tvN’s Liar Game (kdrama) episode 8

Due to the betrayal of the actor, Jo Dal Goo wins round two. The only problem is that the money he promised isn’t there. Seeing as he already used up his lie in the last round, he risks being eliminated because he’s unable to fulfill the promise he made before.

But why is the safe empty? There should be money there, but there isn’t any. In the last round Do Young said that he’d collect tax and then give money to his supporters. Everyone complained that it wasn’t true, but it turns out it was. He just gave all of the money to one person.

liar game 4

We also get one of the secret whispers revealed. Woo Jin told Dal Goo to press true in the first round, so even if he is unable to fulfil this promise he’s safe due to his unused false promise. So now the group have to decide who to eliminate. To them, it’s down to either Jamie or Lawyer Go. Lawyer Go is then eliminated.

It was kind of funny when some of the participants were discussing this and saying that Lawyer Go and Do Young would then share the money after. I feel like they don’t realize that it’s his money to begin with.

The slush fund is now back in the treasury along with the winnings that Lawyer Go had before. Time for round three, sadly, at this point it seems like Do Young and Jamie will be eliminated due to lack of supporters. The Director must be regretting his acceptance of Jamie’s idea. If Jamie leaves, he loses his piece in the game.

Do Young still has a false promise left, so the contestants won’t trust his words that easily. On the other hand, Dal Goo can only make a true promise, so it’s the safest option to vote for him. The Congressman could win, but he also has one false promise left as well.

Ah, I spoke too soon. The Congressman decided to drop out since he had no chance at winning. Dal Goo promises that he’ll split all of the money in the national safe equally between all of his supporters. Do Young promises that he’ll give up his Presidential authority and go along with all of his supporter’s opinions.

I really hate the Director as the MC.

I still don’t understand why Woo Jin is so against Do Young. This is a man who knows all of your secrets and can easily destroy you. It’s better for him to work with Do Young than to work against him, but due to his ego he won’t even accept this.

The Congressman seems like a huge jerk face. Assistant Kim used the money he won from the game to fund the election for the Congressman. If Assistant Kim loses, then he has to pay the money back. Money he doesn’t have because of the Congressman. His plan is to act like he’s on Do Young’s side and then get a lot of money during the campaign funds.

Meanwhile, Do Young uses his jedi mind tricks to confuse Bulldog and make him doubt everything. It doesn’t take much. All he has to say is that Bulldog was made to show his safe to Woo Jin, but Da Jung, Woo Jin, Mysterious X (Sung Joon) never did. Jamie just has to say Oppa to the former actor to make him start thinking of things. Do Young makes Assistant Kim question why he’s working for the Congressman when he’s so much better, then says some things about election this and election that.

The Director seems disappointed that Do Young is playing the game and showing his ‘ugly’ side, whatever that means. Did he expect him to play nice and lose? The Director doesn’t want Da Jung or Woo Jin to win and he wants Jamie to go far, but he clearly didn’t think things through. He just heard that he’d be the MC and was all in, even though it was stupid of him to do so.

Did I mention I hate his MCing skills?

Assistant Kim, Bulldog and the former actor are all discussing what they heard and now they’re suspecting Woo Jin even more so than before. When they hear that they had to show their safes but the other three didn’t, they really start to doubt everything. Woo Jin realizes this and is about to tell everyone that they’ll show their safes, but Do Young calls for a group campaign to kill time.

Again, Woo Jin isn’t thinking properly here. Do Young doesn’t want to eliminate Woo Jin or Da Jung here, he wants them to try to compete till the very end. A good troll wouldn’t want to lose the person they’re screwing with. If anything, he’d probably eliminate himself or Bulldog and the former actor.

So the campaign is made and Do Young is awesome in it. Woo Jin wants to stop the flow though, so he mentions opening the safes but Do Young just tells him “You could have done that from the beginning, why start now during my campaign?” Do Young then uses his fancy words to side step his false promise issue.

He then pushes Woo Jin even more by challenging him to a game. It’s a coin game where the one who flips attacks and the one who guesses is on the defense. The attacker must decide whether the coin is heads or tails. They can tell the truth or lie. The defender has to determine whether it’s a truth or lie though. If the defender’s guess is wrong, then the attacker gets a point. But if the defender is correct, then the score doesn’t change. Instead, they become the attacker and have a chance to get points that way. First to seven points win. To make sure that Woo Jin has to accept, Do Young mentions that Professor Ha was known as a human lie detector so this game should be easy for him.

liar game 3

Predictably, he accepts and Troll Do Young strikes again.

