Karen Senki episode 8

karen senki (10)

In Karen Senki, things have been slowly been getting better and the mindless action started to serve a purpose. Last week was the best episode to date. The story was coherent and flowed beautifully and a lot of questions were answered. I was thoroughly satisfied with episode seven.

A week has passed, so let’s see how episode eight fared.

The stupid older brother is at the robot brothel again, but it’s different this time. Instead of just a quick hook up with the robot prostitute, he wants to get married with her.

karen senki (1)

Random note, for some reason every time I type in robot, I keep writing roboto. I have no idea why. Another note that isn’t so random, is that during this scene the older brother’s face is incredibly over exposed and washed out. When you compare it to the robot, she has more life to her. The shadow and light plays along her face, while it makes the older brother lose his features like his nose.

The robots in this anime are detailed better than the humans, but it’s really noticeable in this scene. Maybe the animators were trying to make him seem less human because he’s such a shady character? I dunno, but it was an interesting thing I noticed.

karen senki (2)

Just like last time, once he’s getting into it and having a good time with his robot prostitute Karen interrupts him with a call. She needs help, so we follow him go to a good’s shop and get some pieces that he’ll need for Karen’s broken bike.

Wait, is his name Junk or Junkshop? I guess it’s Junk, right? Such a fitting name for this character.

Anyways, he heads over to a good’s shop and cons a robot for a part that Karen needed. Once he gets it, and once the robot realizes what has happened, Junk walks away blowing up the shop in the process. Why? Is it because the robot didn’t initially agree to his terms? I find that hard to believe if that’s the case. He seems like the type to just blow things up because he can. Did I mention how much I hate this character?

karen senki (4)

Heh. The money has robots on it.

He fixes up Karen’s bike and she leaves without paying him. This seems like a horrible thing to do, but considering who it is done to and the fact that he’s fantasizing about finding a robot that is compatible with his body…I’m okay with it.

He’s angry with it, but is okay with it once he finds out that he forgot to instal a piece to her bike. She’ll be fine though, or will she? It’s Karen, I’m sure she’ll be okay. And since Karen is back, the fighting is back as well.

karen senki (5)

Now that we know her relationship with Seek and why he’s so fascinated with her, the fighting doesn’t’ seem so random or pointless anymore. As Karen is riding along the road, she gets spotted and the aerial robots begin their assault. At this point I wonder why she doesn’t wear different clothes or cover her face or something. She could easily get a head piece made that will jam their sensors so she can live in peace, kind of like what happened in the first season of Psycho-Pass, but I think Karen likes the attention. She may hate the fighting, but I think she lives for it so maybe that’s why she’s okay with letting them catch her all the time.

The fight starts off exactly the same as all the others. Karen gets the upper hand and the robots get destroyed. She does get hit though. Well, her motorcycle gets hit, but she still wins.

karen senki (9)

She apologizes to the machine and promises that she’ll get more parts for it. From the looks of it, it needs a new frame instead of parts but what do I know. With a heavy heart, Karen leaves her bike and flies off into the snowy distance.

As Karen is off to find parts, she encounters two more robots. They shoot at her and Karen remarks that her body is getting faster and changing in order to keep up with the increased volume of violence that she has to deal with. I guess this explains why she’s able to never get hit. When the shots are fired, she sees it in slow motion and is able to easily dodge them.

Was this what Seek was hoping to see? Is this the change that he wants humanity to evolve to?

The fight here is done in slow-mo with some flashbacks to previous fights. With each fight she gets stronger and faster and is able to easily destroy the robots without wasting much energy. As the robots fall more show up and Touka asks Karen to let her out so she can have some fun.

karen senki (11)

Karen refuses and I’m not sure why since Touka seems to be really efficient in her dealing with the robots. Might be a big sister thing. Touka doesn’t seem happy with this and comes out on her own. Karen is shocked because Touka isn’t meant to have a will of her own and can only come out when Karen allows, but Touka seems to be thinking for herself and escapes while exclaim, “It’s not fair.”

If you remember, I mentioned that Touka seems to have a bit of crazy in her so she instantly became one of my favourite characters on this show because of it. This fight pretty much showcases her weird facial expressions even more. I don’t know what Touka is, but I love when she’s out and being crazy like this.

The fight ends quickly and Touka tells Karen that she’s going to come out a lot more now, because it’s not fair that Karen gets all the fun. She also says that if Karen lies to her, she’ll never forgive her and that she’ll be doing what she wants now without Karen’s permission.

Karen is a bit dumbfounded by how Touka was able to do all this without her command, so she agrees. If I didn’t know any better, I would have said that Karen is somewhat afraid of Touka. I don’t know what the situation is between these two or how it is possible for Touka to live inside of Karen, but I like that my crazy magical girl is going to be shown more.

karen senki (14)

But what exactly is Touka and why does it seem like Karen can summon her? I have no idea. Karen said that Touka isn’t suppose to have a will of her own, but then what happened to make her pop out when Karen clearly didn’t want her to fight?

Since we got some plot points from the last episode, I didn’t really mind seeing Karen fight in this one. It makes sense why Seek keeps going after her and why he isn’t killing her. Likewise, we learn that Karen is able to see things in slow-mo and can dodge bullets. Due to her frequent fights, she’s getting better and better at doing this.

The second fight did seem out of place, but because we learned more about why Karen is so special and got to see Touka it stopped being mindless and actually became essential to the plot. I wonder if the final fight will be between Karen and Touka? I don’t think Karen will like seeing her sister outside and Touka seems like she’s going to get even more rebellious.

Overall, it was a good episode. Not as amazing as the last one, but it did serve the plot so I’m happy.


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