tvN’s Liar Game (kdrama) episode 7

do young

The eyeliner is heavy with Woo Jin.

Professor Ha asks Do Young if he knows him, but Do Young just replies that of course he does. Professor Ha is famous. He then informs Woo Jin that if he wants to find the answers that he seeks, he needs to win the game. The interview continues and we find out that Woo Jin will try to take Da Jung till the end, he’ll turn his back then so he can win only to give her the money in the end. He’s keeping her around and helping her because Da Jung has the power to move people’s hearts.

She is getting more and more supporters, but that’s happening outside of the game and not so much in it. We’ll see if she does have that power since the next round of the Liar Game is happening. This time it’s the President’s Game!

There’s a little bit of a consistency issue regarding the loan shark and his facial bruising. In the first scene, his face is fine. When he drives Woo Jin and Da Jung to jvN, his face is messed up. Then when he goes to the loan shark place, his face is fine again. His face ends up getting messed up because he’s beaten up by his former gang syndicate who apparently have ties to Do Young.

Before the game can start, they have to find someone to fill in the president role. They need to make sure they find someone who is able to have the same thoughts as Da Jung.

Dal Goo gets beaten up, but is saved when the Liar Game crew, along with Woo Jin and Da Jung, rush to his rescue and declare that he’s a participant in the Liar Game. So six people nominated Dal Goo the former loan shark, while another one nominated a Congressman, and finally Jamie nominated Do Young. The director is for this even though there’s a conflict of interest here. Do Young is the one providing the money, so what reason does he have to participate. The director says that anyone can join, but Do Young isn’t going to win anything. The money already belongs to him.

Plus he’s the MC, so how can he host and know what is going to happen and still play blindly? Do Young seems to be okay with it though, because he knows of an announcer who can participate. I still don’t get why the Director is okay with this even though it doesn’t make sense.

Looks like Do Young planned all this though and has joined forces with Jamie. As expected a lot of participants are against this idea, but Woo Jin is okay with it as long as Do Young stops talking to the staff and all the knowledge he has about the game is announced. He also notices a look between Do Young and Jamie, so maybe he suspects that the two of them are planning things together.

Nam Da Jung doesn’t understand why he agreed to Do Young and not Dal Goo, but she trusts his judgement and says that she’ll try to convince everyone to accept his suggestion. Even though I get that Woo Jin is always right, but Da Jung would have to worry about another person who is a lot sneakier and smarter than her in the game. At least with Dal Goo, she has another ally who will give her the money. Even though Do Young would provide more entertainment, it would have been smarter for Da Jung to push for Dal Goo to participate. Three allies would be much better than an unpredictably enemy who can manipulate people very easily.

It’s purely an ego thing for Woo Jin to want Do Young in the game. He says it’s better if they go directly against the enemy instead of letting him pull the strings from above. The thing is Do Young is unpredictable, but there have been times when he has helped Da Jung and Woo Jin. He is a troll, but he’s a troll that you don’t want to be up against. Professor Ha says he can beat him and not let Da Jung get hurt, but Do Young has always been three steps ahead of him.

The other contestants are not okay with Do Young and tell Da Jung that while they trust her, they don’t trust Woo Jin.

The rules of this round:

The candidates announce their campaign promises. Afterwards, there will be a pill to determine supporters. The presidential hopefuls have one hour to campaign. After that’s done a voting will take place and the winner will be chosen. The promises will be executed and they’ll pick participants for elimination. The thing with this game isn’t to pick who you like best, but who everyone will vote for because you don’t want to risk being eliminated.

Each round the president will have to declare a promise. One out of the three promises made can be false. Before the president states their promise, they have to choose true or false first. If they win the round and pressed false, then they don’t have fulfill their promise. If the true button was pushed but that promise was broken, it automatically becomes false. If this president hopefully already used their false option, then the candidate will be eliminated.

The promises can include anything regarding the distribution of game money. If the candidate wins their round, then they can eliminate someone who didn’t vote for them. If they win the last round, then they can eliminate two people regardless of who they voted for.

Since Do Young is one of the candidates, he can’t host so the director takes over and does a horrible job. The candidates say their piece, including Do Young who tells everyone to remember that Jamie voted for him and that Woo Jin agreed and others might vote with him due to their fear of him. He reminds them that Professor Ha is a genius swindler who ruined a company.

So the first round of promises is made and Do Young wins it! His promise is that he’ll collect 100k in taxes from everyone and then distribute it among those who voted for him. The only problem is that he lied about this and no one gets any money. He then has the option of eliminating Fortune teller Pippi or Assistant Kim. He chooses Fortune teller Pippi who leaves the game calling Do Young a traitor.

During the second round of promises, no one trusts Do Young as much as before, especially since he kicked out Jamie from his team. She forms a new alliance, but that gets ruined once Bulldog punches Dal Goo. They gave him a warning for this, but isn’t this his second time using force? He should have been automatically eliminated from the game because of this and yet they kept him around.

I’m assuming Woo Jin’s plan was to get Bulldog out and then make the Congressman think that he’s switched sides. He’ll act stupid, thus making Bulldog actually switch sides. But the congressman does something even sneakier. He accuses Bulldog, just like Woo Jin probably thought he would do, and he makes four of his voters hold the voting booth hostage so that no one else can vote. That way, he’ll get an automatic win.

Judging by the previews Dal Goo wins due to the betrayal of the former actor and the lawyer leaves. I initially thought assistant Kim, but it would make more sense if the lawyer is the one to go.

This is a new game as I don’t remember it from the manga or the jdrama. With this I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I find myself rooting for Do Young and actively rooting against Woo Jin. In my head I know that I should want Woo Jin to win so he can save Da Jung and be the leading man that he is, but I kind of like Do Young way too much for me to go against him.

It was a good episode and definitely better than the last two. My only complaint is that four times in this episode the characters whispered something to another person. We never get to hear anything that is being said. This tactic is one of my least favourite things in a mystery show. Unless it’s going to be revealed in the same episode, I hate when this sort of thing happens. Out of the four whispers, only one gets revealed in the end.

I’m interested to see how this game plays out and if Do Young ends up winning or if Woo Jin will predictably notice what’s happening and make a proper enemy out of Do Young. I still want Do Young to win, but I really hate the director as the MC.

The next episode is already out, but I won’t be able to watch it till later today. Hopefully the ending will be satisfying.


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