen noodles, Kohina starts living there. She has no choice anyways, since Tama placed a barrier around the store blocking the three chief weirdos from coming in. At first it’s fine since she can get ans much ramen noodles as she wants, but Tama becomes even stricter than Kokkuri-san. She even destroys a ramen cup, because Kohina loves it so much.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Kohina ended up defeating Tama and escaping from Nennekotei and now I’m hoping for the fake Kohina doll to become a regular cast member. She’s kind of grown on me. At first I thought she was creepy, but she has a cute side to her as well. Plus, it looks like she’s getting along with everyone now.

The second story involves a box in Kohina’s storehouse. If you open it, you get cursed. Kokkuri-san can’t help himself and gets becomes a female. It’s his fault though. There was a sign that said don’t open it and on the box it said, “Seriously, don’t open it!” But he did and instead of finding a solution to his problem, the note contained inside the box just says, “I told you not to open it. Lol.” I want to meet the person who made this box. They seem awesome!

Kokkuri-san isn’t pleased though and promptly burns the note into ash. Kohina finds him and explains that if you placed the note under a light then it would reveal how to reverse the curse. It is a bit confusing though, but the dying wish of the first head of the Ichimatsu family was to put confusing pieces of paper inside cursed boxes. His purpose was to watch people get frustrated. I want to meet the first head! He sounds awesome!

Kohina suggests he ask the others for help, but Kokkuri-san is against that. Inugami will only increase the curse while Shigaraki would sexually harass him. He doesn’t though. The moment he sees Kokkuri-san, he promises to never gambling, smoke, drink or do any bad stuff as long as Kokkuri-san marries him. And he’ll probably won’t cheat on her either. What a gentleman Tanuki-san is.

So will Kokkuri-san become Shigaraki’s bride? Why is he so against being female? The episode ends, so I guess we’re finding out what happens next week. Kohina doesn’t really care though. She’s more concerned with the leek that’s stuck on her teeth.

Since Kokkuri-san is a female at the moment, I wonder if the OP will change to reflect this. If it did then that would be pretty fantastic. Whenever something changes or a new character shows up, the OP changes to reflect this. So it should happen….but then the singing would have to be different too, I think? Oh well, I’m looking forward to see what happens. Hopefully he doesn’t revert back until after the OP happens.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san

This show never fails to amuse me and I find myself completely understanding why everyone would fall in love with Kohina. She’s may act like a doll, but she’s a mighty cute one. There’s still another guy left to join the crew, if we’re going by the promotional posters. I wonder if he’ll be somehow related to Kohina and show up in the next episode? It would be funny if he’ the first head of the Ichimatsu family, just because we need a trollish character to round up the group of weirdos.

My only complaint with this episode is that it felt way too short. I want more and not have to wait till next week to get my fix.


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