Bonjour♪ Koiaji Pâtisserie (Bonjour♪Sweet Love Patisserie) episode 6

Another addition to the Fleurir Collection: L’écrin Chocolat

Instead of going straight to the next guy, Sayuri spends some more time with Gilbert-sensei. As they walk along under the night sky, he asks her why she decided to become a pâtisser. Her story is that her mom took her to a bakery when she was younger and after seeing the pâtissers working, she wanted to be just like them. Their work ethic made them shine so brightly to her that she wanted to be just like them when she was older.

bonjour sweet love patisserie (1)

At last, they arrive at the last place that Gilbert-sensei wanted to go to. A small bakery/cafe called L’écrin and look, another Bishie appears. Gilbert asks for Mitsuki, since he wants some of his specially made chocolates, but the brown haired bishie says that he isn’t here and that they’re unfortunately closing soon.

bonjour sweet love patisserie (2)

Another bishie shows up after hearing that Sayuri is a student and that Gilbert-sensei is a colleague of Mitsuki-sensei. Instead of wondering why a teacher and student are together in a place like this, the short haired bishie tells the long haired one to serve them tea and give them chocolate. That’s right, instead of questioning what is happening they sit together to enjoy some sweets and tea. Maybe they don’t know about the rule, but considering how it’s always weird to see a teacher and student together on a day off and in casual clothing, they don’t seem to mind it all that much.

All of these bishies are too much for Sayuri to handle, but once she takes a bite into that chocolate she’s blown away. Her reaction is to fall off the Eiffel Tower and then fly towards a chocolate planet…or is it a meteor? It doesn’t matter, because the moment she reaches the chocolate place of dreams it blows up.

She’s truly touched by the chocolate and it’s just making me crave it even more. Sayuri then says that she can’t wait to take Mitsuki-sensei’s chocolat class so she can learn to make chocolates like the one she was just served. The older brothers of Mitsuki-sensei, yes they are brothers and yes it seems like the bishie gene runs strongly in this family, look taken back by this. I wonder why?

bonjour sweet love patisserie

I guess Gilbert-sensei noticed how awkward it got, so he decides to destroy the mood by asking if the bag beside the brothers is for them to take home. It’s for someone else, but due to his over enthusiasm for the gift they decide to give him and Sayuri something extra to take home. She should thank Gilbert-sensei for getting her free chocolate like that.

Everyone seems happier now, which is why I think Gilbert-sensei changed the subject on purpose, but just then, the person who the bag belongs to walks in the store. Surprise, surprise, it’s everyone’s favourite Head Teacher who will probably be shocked to learn that a student and teacher are alone together in a cafe. I wonder how she’ll react to this discovery?

Turns out I didn’t have to wait too long because she quickly catches the two together and goes into psycho mode. In fact, she yells out, “More Illegal Sexual Relations?!?” More illegal sexual relations….how can you not laugh when she says this?

I wonder where her mind goes when she sees a student and teacher together for her to always come up with this conclusion. Things must have happened in the past, because this sort of behaviour is just not normal. Maybe she doesn’t know what the word means, kind of like how my dad once asked me if I was stoned thinking that it meant being tired. It was a funny moment then and watching the Head Teacher go crazy is funny moment now. All she saw was her with a teacher and her mind went there. She overlooked it last time, because nothing happened, but this time is different, even though nothing happened again.

bonjour sweet love patisserie (11)

Gilbert-sensei just makes a goofy face as the Head Teacher scolds Sayuri and him. I guess he’s been in this situation before, so he’s use to her yelling. He knows that nothing will happen, so he just makes a funny face. As the yelling continues, Sayuri is just happy that she got to see a different side to Gilbert-sensei and that the day was fun. I don’t think she fully understands the situation she’s in, but no matter. She’ll be with the school for awhile, so she’s in a safe place. Plus, she has witnesses this time who can testify that she didn’t do anything. Lastly, there’s still more bishes for her to discover.

Another good episode. I love how it doesn’t take itself so seriously and spoils us, well me at least, with good artwork, delicious food, and bishies.


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