Nobunaga Concerto episode 5 (jdrama)

It’s becoming increasingly clear that I’ve been watching way too much anime. When I started up Nobunaga Concerto and saw the little bird my first thought was, “Wow, that looks incredibly realistic!” I stopped thinking that once I saw Oguri Shun’s face.


The episode starts with the Oda clan surrounding the real Nobunaga. The clothing, the hair, and even the voice are different from Saburo, but no one seems to notice the difference since he’s played by the same actor. Everyone is making haikus or some kind of poetry about a bird and when it gets to Nobunaga’s turn, he makes it morbid.

I’m starting to understand why the Oda Clan wasn’t doing so well before. Nobunaga is a real buzz kill. As it turns out, when Saburo and Nobunaga, who now goes by Micchi (he may say it’s another name but he’ll forever be Micchi!), are talking one of the retainers accidentally gets Nobunaga and takes him away to the castle. Leaving poor Saburo behind.

The retainers are trying to figure out a way to beat another enemy when Hanbei thinks up an ingenious idea. If Nobunaga sends Oichi off to marry them, then they’ll easily make an alliance with them. Tsune-chan doesn’t seem to like this idea, because he likes her, but Nobunaga easily accepts.

nobunaga concerto

This is a bit different from the anime, because Saburo was the one who asked Oichi to become a bride so that he could secure another ally. I prefer this change though, because it highlights the difference between Saburo and Micchi. From what we’ve heard, Micchi wasn’t really a good brother to his siblings and Saburo changed that, at least when it came to Oichi. So if he had to make an ally and the only way to do this is to marry Oichi off, then he’d accept that in a heartbeat. Saburo wouldn’t, until he talked to Oichi first.

Even though Tsune-chan doesn’t want Oichi to be married off to the Azai family, she’s fine with her fate. She was born to the Oda family so she knew this day would come. Poor Tsune-chan. He can’t really confess, because if he did he’d be going against what Nobunaga wanted and he already pledged his life to him.

Thankfully, Saburo returns and is instantly against the marriage. A man needs to meet the woman first, they need to fall in love, and then he gets her a ring and asks, “Will you marry me?” The others are confused by this, because you just get married back then. But he’s adamant that this is the best way to get married, because they’ll be happier if they fall in love first than getting married for strategic purposes. Baka Saburo, Kichou is just behind the door and can hear all this. Nobunaga and her marriage was a strategic one.

Maybe they’ll start dating after this?

Yuki is definitely a spy. And I hate Yamada as a beardless smiling fake personality spy. I actually don’t, because any Yamada is good Yamada.

nobunaga concerto

If they don’t marry off Oichi then they have to fight, but since Saburo is against fighting, he heads over to Azai to find a peaceful solution. The clan will only agree to an alliance if Oichi is married off to them. The only other option is to prove that they won’t attack Azai. Tsune-chan feels like the only solution is to marry her off though. Oichi then goes on a date with Tsune-chan, making the situation worse for his heart.

Denjiro then gives Saburo an idea. He wants to lead an army and attack Azai before they can do anything about it. Saburo agrees, but instead of taking the monkey he goes out and destroys his own fort. This works in his favour and the Azai clan agree to a truce due to his bold tactic. Oichi is staying with the Oda clan and Tsune-chan can pine away to his heart’s content.

But there’s still 20 minutes left to the show, so it’s clear that it won’t work.

Tsune-chan finds a perfect gift for Oichi, but right before he’s about to give it to her news breaks that the Azai clan refuses to accept the alliance. The father of the Azai clan doesn’t trust Nobunaga and will only agree if Oichi accepts. The older brother, and the one who the father wants Oichi to marry, didn’t want this to happen. He gladly accepted a deal, but his father wants him to marry Oichi.

They should have just agreed. They’re too greedy.

Oichi accepts her fate with a heavy heart, but then Tsune-chan tells her to marry Azai Nagamasa. She knows he likes her, but he still tells her to marry another man because this will help the Oda clan. This episode is way too depressing for Tsuneoki. Praising another man in order to ease the heart of the girl you love…

The words help and Oichi agrees to marry Azai Nagamasa. She tells Saburo that she wishes she was born a man, because then she could have helped him in war. So she’ll marry Nagamasa and consider it her own war.

nobunaga concerto

Saburo is down because in the end he couldn’t do anything for Oichi, so Kichou comforts him. The scene is nice, especially because she’s admitting that she’s happy she married Nobunaga and she’s not acting like a tsundere in this scene.

The marriage is now approved, so the Oda clan send Oichi off in a lavish way. Tsune-chan isn’t there to send her off though. I guess even that is a bit too much for him to handle. He does send a letter and a ring to Nagamasa so that he can give it to Oichi when she gets to Azai. He’s the quintessential good guy character. Nagamasa seems decent too, but Tsune-chan really is a good guy. Really good! So it’s clear that he didn’t get the girl and instead makes me feel bad along with him.

Denjiro figures out that Yuki is a spy and threatens her.

nobunaga concerto

Awww, Saburo and Kichou start dating, but they ride off into the distance right in front of Micchi who has just come back from his mission. He looks jealous and definitely a lot more evil than I remember. In terms of history, it kind of makes sense. But I don’t know how I feel about this. I do feel bad for him though. When he was Nobunaga he brought everyone down with him. When Saburo is Nobunaga, everyone is happy and smiling. He must feel pretty crappy seeing the changes that Saburo brought forth.

Another good episode. It’s very different from what happened in the anime, but I prefer this version better. Osamu Mukai did an excellent job convey Tsune-chan’s pain throughout this episode. Man I feel bad for him. I hope he has a happy ending.


2 thoughts on “Nobunaga Concerto episode 5 (jdrama)

  1. junny

    Mehhh, is beardless Yamada here to stay? Fire the stylist!

    Mukai has been a bit of a hit and miss for me, but glad to know he’s doing better here. I’ll get to watching soon! How’s Fujiki doing?

    1. mochirochi Post author

      This is actually the first drama I’ve watched with Mukai. He’s been doing a really great job! Kind of makes me want to watch his other stuff now.

      Fujiki didn’t really do much in this episode. He was there for only two scenes and then we didn’t see him for anything else.


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