Nobunaga Concerto episode 4 (jdrama)


Ieyasu is here!

In the anime, he ended up being one of my favourite characters just for the shear fact that he became a womanizer after getting a dirty magazine from Saburo. It was almost like Saburo corrupted him without even realizing it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen like that here. Ieyasu pledges his loyalty to Nobunaga, but then mentions that he’s a bit obsessed with women. Their legs, their necks, their chests…he’s been thinking about women so much that he feels like he’ll become a woman and can’t even sleep properly at night.

Saburo, hearing the name Ieyasu, knows that this will be a man who will make history. He just doesn’t know how, so he goes to his bag to find his text book. Instead of finding it, he finds Oicchi, Nobunaga’s younger sister. Tsune-chan brought her over to the Saburo, because he thought that she’d like to see the change in Nobunaga. When Kichou questions why, he simply says that he wants to see her smile. It’s cute. I like Tsune-chan, but I’m confused about his heart. In a previous episode, I thought he liked Kichou, but it seems like he actually likes Oichi. He’s been friendzoned though, since she sees him as a confident instead of an actual man. Plus she’s going to be married off to someone else, so I feel bad for him. Going after unattainable woman like this….

As long as she smiles though and she seems to be smiling a lot as she plays catch with Saburo. At one point, she ends up throwing the ball rather high, so Saburo runs off to retrieve it. Before he gets the chance Denjiro uses his ninja like skills to get the ball.

Denjiro then asks Saburo about what he did in his first battle when he was just 13. Seeing as how Saburo only recently became Nobunaga he clearly doesn’t know what happened, so he replies as such by saying “I don’t remember.” This was the wrong answer though, because it only makes Denjiro look on in anger as Saburo walks away. If only he knew that Saburo is only the replacement and the real Nobunaga is out there. Apparently the original Nobunaga did some really shady stuff, which is why Denjiro hates him so much.

He won’t kill him though. He’ll try to raise his ranks and become Nobunaga’s right hand man, and then he’ll take everything that he has. The look on Nobunaga’s face in agony is what he wishes to see. However, by joining Nobunaga he’ll have to betray his current boss. This doesn’t sit well with the other ninja, so they fight and then Denjiro kills him.

Ah! Hanbei also shows up in this episode and he’s played by Fujiki Naohito. Another member to add into the already stellar cast. I think this might be the first time I’ve seen Fujiki in a role where he isn’t acting like a cheating spouse/boyfriend. He does kind of cheat here, but that’s different.

First Ieyasu, then Oicchi, and now Hanbei is here. I guess this means I have to make a really bad graphic celebrating the news.

Ieyasu Oichi Hanbei - Nobunaga Concerto

And it is done. Bad gimp job and all.

Since these three are here that means Micchi should be showing up soon. If he shows up in this episode then I’d probably go into fangirl mode and say that this was the best episode thus far.

Anyways, Hanbei comes in and pledges his alligence to the Oda clan, much to the shock of the retainers. Saburo wanted to make him one of them, but everyone thought that Hanbei would refuse. Turns out, he’s all for it. The only issue is that he suspects that there is a traitor in the camp, which there is, and that spy is leaking information to those in Mino.

He’s right. It’s Denjiro, but no one knows that. They do suspect that Hanbei might be planning something, so the retainers keep him in lockdown. Saburo lets him use his rubric’s cube to entertain himself will in jail.

The clan still doesn’t know what to do about Mino though, so Denjiro gives them an awesome idea. A one day castle, which actually seems like a great plan, but it gets stopped after the enemies start attacking the men. It looks like this was another leaked mission, only Denjiro didn’t do any leaking, so who is the traitor? Hanbei is let go, since he couldn’t have possibly done anything while under lock and key, except we learn that he too is secretly deceiving the Oda clan.

So who is the real traitor?

It’s Mori-dono, the only man with the funky teeth and a lot of kids. Denjiro catches him in the act and brings him to Saburo. He regrets what he did and only did it to protect his kids and give them armour, but since he’s caught the only thing he can do is seppuku. We know that Saburo hates this, so he stops him and tells him that if being a samurai made him act this way, then quit being a samurai and be happy.

