Gaki no Tsukai are heading to prison

According to twitter, the next No Laughing Batsu game is a Prison one.

(The text is just saying that this years Batsu is a No Laughing Prison one and then repeats this another two times)

Here are the pictures from the tweet.

When I heard this I thought they’d be prison guards or something, but it looks like they’re actually prisoners. I hope this means we get to see another Endo trial. The one that happened during the No-Laughing Enthusiastic Teachers was really funny. Hopefully something like this happens again Hochi~~~<3 They might do one for Hamada too, since he was recently caught cheating on his wife.

I hope they do change things up, since some of the skits have become a bit stale. I use to be able to watch the entire thing, but I’ve been skipping some skits here and there because I already know what will happen. Like the two groups of men doing batsus on each other while the gaki crew watch on. It was funny at first, but now I don’t even bother watching it. The best parts are always when the gaki crew are left to their own devices, like the drawer’s bit. I always laugh at that. And I liked that the videos are always something different. The ones that happened last year were sweet, but still ended on a funny note.

The Batsu games have a long history though and I have enjoyed them throughout the years. And even though I think the games need to be revamped, I still look forward to it every year it comes on.


2 thoughts on “Gaki no Tsukai are heading to prison

  1. mwong04

    I agree man. I usually skip the bit where they blow out scandals and circlejerking moments in that room full of comedy talents. I just don’t know them well enough to understand why it’s funny. I wonder how many times is Yamazaki getting slapped in the face this year.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I find myself watching a bit of that round table, but mostly skipping it as well. I think they know that things need to be updated or more jokes need to be brought in, but some things are still popular so maybe they feel like if it isn’t broke don’t fix it?

      I’m actually surprised that Hamada and Matsumoto are doing this again when they’re both older and more fragile now.


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