Orenchi no Furo Jijou episode 6

Orenchi no Furo Jijou

Tatsumi, being the ever giving friend that he is, brings home a bubble bath mix to make for Wakasa. Our bishie merman is obviously pleased with it and is overjoyed that he can finally take a bubble bath. He invites Tatsumi to join him, but he refuses because it’s too girly. When Wakasa says it would be a waste to not give it a try, Tatsumi gives in and joins him in the bath.

He’s not happy about it though, because he never thought that he’d ever succumb and take a bubble bath. Due to his monologuing about his predicament, Wakasa tries to cheer him up by throwing some fluff on him. A bubble fight ensues until all the foam is gone and all that remains is the clear water.

Tatsumi leaves, but Wakasa notices that there are two empty packets of bubble bath pouches left. Instead of just waiting for the next time, he opens both and makes a huge bubbly mess.

Orenchi no Furo Jijou

Another cute episode in the Orenchi bathtub. Unlike the last few, this one only deals with Tatsumi and Wakasa and I was quite happy to see that. I do like the other characters and seeing how weird everyone is, but the dynamic between the Tatsumi and Wakasa is my favourite part of the show. Tatsumi is the type to mother people and be overly giving while Wakasa is like that kid you always have to watch out for. I feel like Tatsumi spoils him, but I also think he’s happy that he has someone to do that too so it’s okay.

I thought by now they would have introduced Tatsumi’s little sister, but she’s still hasn’t made her grand entrance. Maybe in the next episode?


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