5-Line Recap: Misaeng episode 9 & 10

Near the end, the song changed and it felt like this was the final episode to the series. I had to check AsianWiki to make sure that there’s more episodes after this. Thankfully, there’s still 10 more episodes left in this drama. The theme of the last two episodes seems to be dealing with bosses that can be unreasonable.

5-Line Recap:

1. Sales Team 3 get a new member who is an absolute disaster to work with.

The amount of times I wanted to slap him. Such a useless guy, but definitely someone who you’d find in the real world. The actor is fantastic though, he really sells the role that he’s been given.

2. Baek Ki stays with the company and finally learns that he isn’t as hot as he initially thought he was.

When Baek Ki was looking for another job and was thinking of quitting, I was happy because he’s a very shady character. But at the same time I don’t want him to just leave without growing. I was happy when he decided to stay and even happier when he had to call his boss to help him redo a project that got rejected. Compared to the others, Baek Ki has it easy. It’s just that his pride and ego wouldn’t allow him to see what was in front of him.

3. Suk Yool thought he had a good relationship with his boss, but found out that his boss is making him do all of his work.

Not a lot of focus was on this subplot, because unlike the other newbies he isn’t afraid of speaking his mind and telling his boss that he won’t do their work. When he first found out that his boss is using him, he mulled on it for a bit but then told his boss how he felt. When his boss disregarded it, Suk Yool just said that he’s taking a half day and spent the rest of the time with Young Yi.

4. Young Yi is still having a hard time with her misogynistic co-workers, but instead of fighting back she goes for the “Silence is Golden” rule and does whatever they ask her to do, even if it is degrading.

One of her bosses does look like he’s starting to feel bad about what he’s doing, which makes sense when you think about it. It’s no fun kicking around an obedient dog. If you attack and you get no reaction, then you’ll start to realize that you’re in the wrong. She still got yelled at by the end of episode 10, but I also think she’s won a battle or two already.

5. After much verbal abuse from new member Mr. Park, Geu Rae finally puts him in his place in episode 10.

The way he treated Geu Rae was despicable and definitely something only a coward would do. I think it’s interesting to compare that to non Asian countries where seniority isn’t as big of a deal here compared to there. If someone behaved like Mr. Park, then they’d be fired instantly. Not only fired, but you would have been yelled at by a few people as well.

Even though Geu Rae remained patient and took the abuse, he finally got the last word and it was wonderful.

I loved seeing the newbies, excluding Baek Ki, deal with unreasonable bosses. I think we’ve all been there at one point in our lives. I admire them for actually sticking with their jobs, even though Suk Yool seems to be steering into the quitting direction. Hope that doesn’t happen and that he gets reassigned somewhere else. I know how tempting it is to quit, mainly because that’s exactly what I did when I came across a boss like this. Granted, it wasn’t really a big suit and tie business. It was just Tim Horton’s, but still. Dealing with a boss who mistreats, degrades, and/or discredits you is something that you’d want to run away from. So seeing the characters stay and not high tail out of there is admirable.

There’s something really charming about Misaeng. A show about working in the corporate world would seem boring and lifeless and by all accounts it should be, because who wants to watch a show about people working? It’s not even glammed up like say Legal High where the comedy and over-the-topness helps sell the show. Misaeng does have comedy moments, but you’re watching people act like their working in a real office. Despite this, the actors, the writers, and the directors do such a stellar job that you don’t see it that way.  Yes, you’re watching people act, but you get sucked into their stories and start to actively root for them to secure deals and the like.

Bad Guys seems to be my favourite kdrama of the year, but with each passing episode of Misaeng I find myself thinking that it might take my top spot. It’s seriously just that good.

Bonus points for the Halal deal and the Mecca contract. I kind of smiled when I saw them mention this.

Minus points for people working till 12am or even later. That’s not healthy. I don’t know how they’re able to function after working for that long. The longest I’ve worked a a day is 13 hours, but I was paid time and a half for the overtime I did, which I don’t think the characters here are getting. After that day, I never wanted to work overtime again. I may not have a life, but a life of working is just depressing.

Overall, another great episode!


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