Anime Clubroom recaps – ep 6

Seems like the theme this week is the past and student council


Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de

The girl of the week this time is Sayumi. Due to falling sick after stressing over Andou’s present, Sayumi got sick so Andou volunteers to go and visit her. We get to meet her little sister, Maiya, and find out that she use to be on the student council in middle school. When Andou questions her about it and wonders why she didn’t become one in high school. She goes silent and tells him to leave because her medicine is making her drowsy. She then doesn’t show up for club activities. After speaking to Kudou and Maiya, he finds out that Sayumi probably didn’t join the student council because she wanted to deepen her bonds with the Literature Club due to her powers.

Only, it turns out she was actually feeling drowsy and had an appointment so she missed the club activities because of that. It turns out that it was all a misunderstanding. She wasn’t angry or feeling bad about being in the student council. In fact, she’s happy spending time with everyone in the Literature Club.

There’s also a flashback where Sayumi is also against their powers and wants to get rid of it. Andou is against it, so they set up a fight of some sorts in order to decide which one to go with. Andou refuses to hit her, so he just gets beaten up a whole lot. In the end, she gives up after some inspiring words from Andou.

Another okay episode, but I was confused as to why the developments from the last one weren’t carried over to this one. I still love Andou. He may be a chuuni, but he has a mature side to him. He always knows what to say, but is still oblivious to everything.


Daitoskan no Hitsujikai

Kakei got to see the magical library from his dreams and is told that he can be a shepherd. The library contains books of everyone’s past and future, at this point Kakei is only able to read this own past but if he continues then he’ll be able to read every book in the never ending library.

While this is happening, Kodachi is looking on and being annoyed. She feels like she should be the shepherd, but the current one keeps reminding her that she’s lacking something and unless she finds out what she’s lacking she’ll always be a trainee. It is interesting to see that Kodachi and Kakei had similar childhood trauma involving being beaten and hiding.

Since Kakei is training to be a shepherd, he tags along Kodachi to see how things work. In the end, he ends up saving someone from a certain death. Kodachi is also grateful that he was around to help. Her head is patted and she starts to blush, but stops because she remembers her goal.

There’s a girl in the student council room who wants to destroy the Literature Club. Not sure why though.

I did like how the plot was consistent and continued on from last week’s episode, but I didn’t really feel anything from this episode and didn’t really have much to say on it.


Winner of this week: Inou Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de

It might be that I was feeling tired when I was watching Daitoskan, but I’m going to go with Inou. I’m still pretty indifferent when it comes to both shows, though the slight edge would be Daitoskan for me, I felt like this week was pretty lackluster for both shows. Both felt more like stepping stones to something and Inou completely sidestepped what happened last week. Despite this, when it came to episode six for both shows I enjoyed Inou more than Daitoskan.


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