Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 7

Last week ended with Aki-lovely kidnapping a beaten Hitoe so she could drag Ru out from home. Ulith then showed up wanting a piece of the fun. I’m expecting a battle between Ru and Ulith though I have a feeling that it won’t end, just like the first time Iona and Ruko battled way back in the first season, but nonetheless it should be good.

Once Ulith arrives, Aki-lovely is excited that she was able to fulfill what Ulith wanted, but instead of getting a hug or even a pat on the head, she gets a knee in the gut. Ulith isn’t pleased by the state Hitoe is in and finds what Akira did to be a let down. Akira quickly grovels and begs Ulith to forgive her. She doesn’t.

selector spread wixoss - Ulith

Mayu has never seen anyone go beyond Level 5 before. It doesn’t sit right with her because Iona is the Girl of Dark while Tama is the Girl of Light. Plus, it’s not possible for dark to long for the light. She soon comes to understand that Ruko is the one thing that made the two LRIGs light up. Instead of being annoyed by this, like I thought she would be, she seems to embrace it since their stories will get more interesting.

As for Ulith, she simply has no heart. The only reason she’s angry with Akira is because she wasn’t pleased that Hitoe’s face was bruised. To her, scars should be in places that can’t be seen from the outside. Somewhere that is softer, so it’s easier to scar. Akira, who has a visible scar, stops listening after hearing that scarring a place that is visible to the public is unsightly.

selector spread wixoss - ulith

So why is Ulith so heartless? To her, she loves breaking beautiful things because, “All things are most brilliant when they’re being broken.” That sounds like someone who use to kill insects and small animals as a child. Ah…she did like killing bugs until they went cold in her hands.

Ulith then shows off her jumping skills by leaping backwards and get to the other side of Hitoe. That’s pretty talented. If she honed that skill she could have done great things, instead she became a psychopath. She doesn’t hurt Hitoe though, because that’s not her style. She likes making her targets hate themselves to the point that they’re willing to take their own lives. Psychological warfare is the game that Ulith likes to play and from what we’ve see her do to Akira, she’s a master at her craft.

When she was younger, she got caught doing this, so she had to behave herself and be a good little girl. The desire to do something horrible was so strong that Mayu made her a Selector. Seems kind of risky though. I mean, what exactly are the requirements to be a Selector? Is the only condition to have a strong wish? If so, then Mayu really needs t have better rules in place to protect people from psychopaths.

selector spread wixoss - Ulith

As a Selector Ulith was happy destroying everyone’s dream and making them feel hopeless. She was good at what she did and loved doing it. If we all thought Akira was horrible to find out the wishes of the girls and then use it to torture them in battle, then Ulith was 10 times worse. She actively tried to destroy them and make their wishes never come true. She wanted nothing more than to do this forever and ever, which is why her wish was to become a LRIG. Mayu, for some strange reason, seemed okay with it, because she wanted Ulith to be Iona’s LRIG.

Ulith really wants to battle Ruko so she can hear the sound of her heart breaking. If Ruko wins, then she’ll feel bad for hurting Tama and hurting Iona. If Ruko loses, then she’ll still feel bad for fighting Tama, hurting Iona, and not saving Hitoe. No matter what happens, Ruko will suffer just like Ulith wants.

The fight is pretty evenly matched and what’s great is that Ruko and Tama are both taking this seriously. I love how the show isn’t making them misunderstand each other; they’re simply dealing with the cards they have been dealt with. Tama wants Hitoe to be saved, but she doesn’t want to cheapen Ruko’s win. If Ru is taking things seriously, then Tama has to do the same because that’s what a friend would do.

Meanwhile, Akira is still hurt by the words that Ulith said but she’s now even more shocked by how happy Ulith looks. She’s never seen Ulith ever look this way before and starts to question whether Ulith really loved her. She keeps repeating that Ulith loves Aki-lovely, but it’s clear that Ulith has officially broken Akira. I wonder what this means for her now?

Level 5 happens again, but is it enough to stop Ulith? Not fully, but Tama understands that she might lose due to the combined strength of Iona and Ruko. Despite this knowledge, she’s happy that Hitoe will be saved. Hearing this makes Iona certain that Tama is the Girl of Light. She then tells us the story of the original girl. The Girl of Solitude (that name isn’t used by the show, but I’m going to use that here).

“There once was a certain girl. She was in solitude from the moment she was born into this world. She didn’t know the world outside and was neither loved nor touched by anyone. Ever and ever, she lived a life in solitude that felt like an eternity.”

selector spread wixoss - mayu

This Girl of Solitude is the original girl. If you recall Futase Fumio’s words she said that the Girl of Light and the Girl of Dark were originally one and the same. They were both from the Girl of Solitude. That girl is Mayu and she is the mother of all the LRIGs.

How does Iona know all this? Did Ulith tell her? How did Ulith find out? I don’t think Mayu would have wanted anyone to know the truth about the Girl of Solitude, so how did her secret come to be known?

Mayu isn’t all too pleased by this and with a closed fist Iona is down on the ground clutching her body in pain. Iona has been a bad girl and needed to be disciplined by her mom.

The previews show Ulith in her LRIG form so maybe we’ll get a bit of a back story with Iona and Ulith and how they came together? I think Tama will get tainted by darkness too. Since Ruko brings forth light from Iona, Ulith will bring out the darkness in Tama. I don’t know if Mayu will be happy with this. She wanted Tama to be in pain, but did she want Tama to turn grey?

If only she had better conditions in placed for Selectors.



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