Karen Senki episode 7

karen senki - seek

When Karen Senki first came out, it got a lot of hate due to its use of CGI and the fact that there was no plot. The artstyle grew on me, but the lack of plot was warranted. I don’t mind action, but I hated that it was action with no real purpose. I even questioned why I was watching the show when nothing was happening. However, these past few episodes have been good and last week was the best one yet.

For the first time ever, I started watching the show with a smile on my face. This episode introduces us to a robot named Seek (I feel like I’ve heard that name before?) that helps the human race. Anything that is left in the trash bin he throws it on the conveyor belt. He doesn’t question, he just does what he does. So when there’s a working TV with a magical girl show on it, he simply calls it waste and throws it out like all of the other junk around him. Then he picks up a basket with a cat inside.

karen senki - cat

Please don’t do it Mr. Seek! Don’t hurt the cat.

He then says waste is waste and we see the conveyor belt moving once again. My heart sank as the rotors came crushing down. Thankfully, the cat was saved and Seek didn’t follow through with his words.

In his mind the cat is human waste, but the waste is eating another waste (an old fish), so he’s helping the human race in this way. He is breaking an order, but according to him, “Must I obey an order, even if it is wrong? Do wrong orders help the human race? But who decides if it is a wrong order?”

Quite the little philosophical robot we have here.

This helps Seek evolve and realize that sometimes humans sometimes gives wrong orders. This new knowledge makes him want to help the humans even more.

The episode continues with Seek going about his day life.  He doesn’t have a sense of time, because he can function without stopping so he’ll continue doing what he’s meant to do forever. As he’s experiencing the dandelions flat away, he wonders if humans have stopped evolving due to their need to create things in abundance but throwing them away so easily.

The montage, his words, and the animation make this incredibly charming. Only five minutes have gone by but I absolutely adore this little robot. I guess this means he’ll die.

I hope that doesn’t happen.

Ah! Seek is the robot from the first episode; the one that Karen and Touka met in the field of flowers and the one who befriends them.

t’s been a long time since we saw the robot brothel guy. He was the one who helped Karen in the first couple of episodes and had a robot hooker of some sort. I never liked him and this episode continued this trend. He gets roughed up by the police, who drive a limo, who claim that he has an illegal altered chips. They threaten that they’ll be back tomorrow and if he doesn’t give it to them they’ll demolish the shop with him in it.

karen senki - xiaogang and his brother

Unfortunately for Xiaogang, this guy is his big brother. Xiaogang visits him since he has a robot that he wants to fix up. The brother, seeing an opportunity in this, tells him that he can do anything he wants at his shop. He then walks away laughing about how he’ll change the CEO of the company and make Xiaogang be the fall guy. Thankfully, the guys who roughed him up early hear this and beat him up some more.

The robot that Xiogang has is none other than Seek. The older brother, whose name I think is Junk but I’m not sure, shows up places an altered piece inside Seek’s body. This seems to wake him up, only the charming Seek sounds a lot scarier now. The first thing he says is when he’s up and running is, “I dispose of waste for humans.”

karen senki - seek

Sometime later the war between humans and machines breaks out. The one who caused it all was Seek.

Xiaogang blames his brother for this, and I completely agree with him because the altered part is what made him go crazy, but his brother just blames Xiaogang for fixing up the broken robot to begin with.

Did I mention how much I really hate the brother.

The episode then ends, but now we know why the war broke out and we find out that the evil machine leader who started this mess is none other than the robot who befriended Karen. Our charming and loving Seek went loco. And yet, because I know his back story I don’t know if I want him to lose. Yes, he killed a lot of people. And yes, he seems a little crazy, a little menacing, and maybe he’s even a little trigger happy. But he was still the cute little robot who loved the world and wanted to help humans.

karen senki - seek

It also explains why he doesn’t want to kill Karen. He still remembers that she was the one who befriended him all those years ago.  He’s not as cute as he once was, but I definitely understand his character and his motivations a lot more now.  When we first met Seek and heard his views about the world way back in episode four, he tells us that in order for humans to evolve you need to push them and that ultimately you need both, robots and humans, to make a harmonious society.

Considering how he feels like humans have stopped evolving and stopped being beautiful, he wants to push them them to make them grow. His words make a lot more sense now. He’s also experienced wonder and amazement about this world, but he doesn’t understand love. The only time he saw it was when he saw Karen and Touka running around in the field of flowers. (Though, I guess they should be called a field of weeds since the only plants there were dandelions.)

Karen (5)

He’s definitely not as cute as before though. (Hint, he isn’t the blond one)

Xiaogang has similar views with Seek, but he also feels responsible for what happened. Working with the robots and starting the Elevens also makes more sense. His brother….he can die in a fire for all I care.

I thought last week would be my favourite episode, but this one was even better. There was a clear and concise plot and we got some proper back story. Best of all, there was no Karen! Well, she did appear in one scene, but it was a small one and it helped make the plot a much deeper experience. I still feel bad for saying that, but the show seems to move forward when she isn’t there.

It’s strange how I almost dropped this show, but now I’m enjoying it. I’m actually looking forward to the next episodes now. I think the only the studio needs to do is help make me care for Karen. I know her background, I know that she hates robots, but she needs something more to make her a compelling lead character.

Other than that, this was a fantastic episode.


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