Sword Art Online II episode 19

Time for some more Asuna!

Sword Art Online - Asuna

Asuna tells the girls of the harem that she’ll meet them at the log cabin at 2:30; once they meet up they’ll all head out to floor 24 so she can challenge Zekken. She says bye to them, but just looks at Kirito.

Back to the real world and it is super cold in Asuna’s room, so much so that she’s shivering and you can see her breath. As someone who is from Canada it seems kind of dangerous to sleep in a room that cold, especially when she’s not moving. Cold rooms are great to sleep in, but when you’re playing a game I think you need to be somewhat conscious. I could be wrong though. I’ve never let my room ever get that cold.

Asuna is late for dinner, her mother chastises her for it and I have to say the room her mother is in is very gloomy. Why would you want to eat in a place like that? Maybe it’s a rich person thing? I dunno, but it’s a very dark and gloomy room and not only do their faces suffer because of it, but the conversation does too.

Asuna’s mom wants her to stop playing video games and actually do homework at a desk. This is actually reasonable. Even if the NerveGear is high tech and you can do homework there it is much too distracting.

Sword Art Online - Asuna & her mom

She then reminds Asuna that she’s two years behind and that she needs to work harder in school. Even though Asuna’s grades are high, Asuna’s mom wants her to go to a proper high school and not a makeshift one with all the other survivors of SAO. This is kind of reasonable too. Not so much because the other school is better, which it is since it has a credit system so Asuna would be able to graduate quickly and then start college right away. It’s because the makeshift one should have some sort of therapy class for the survivors, but it’s clear that they don’t. Since they are not offering something special then I can understand Asuna’s mom’s point.

Her mom also correctly assumes that the makeshift school isn’t really anything special and more like a prison. The teachers are simply there to monitor the children who survived SAO. So if they are monitoring the students, then why are they not providing therapy classes or group sessions or something? Waiting for someone to break and then doing something seems illogical.

Sword Art Online - Asuna's Mom

Asuna wants to stay at the school though and doesn’t really care about college, but her mom is having none of it. If I have to guess, I think Asuna just wants to live a life where she’s Kirito’s bride and is happy to get married after high school and do just that and there’s nothing wrong with that. But you do need a backup plan. Not even a backup one, but something. Kirito may have all the answers in the virtual world, but he can’t really support her in the real one at this time.

Asuna’s mother wants her to have a career that she’s proud about, which is also reasonable. Every parent wants to see their child be better than them in life.

So far, I don’t think Asuna’s mom is unreasonable. She just speaks in a harsh manner so it sounds wrong, but she isn’t saying anything out of place or out of the norm. The place she lost me is that she doesn’t want her daughter to marry a poor person and marry someone who will set Asuna for life. This is stupid, not so much for the discrimination towards poor people, but because Asuna’s family have horrible taste in men.

Just look at them. One tried to rape Asuna and the others look like they want to do the same thing. If I was Asuna, I’d be against the marriage proposals too. When Asuna says that she’ll pick whoever she wants, the mom actually agrees with her. She’s fine with whoever Asuna chooses, as long as it isn’t Kirito. I guess this means Klein has a chance? He may not be ‘married’ or have a kid with Asuna, but he’s not from the school.

Asuna isn’t happy with this though, so she leaves but not before saying something that she knows will get her mother angry and then walking away. You know the type of person who doesn’t that kind of thing. Children and immature people.

I get why she did that though, but it also doesn’t really help her case. I also don’t know why her parents are so against Kirito. He is the one who saved their daughter from Mr. Rapey, who is voiced by Mr. Amazing. That should have warranted a few points with them, right? And it’s not like he’s poor, his house is nice and he’s able to afford techy stuff.

Sword Art Online - Kirito's harem of Liz, Suguha/Leafa, and Silicia

Kirito and Asuna talk like a couple and the other harem members are not pleased by this. They say it’s because they’re running late to meet Zekken, but I think we all know the truth.

Zekken is female and named Yuuki. Once Asuna hears that, she looks at Kirito and wonders if he went easy on her. That’s what she says, but I think we all know what her first thought was when she found out Yuuki was female.

Sword Art Online - Asuna & Yuuki/Zekken

If the duel always says Yuuki vs whoever, why does everyone call her Zekken?

