OCN’s Bad Guys episode 6 (kdrama)

bad guys5

“Do you know why there are ranks within the police force? So you know at which level you belong. You should know only to that level. Only behave to that level and only see to that level.”

Ung Cheol is off to be buried, so Team Criminal has to go find him. Inspector Yu says that his GPS stopped working, only it started to work properly when they got into the car and went after him. Ung Cheol’s Hyungnim seems to have a boss and it’s that person who told him to get rid of Jeong Mun using Ung Cheol.

The burying starts but Team Criminal comes in time. Tae Soo takes out everyone, Gu Tak spits and then questions the gang members on what happened. Ung Cheol crawls out, just like his hyeongnim planned. He gives him once last goodbye and then they go separate ways. This will be the final time they see each other, because if Du Gwang Hyeong see Ung Cheol again he’ll kill him. That’s not going to happen though, because he ends up getting beaten up and then kidnapped.

He’s hidden in the truck of a car and starts yelling and hitting the door, but it seems kind of stupid for Du Gwang to do that. He’s wasting his much needed energy. Plus, if my knowledge of movies and people getting stuck in trunks is correct and sound, then there should be a means to get out from the trunk. You have to rip some things first, but it should still work.

Ung Cheol wants to rescue him, but he needs Team Criminal to help him out. Inspect Yu is against it, because they should be involved in a kidnapping of a mob boss. But this sort of thing is right up Gu Tak’s alley, so the team come together to save the hyeong who beat up, kidnapped, almost killed, and then kind of saved Ung Cheol.

Gu Tak narrows it down to a few underlings of his and then has Ung Cheol go undercover and suss out the one responsible. They figure out what happened and head off to save Du Gwang. Gu Tak is being a bit reckless though by letting Ung Cheol, Jeong Min and Tae Soo go by themselves.

Looks like Gu Tak has something else planned. While the three go out and save Du Gwang, Gu Tak will go speak to the gangster responsible. It ends up being a trap though and Team Criminal have to fight their wway out of a group of gangsters. They win, but I have to say it’s still funny watching Jeong Mun fight. Ung Cheol has years of being a gangster backing him and Tae Soo is a professional hitman. Jeong Mun is just a serial killer who lured out women and killed then when he blacked out.

Actually, I’m not too sure if he killed anyone.

Du Gwang still has Ung Cheol’s phone so he calls Gu Tak and asks for help. Thankfully Gu Tak also has knowledge of trunks and tells him a way to get out and open the door. It doesn’t work, but at least he tried it out. Instead of staying cool, Du Gwang just freaks out. I guess he’s one of those gangsters who orders people but never goes out to do stuff. When he’s faced with any sort of problem he just freaks out.

Jeong Min has a genius idea, he tells Gu Tak to tell Du Gwang to kick out the tail light. That way they’ll be able to recognize the car and then find him. The kidnappers figure it out and run away, but Jeong Min hops on a motorcycle and goes off to save the day. I have to say, he looked really cool doing it.

bad guys2

Really cool!

Jeong Mun saves Du Gwang and then turns his back and walks away. If you remember, Do Gwang was ordered to kill Jeong Mun by using Ung Cheol. If Ung Cheol failed, he was responsible for killing both of them.

So as Jeong Mun walks away, Du Gwang grabs a knife and slices him. Ung Cheol is there though and stops his hyeongmin from killing someone who is probably innocent. Even though he saved Jeong Mun, he also indirectly revealed that he was told to kill Jeong Mun in the first place. Our poor little psycho looked so pissed that Ung Cheol was trying to kill him. I think he thought of them as comrades, found out otherwise. To be fair, Ung Cheol did save him twice so it’s clear that he refused the job.

Actually, I think Jeong Mun is a very rational and logical person, so he’d know that Ung Cheol didn’t go through with the killing. However, he now knows that there are people out there who want to see him dead. I wonder if Tae Soo will also tell him that someone asked him to do the same thing too.

That being said, Jeong Mun definitely looks like a guy who could hold a grudge. He’s angry and a simple sorry won’t cut it. Even though he’s a convicted serial killer, I still felt bad that he was stabbed twice and that he feels betrayed by someone he thought was his comrade. Hopefully they heal this break and become friends again. They weren’t before, but at least their relationship was at a somewhat decent place. Jeong Mun opened up to Ung Cheol, so it’s gotta hurt even more because of that.

Interesting lighting once again, everyone on Team Criminal is in shadows or has some darkness on them but Inspector Yu is the only one in the light. So far, she hasn’t been tainted by her job, but it’s only a matter of time before she starts to fall. She already started when she punched Madame Hwang.

Speaking of Inspect Yu, she questions Gu Tak on his relationship with Du Gwang. Gu Tak told her that Do Gwang called 112 and then asked to be patched to him, but when she checked the phone records it shows that he called Gu Tak’s number and not the police. He doesn’t answer, so she goes to the Commissioner and asks him. Instead of answering, he chastises her for questioning Gu Tak.

The way he does it is interesting though. Instead of just telling her to trust Gu Tak and ignore what’s happening, he says this,

“The master won’t die just because his dog bites him. If the dog is unhappy with its master, it should wait to bite until the master’s dying moment. Until then, he should only wag his tail and get praise. He won’t be chased away and can wait for the opportunity when he can tear out the bastard’s throat. ”

To me, this has two meanings. The first is the to shut up and be a good dog. The second is to be a good dog, but wait for the right moment to strike. When the mater is strong, you won’t accomplish anything. So find out the weakness and then strike. At this point, she has no choice but to be a good dog and not do anything. She has no power or leverage in the group. She simply tells them their mission and then they do it without her approval or voice. This talk did serve a purpose though. If she wants to find out the truth about Gu Tak and his connection to the criminals, then she has to do it alone because it’s clear that the Commissioner is on his side. Now that she has that knowledge, I wonder what she’ll do with it.

The episode ends with someone from Tae Soo’s past being killed. Some things did happen regarding Tae Soo, but the next episode seems to deal with that so I’ll save it for then.

One thing I found funny (and kind of gross) in episode six is that Gu Tak kept spitting.

I don’t even know why he was doing that, but it happened three times and it was gross. Especially the first one where it had some major hangtime.

Some interesting development involving Gu Tak and Jeong Mun. I wonder how many people in the underworld Gu Tak knows and how he even came to know them in the first place. When he lost his daughter, did he start conversing with these people then? Or did he know about them from before? And with Jeong Mun, who is the person who wants him dead so badly. I understand why, Jeong Mun was probably charged with killing that guy’s daughter or something, but I kind of feel like there’s something more to this story.

I still feel bad for him though, because he’s trying so hard to do the right thing and be a good person. If someone is trying their best in changing themselves, then reminding them of their past and holding it over their head is a sucky thing to do.



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