5-Line Recap Misaeng episode 8


  1. Baek Ki goes on a blind date, but the girl is more interested in his job than anything else so he ditches her and goes to the movies with Young Yi.
  2. The Sales Team 3 drink some expired milk in order to avoid taking on a job., but it doesn’t work and in the end they end up taking the job in the end.
  3. Young Yi’s dad keeps calling her and then shows up at her work, she isn’t pleased.
  4. Baek Ki acts hasty and instead of learning the ropes and becoming a team player, he calls out his good looking boss and then applies for another job.
  5. Sales Team 3 get the contract and as a reward they get a new person added to the team, only no one is happy when he shows up.

Another good episode. It’s kind of weird, because Misaeng is a show about working and that’s pretty much what happens every episode. Despite this, I found myself completely engaged. This episode was even more focused on work. Sales Team 3 has to get a contract signed by a guy who is notorious for not signing contracts until he’s in round two.

As someone who doesn’t drink, I was confused by what round two meant. Is it another round of drinking? Another night of partying? I don’t know. As the episode went on I started to suspect it has to do with sex, but I’m still not sure. I went to urbandictionary and it was mostly about bowel movement so I don’t know.

Speak of bowel movements, after the team drank the expired milk they all went to the washroom waiting for round two to start. It never did.

Round 2 is something that Mr. Oh refuses to even consider, even though this is something that needs to happen for the contract to be signed. He’s all about principle though and when the night of entertaining happens, it seems to go horribly wrong and the guy ends up having a round two.

Only instead of some random girl, his wife is the one who shows up. This ends up being the best thing that Mr. Oh did, because the contract is signed because of it. I’m still confused by round two, but it doesn’t really matter anymore.

The other main storyline here involves Baek Ki. I really hate the character, which is why the actor is doing a phenomenal job with the role. Even after he’s corrected, even after he’s told what he needs to do in order to succeed, and even after he’s given work (that he considers to be beneath him), he still fails to see his mistakes.

I hope his character ends up growing through all of this, but due to his rash behaviour he’s probably burned a few bridges. It’s a shame too, because it’s clear that he’s a hard worker and can do a good job. It’s just that he’s unwilling to be patient and work with the team. He wants to stand out and when you’re new on an already established team then that isn’t the smartest thing to do.

In the previews he tells Young Yi that he’s going to quit. I was kind of happy, but at the same time I hope he doesn’t and stays. Even though I don’t like him, it would be depressing to see someone just quit instead of trying to grow. In the real world that does happen, but I kind of don’t want to see it happen here. Plus, I need to see him acknowledge Geu Rae as his equal.

Overall, it was another good episode.


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