5-Line Recap: Terra Formars episode 8

terra formars - Adolf


1. As a child, Adolf volunteered to be the first one to get the MO Operation done to him. As you know Japan was the only place that use to be able to do this, but now Germany is trying their hands on it and Adolf is the lucky one who gets to try it first.

2. Isabella, a girl from Team Germany, is killing roaches as she does this I wonder why no one is helping her, but it’s soon becomes all to clear why.

If Team Russia is made up of fighters, then Team Germany clearly got the short end of the stick.

3. Team Germany heads to the Annex site, but all of a sudden an intrusion of cockroaches corners them in a small crater which is bad news, because Isabella and Adolf are the only ones who can actually fight.

4. Isabella is meant to retrieve the car that the cockroaches took from Team 4, while Adolf does his thing as an electric eel and kill as many roaches as he can.

5. Flashback – Adolf meets Rosa at school and she makes him feel human, they become friends, then lovers, then get married only for her to cheat on him and give birth to a kid that isn’t his.

Poor Adolf 😦

He can’t even react properly because the mission to Mars happens around that time and he has to leave anyways. No wonder he’s so cold and distant to everyone.

terra formars - Rosa & Adolf

I liked the episode and most of it was pretty much exactly what happened in the manga. There’s one scene that is significant that they skipped, but maybe it will be mentioned in the next episode. Regarding Adolf’s flashback some things were new to me. Not that big of a deal though, because it added more to the story and helped convey the pain that Adolf is going through.

Poor Adolf 😦

I also liked how this episode only focused on Team Germany. It’s not that I hate the other characters. I don’t. I pretty much like every character in the Terra Formars universe, even the cockroaches. It’s just nice that we got to see someone else and see their story.

Even though this is an important mission and everyone knows the risks regarding the cockroaches, I wonder why they made the teams very uneven. Team Russia’s crew are able to take care of themselves since everyone can fight, but in Team Germany it’s mainly down to Isabella and Adolf. Two people against an intrusion is reckless. Considering how important Adolf is to Germany, I wonder why they would give him a team of people who can’t protect him or themselves.

They’d probably get in his way, since it’s raining and he might zap an ally without realizing it, but still. Adolf said it himself; even if they can’t fight they’ll have to once they step out of their evac unit….you know what, I’ll stop here because I’m afraid I’m going to spoil things.

This is something I’ve been wondering for awhile though, even back when Akari & Michelle were fighting while their team looked on. I suppose you could say that retaining their medicine and fighting only when necessary is important, but relying on only one or two people to save you and fight an intrusion is incredibly reckless.

terra formars - adolf & isabella

Even though I liked the episode I’m still having issues with the animation. There’s no censors, which is fine, but I feel like there’s a real lack of animation here. Some scenes are okay, but I feel like most of the money went to the CGI portion of the show and the rest is just still images with the camera panning. The art is great and really helps bring out the characters and the atmosphere, but there is definitely a lack of actual animation happening. That isn’t to say that there isn’t any movement, there is, but when you compare it to the amount of camera panning it becomes a lot more noticeable.

It’s still not as bad as what happened near the end of Wizard Barristers Benmashi Cecil, but I hope that the fights get animated nicely and we get to see just how awesome everything really is. It did get better than last week though, so that’s a good thing. The next few episodes should be having a lot of action, so the animation needs to be top notch for it.


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