The two start fighting and they seem to be evenly matched. The animation here is great and I love that Asuna is finally showing her skills. She’s been in the background for way too long, so it’s nice to see her do something like this. I also like that Kirito is looking on with a smile on his face, while everyone else is worried.

Sword Art Online - Kirito with the harem

Asuna does well enough to get Yuuki to admit defeat. Even though the fight could still keep going and that Asuna looked like she was about to die, Yuuki is fine with this amount of fighting. She was looking for someone just like Asuna, so now that they’ve fought she’s content with the outcome. Yuuki then takes Asuna by the hand and flies her away to the sky. Once alone, Yuuki asks Asuna for help.

The episode ends there. Overall, it was a good episode and definitely better than last week. I beginning wasn’t really my cup of tea, because even though it was drama and provided some conflict for Asuna….when you compare it to Suguha and Shino, it seems kind of childish. The only thing of note is that her parents have bad taste in men, but they’re fine with whoever Asuna picks as long as the guy proves himself to them. They may not like Kirito right now, but all he has to say is, “I saved your daughter from being raped.” And they would instantly agree.

But when you compare her problems with Suguha, who had to deal with finding out that Kirito is actually her cousin and that the guy she likes is involved with someone else. So when she falls in love with another guy and finds out that it’s Kirito, then that’s proper angst. And Shino, who is absent once again, killed someone as a kid and suffered from PSTD.

Sword Art Online - Asuna

That isn’t to say that Asuna’s problems are smaller compared to theirs. I think everyone goes through what they’re able to handle and some go through worse things, but from a viewing standpoint it’s a bit weak. Thankfully, the second half made up for it. I loved that Asuna finally got out and fought. It feels like ages since she was out on the field and actually doing something. If she wanted to stay in the background, then I have no probelm with it. It just felt sad that someone so strong was pushed aside for other members of a harem that really shouldn’t be there.

Now that Yuuki is asking for help, I guess we’re going to see some sort of quest or something. I wonder if the others are allowed to help or if Asuna has to do this alone.

Side note: I looked at the ED, I normally skip OP and ED, and saw this picture there.

Sword Art Online - Asuna

Why is Asuna the only one with a camera on her shoulder? Is this for Yui? Even if it is, that’s kind of awkward don’t you think. The school wouldn’t allow her into the washroom or change rooms with that on.



6 thoughts on “Sword Art Online II episode 19

  1. Vopinhimer Dodon

    Erm, Yuuki doesn’t admit defeat.
    She ends up beginning her 11 hit combo attack, but instead makes Asuna admit defeat.
    (based on what I saw)

    Asuna didn’t defeat Yuuki, so I don’t think she will get or will ask for the 11 hit OSS, but it looks like Yuuki has chosen Asuna for something.
    Idk. Interesting.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Yuuki admitted defeat in the sense that she allowed Asuna to win by not hitting her. If Yuuki connected, she wouldn’t have won, which is why I said admit defeat.

      1. Lin

        That’s not how it works. On paper, there was no winner because Yuuki disengaged the “duel mode” before there could be a winner. Now, if we only consider their HP bar, then Yuuki won, by far. When the duel was stopped Asuna had her HP bar almost completely depleted. Yuuki, according to the light novel, steal have about 40% of hers if I remember correctly.

        1. mochirochi Post author

          But she stopped and pretty much said Asuna was the person she was waiting for. It may not be defeat in the sense of win and lose, but it’s a defeat because she stop fighting and basically told everyone that Asuna won.

          I’ve never read the light novels so I don’t know how much health Yuuki had.

  2. Vopinhimer Dodon

    Also, the reason why everyone calls Yuuki Zekken is because she defeated so many people without losing, and because her sword skills are unmatched.
    Zekken means absolute sword, as in unrivaled, absolute best.
    Her power is absolute, the name is akin to why people in Aincrad called Kirito “The Black Swordsman”, or Asuna “Lightning Flash Asuna”.

    The nicknames reflect the skill of those they represent, and actually highlight how renown those people are (due to those very skills and the reputation they have for being hardcore, badass, etc).

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I know. But I did find it weird that they never mentioned her name once in the last episode. It was mainly done so Asuna could think Zekken was a guy but then find out she’s a female.


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