Hanbei is impressed, but thinks that Saburo did this to make Mori-dono is dog for life. He didn’t though. He didn’t want to kill someone who had kids who would grow up hating Saburo. Plus, war and everything like that leads to unnecessary hatred. Like Saburo, Hanbei wants to create a world without war, but now he’s given up his dream of that and only views it as a pipe dream. Kichou tells Saburo to show him how a world like this could actually happen.

Saburo better be quick though, because Hanbei told Mino what Saburo was planning to do. And they told him to burn the castle before its even built. The two have a talk and it’s enough to bring Hanbei fully to Saburo’s side.

This doesn’t really swing well with Mino though, so Saburo has to go save him before he’s killed. Denjiro isn’t happy about it though, because if they save Hanbei they can’t complete the castle in time. But Mori-dono has everything under control and gets the wandering samurai who attacked them to help them finish the job.

Mino is taken over and now Hanbei and Denjiro have become retainers and Yuki, our little Kaho, is another traitor. Instead Denjiro being the one who gets rid of the book, Yuki hides it near Denjiro’s work area. Hanbei is also suspicious of Denjiro, while Yuki is suspicious of Hanbei. So many spies…

Ssaburo Nobunaga Micchi - Nobunaga Concerto

But who cares because at the end of the episode we get to see Micchi!! The original Nobunaga.

I guess this means this episode was awesome! No, not just awesome, but fantastic! Ahhhhh I loved it. The only complaint that I have is that Yamada shaved once Denjiro became a retainer for Saburo.

This is purely for shallow reasons, but I like looking at Yamada better when he has a beard on his face. Still, that’s not enough to ruin my feelings about this episode. We got four incredibly important characters, Saburo continued to be awesome, and was thoroughly entertained as I tried to guess who the spy was.

Looks like the Oicchi is set to get married in the next episode. Poor Tsune-chan. 😦


5 thoughts on “Nobunaga Concerto episode 4 (jdrama)

  1. clear

    >Since these three are here that means Micchi should be showing up soon. If he shows up in this episode then I’d probably go into fangirl mode and say that this was the best episode thus far.

    This was a fantastic episode! Saburo gained some charisma at long last! It was super effective on Hanbei! Drama Mori got it together! Denjirou gets a background?!

    At the very least, I know that Yuki is the one who originally burned the textbook (on accident) in the manga. She’s totally is a spy though.

    The only things I dislike are Kichou’s violent antics (Saburo seems okay with it so it’s not too big a deal) and the Tsune/Oicchi thing. I don’t really mind the pairing, I guess I’m just worried it’s going to take president over other stuff I’d rather see covered seeing how the next episode is going all the way to fighting Azai. The drama sure is moving fast… and finally…

    Micchi is here!!(゜∀゜)!!

    1. mochirochi Post author

      They made Kichou be a tsundere. Sometimes I like her, but when she’s being violent to Saburo it does get a bit annoying. They’re meant to be married, but she has trouble even holding his hand. That’s not right.

      But that doesn’t matter because Micchi is here!!!

      I was happy for the Denjiro background. His hatred seems more warranted and shows Nobunaga’s love of fires. When Micchi attacks, he goes all out. It does make me wonder how they’re going to end it, because I’m sure Denjiro will find out the truth behind Nobunaga and Saburo.

  2. junny

    Sounds like it’s worth watching? I had read mixed reviews on the earlier episodes, so was wondering if I should give it a go since I like Fujiki Naohito but don’t particularly care much for Oguri Shun. I haven’t watched the anime, so I don’t know if it follows it closely. I agree Yamada looks better with a beard!

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I’m enjoying it so far, but I think it’s because I loved the anime so some of that good feeling may be clouding my vision. It’s different enough from the anime to be its own show, but there’s still enough similarities so you can connect the dots here and there.

      The first couple of episodes are okay, but it’s getting really good now, especially now that Micchi is in the picture.


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