Round 1 – Do Young flips and Woo Jin guesses correctly. WJ 0 – DY 0
Round 2 – Woo Jin flips and Do Young guesses incorrectly. WJ 1 – DY 0
Round 3 – Woo Jin flips and Do Young guesses incorrectly. WJ 2 – DY 0
Round 4 – Woo Jin flips and Do Young guesses incorrectly. WJ 3 – DY 0

At this point, Woo Jin is looking pretty smug and full of himself. I’m sure my lovely troll will strike soon.

Round 5 – Woo Jin flips and Do Young guesses correctly. WJ 3 – DY 0
Round 6 – Do Young flips and Woo Jin guesses correctly. WJ 3 – DY 0

The contestants are finding the game boring since Woo Jin is so good at reading the signs and Dal Goo and Da Jung are extremely happy since Woo Jin is winning. The Director is also finding it boring and thinks that Do Young probably thought he was a god or something, so he got what was coming to him.

Woo Jin figured out how this game works and he also realized that Do Young just wanted to waste time till the voting. In this coin game, it’s more advantageous to the hider and not the guesser, which is true since the hider is the one who gets the points. So even if Woo Jin can guess the answer right away, he won’t get any points unless he tosses the coin. Not really rocket science, but it’s true. He’s looking even more smug than before, so I’m really hoping that he gets knocked down a few pegs by Do Young. A lot of them would be even better.

Do Young then let’s Woo Jin know that he was going easy on him and will now play properly. He then flips the coin, even though it’s Woo Jin’s turn. Oh well, I guess?

Ah, looks like they were playing for awhile, since Woo Jin has six points now.

Round 7 – Do Young flips and Woo Jin guesses incorrectly. WJ 6 – DY 1.

His face when he got it wrong. Brilliant! I love how he even said, “It’s false, give the coin.” Only to be proven wrong.

Round 8 – Do Young flips and Woo Jin guesses incorrectly. WJ 6 – DY 2

All of a sudden the score is WJ 6 – DY 6. This is the last point that will decide who wins. Do Young flips for the last time and Woo Jin guesses it incorrectly. Do Young wins! With just a simple game he’s broken Woo Jin. But he doesn’t rub it in, instead he tells Woo Jin to stop obsessing over the game because he’s lost his substance. He reminds the professor that people don’t care about the truth. They believe what they want and then it becomes the truth.

liar game 2

He not only breaks Woo Jin, but he also shows everyone that the professor is only human and isn’t right all the time. He discredits and bruises his ego.

Do Young…. 사랑해

With the game over, they have only 30 seconds left till it’s time to vote. With that said, it’s time for Round 3 of voting. With a score of 4-3 Do Young wins the final election and can now eliminate two people, including those who voted with him.

His supporters are quite happy, but it turns out that the promise Do Young made was indeed a lie. That means the national fund goes back to him and not the players. Before they get too discouraged, he gives the players who voted for him some money. All of them get 600k, except for Jamie. Her winnings go to the lawyer. He tells her that he’ll give her a bigger reward if she is loyal to him in the next round.

With this I guess Do Young is the Yokoya of this game.

As for who gets eliminated, Do Young picks the Congressman first. Woo Jin thinks he’ll be the next one, but once again he doesn’t really understand the situation he’s in despite being someone who is an all star in psychology. There’s no way Do Young would get rid of him now. So the second person eliminated is Assistant Kim who also gets the rest of the money. He does this after Assistant Kim says that he’ll run against the Congressman in the next election with no affiliate.

The Director is even more annoyed with the outcome. The Producer says that she doesn’t know what Do Young plans with the show, but it’s her show and she won’t let him get away with doing whatever it is that he wants. Again, I think these people forget who is the one funding this entire thing.

The game is over and Dal Goo is drunk and blaming Woo Jin over what happened. He’s about to mention how crazy Do Young is, but Woo Jin stops him and takes him home. I guess we’ll figure out what the gangster said to him. It’s nothing important though. Only that Do Young is not humans and empty inside and that the gangster only works with humans.

