Gugure! Kokkuri-san episode 6

gugure (2)

Due to being around spirits all the time, Kohina starts to develop an even greater sixth sense towards them. With this, she can see a whole new world, but the spirits are dangerous so Kokkuri-san tells her not to make any eye contact or interact with them in any way, shape or form.

Kohina being Kohina doesn’t listen. She befriends a small eyeball bat like creature that is actually incredibly cute. She knows that Kokkuri-san wouldn’t be happy with the bat spirit, so she plays with it but never makes eye contact.

gugure (4)

This isn’t enough though and Kokkuri-san sends the little creature to outer space. But after a few days it comes back. From what we know about Kohina, she won’t be able to stay away from the little guy. Shigaraki sees her and warns her that this is a dangerous thing to do because spirits don’t know the difference between good and evil.

But he does agree to keep her secret as long as she gives him money. Oh Tanuki-san, please never change!

gugure (7)

So Kohina and the bat creature spend their days playing in secret while Shigaraki keeps an eye on them. At first, everything is innocent and I started to think that it would eventually join the growing cast of weirdoes. Except, it starts getting scary….

gugure (11)

Really scary…

The bat creature was fine at first, but now that it has a taste for human blood it can’t control itself. In the end, it isn’t Kokkuri-san who saves the day it’s Shigaraki. Tanuki-san may be a scum buckling alcoholic low life, who I love, but he has a good side to him. No one but us knows about it, but that’s simply how he rolls. My opinion of him definitely went up in this episode.

The episode ends with Inugami informing Kokkuri-san about how he hates everything in life except Kohina and watching people suffer. The entire scene is incredibly absurd, but incredibly funny as well.

gugure (6)

There were tons of funny moments here (like what’s happening in the picture above with Tanuki-san and Kohina), but the ending, before the Inugami/Kokkuri-san part, was really sweet. We actually had some character development for a character that I never thought we’d see it from.

I also liked how the show established that not all spirits are as easy to deal with as the three that are currently haunting Kohina. I suppose you could say they have their own issues, but none of them wanted to actually kill her due to developing a burning desire for her blood. And in that sense it’s not the bat’s fault for wanting to kill Kohina. He doesn’t understand good and bad, kind of like Kohina in a sense. Due to her doll like tendencies, she’s sometimes unable to make the right choices in life. That isn’t technically her fault either. She grew up alone and shut down her feelings.

gugure (9)

The bat may not have had anyone to properly guide it, but at least Kohina does.  In any case, it was another great episode.


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