Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu ep 6

TailYellow appeared and now it’s time to defeat Crab Guildy, the Ultimaguil monster whose attribute is the back of the neck. The only problem is that none of her weapons seem to work. So TailBlue, who was initially having a hard time against the monster, quickly disposes of him.

Goodbye Crab Guildy. His final words are: “There were so many napes I wanted to see!”

twintails (4)

Back in their real form, Erina hands the yellow bracelet back to Soji. He tries to encourage her and says that she needs practice, but she won’t hear it. She doesn’t love twin tails. She hates them. I love how the music went all sad and Soji looks hurt that she even dared to say those words to him since they hurt so much. The thing that made me laugh the most was her reason for hating twin tails.

Even though she bravely wears those twin tails on her head, despite the numerous attacks against twin tails, it isn’t because she likes them. In fact, she’s forced to wear them due to family honour. Don’t question it. She always wanted a new hairstyle, but her mother refuses. This gave her a complex, because everyone keeps telling her that she looks childish so she started to behave the way she looked.

Soji gives her a pep talk and says that he loves twin tails as much as she loves superheroes and that she can be a TwinTail member, because he believes in her. He’s so into his speech that he grabs her shoulders and for some reason starts holding onto her hair. It glows. He’s the only one who sees it, but Twoearle notices that Erina might have a bit of a crush on Soji now.

twintails - dark grasper

Meanwhile, Krake Guildy and Levia Guildy decide to put aside their differences, so Dark Grasper doesn’t kill them and their men. Seems like she doesn’t take too kindly to failure and will wipe out a commander and his army even if one person was at fault. Both would glady take the hit if it meant that their men were okay, so they go off to fight the TwinTail crew.

Tail Blue heads off to take care of the situation, while TailRed gives TailYellow a crash course on how to be a TwinTail member. It turns out that instead of developing a love for TwinTails, all Erina needed was to hear that Soji wanted to see her true self. When he demands that she shows him, she kind of goes crazy. Her true self ends being some sort of exhibitionist and her Tail Gear seems to respect that fall off with every attack that she pulls. Why? At this point I don’t think we can ask the anime that. Things are weird because it can be.

TailBlue thinks she’ll have an easy time since her success rate is so high, but her enemies are Levia Guildy and Krake Guildy. Even though one of them likes flat chests, he still must fight her to protect his men from being destroyed, so the brothers send out their tentacles in order to fight. Poor Aika, she absolute hates tentacles and gets captured. She calls for help, but by the time TailRed, TailYellow, and Twoearle can come to her rescue she’s already taken care of business of one of the monsters.

So long Levia Guildy. His final words are: “I wish I could’ve seen bigger breasts at the end!”

twintails - levia guildy

She’s exhausted her energy, so TailYellow steps up to the plate and finishes the job. I thought she’d be a normal character, but not only does she got crazy when it comes to Soji’s words, but her attacks maker her lose her armour.

We just lost Levia Guildy and now Krake Guildy has joined his brother in death. His final words are: “Eternal glory to small breasts!”

twintails - krake guildy

Once again TailRed did nothing. But she because she didn’t do anything, she gets to meet Dark Grasper, who has an affinity for glasses. Dark Grasper seems to know Twoearle and asks her to join the Ultimaguil crew. We know that Twoearle was the former Tail Blue, but could Dark Grasper be the former TailRed?

I thought the show was weird, but it’s managed to become even weirder. Not that this is a bad thing. It isn’t. I’m just wondering where the show will take us next.


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