Koe no Katachi might be getting an Anime

koe no katachi

So I heard that there might be an anime adaptation for Koe no Katachi. This would be huge if it turns out to be true. Not only because the anime can cover the entire manga since it’s short and pretty much done, but because the manga is simply fantastic.

It’s about a girl named Nishimiya who is deaf. She transferred to a class where everyone teases and bullies her for this. The ringleader is a boy named Ishida. Day after day he torments her, but when her mother complains everyone turns their back on him and bullies him along with her. The end off in bad terms, but years later in high school Ishida finds Nishimiya and wants to make amends. He even learned sign language to speak to her properly.

Things happen, but the beginning, which is like the One Shot, is the best part of this story. The best and one of the hardest things to read as well. I also liked how when they’re older you notice that even though Nishimiya is deaf and can’t convey her words in a way for everyone to understand, everyone else is similar and can’t speak as well.

It’s good. I love it.

I really hope this is true, because I’d love to see an adaptation of this. I was even going to write an article about five mangas that need to be made into animes and this was on the list. This news is just a rumour at this time, but I think it will happen.


11 thoughts on “Koe no Katachi might be getting an Anime

      1. Princeytay

        So I just read the one shot and 2 chapters. I loved the one shot. But Chapter 1 and 2 were kinda draggy (and because it mainly expands on/recaps the material in the one shot). I think I’m gonna wait for the anime to watch it. It does sound like it’s really gonna be made though.

      1. nolazyway

        Yeah i read it until some weeks ago actually, but it was this mixture of the aforementioned morals, the main being an asshole and the overall kinda tragic feel to it that made me dislike it.

      1. miharusshi

        12 episodes is too short for me. 24 episodes is too much. Maybe around 17 episodes will do just fine. But, well, that isn’t a common TV anime length. I think it’ll get 12 episodes–but I HOPE it gets 24 episodes instead. I won’t like it if they’d rush the story.


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