Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu ep 5 – a look at the fallen monsters

twintail - tailyellow

It was another funny episode and we got to see TailYellow, who is the Twintail Madonna at school. The president. She looks different from her usual form, but that’s because the suit that Twoearle made had some attributes in it that makes everything bigger. Everything.

I could go on and talk about the episode, but I’m not really sure how to start. There are some jokes here that you need to see in order to get. Overall, the episode was funny. I loved that the president got attacked at the exact same place and at the exact same spot. The animations were just rehashed from before, but it was funny. Even her maid commented that they should stop shopping there, but the president didn’t want to hear it. Speaking of which, she’s the new twintail. She doesn’t seem to love twintails though, but loves that she’s a hero. The monsters were also great. They’re so weird, but I kind of love them for it.

And since I really love the monsters on this show, I’m just going to talk about the ones who have fallen.

Say hello and goodbye to:

twintail - tiger guildy

1. Tiger Guildy

He was the former head of the reserve troops before he was brutally defeated by TailBlue. His attribute is school swimwear. Other than that, there’s not much known about this mysterious monster. His dying words, as TailBlue defeated him, was that he wished that he could have had Tailred swim on his lap. Yes, that is what he says. With one last breath, he yells out School Swimsuits before falling into the pool, never to be seen again. He was the first monster to be defeated on the show.

twintail - Buffalo Guildy

2. Buffalo Guildy

The second monster to be defeated is Buffalo Guildy, a member of Leviaguildy’s crew. He’s strong and loyal and is willing to do anything, including sacrificing his life, in order to make his master’s dreams become a reality. The dream which he wishes to see come to fruition is to make the world realize the beauty of twin tails through giant breasts. He’s killed after offending TailBlue. His last words are, “To be defeated by by a flat-chest…of all people…!”

twintail - Crab Guildy

3. Crab Guildy

The last, but certainly not least, monster to fight the twin tails is Crab Guildy. He’s one of the strongest members of the monster crew and gives the twin tails a hard time. It’s due to him that TailYellow finally comes out and joins the team. His mission in life is to find that beautiful attribute that showcases the brilliance of twin tails. The back of the neck attribute is what he seeks. However, that isn’t to say that he’s only a neck guy. He also loves flat chests, since this is the attribute that his master, Krakeguildy, loves. And at the end of the day, every Ultimaguil monster, as a whole, goes for the twin tail attribute.

Unlike Buffalo Guildy, Crab Guildy isn’t so easily defeated. He’s trained very hard to make sure he’s always able to dodge and get behind his target, so that he can see their love necks.

In fact, he doesn’t even get killed in the end. He’ll probably be the first to fall in the next episode.





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