That isn’t really that shocking. Professor Ha is still confused though, because he’s never met someone who can manipulate their facial expressions like Do Young could. When he looks over Do Young’s background with his newspaper friend he finds something shocking! Do Young lived in Walden Two, only there’s no such place. Walden Two is a book by B. F. Skinner. He also mentions that 20 years ago in the US, someone did some horrible experiments using that name calling it the Walden Two Project.

liar game 1

The Producer meets with Nam Da Jung’s dad and someone calls informing Do Young about it. In the end, we see a picture of a little boy and Do Young….I’m not really sure how I feel about this reveal. I like Do Young being someone who just likes to mess with people. I don’t want him to be someone who isn’t human due to a horrible experiment. It kind of ruins his character for me. Plus the ending was way too heavy handed. We not only get this picture, but see Do Young acting differently when he’s by himself as well.

Other than that, I thought it was a pretty good episode, a lot better than last weeks disaster that’s for sure. We got some plot movement, Woo Jin got knocked down and his ego crushed, and Do Young showed everyone that he isn’t someone to be messed with. A lot of people are praising Lee Sang Yoon for his acting in this drama and his portrayal of Ha Woo Jin, but I think the real praise should go to Shin Sung Rok. He’s doing a fantastic job as Do Young and kept me watching. He really needs to get more love for his role on this show.

Next week is the final week. I have a feeling this will be picked up for another season, unless they actually decide to finish everything by the end of episode 10. Hopefully it’s not rushed.


12 thoughts on “tvN’s Liar Game (kdrama) episode 8

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Akiyama is love, so none of these guys hold a candle to him. I think if Shin Sung-Rok got the lead as WooJin the drama would be a lot different…..actually, it might just be the same thing but I’d just be talking about how the actor for Do Young is awesome.

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  2. Steven

    Do-young is channeling Johan.. This might be impossible, but I hope Naoki Urasawa’s lawyer comes a’ knocking. 😀

    The focus is completely different (so I won’t call it Liar Game anymore), but Shin Sung-rok very much rocks. I like it how he simulates human expressions before going out for the day.. 😛

    1. mochirochi Post author

      haha unless Do Young started killing people with a smile on his face, I think he’s no where near the level of charming creepiness that is of Johan.

      I agree the focus is very different. I thought it would be the L Company stuff, but now we have human experiments added into the mix. I like that this will give Shin Sung Rok more stuff to do, but I don’t know how I feel about it.

      1. Steven

        Yeah, Johan is among the best in charmingly creepy inhuman.Though what Do-young said about his goal with this “Monster Game” feels so small compared to what Johan envisioned (and almost did).. 😀

        Eh, i think that as long the script is good enough Shin Sung-rok will manage it somehow 😛 I’m still wary about the next episodes though. Next is the smuggling/contraband game, one game that holds at least two important changes for Nao, Akiyama, and some.. It’s possible that the mysterious experiment and L Company will shift the focus (again) from the actual game.. *sigh

        I also want to ask because I don’t completely understand.. How many are the contestants for the next round? Are Dal-goo and Do-young still counted to be the next round contestants?

        1. mochirochi Post author

          I have no doubt that Shin Sung Rok will do a fantastic job with what he’s given. I just think that being an child experiment cheapens his win against Woo Jin. It’s like the show is saying that Woo Jin can only be beaten by someone who is an anomaly and not a real human. He’s still my favourite character though.

          I think Dal Goo and Do Young are part of the game and will be in the next round. Do Young was telling Jamie and the others to take care of him, so he’s there. Dal Goo wasn’t eliminated, so he should be there as well.

      2. Steven

        So, if they go that way can we call Woo-jin superhuman? For only an inhuman can beat him in a game of wits.. 😛
        Hmmm.. So the show in two games only dumped 2 contestants in total? With 4 eps left and the rate of 2 eps per game there is no confirmed end game in sight? *sigh
        Okay then. Thanks!

    1. mochirochi Post author

      When I first looked at the wiki, it said that there would only be 10 but now it says 12 so you’re right. That’s good, this way they won’t rush the ending and make everything feel more complete.

  3. Marquisha

    I love this show. It makes you think more every episode. Though it was adapted from a manga, the actors esp Shin Sung Rok played it very well. He’s an acting genius!

    1. mochirochi Post author

      He’s definitely doing an amazing job with the character that’s for sure! I don’t think I’ve seen anything he’s been in before, but his performance here definitely makes me want to see more of him. 🙂


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