First Impressions + Recap: Bonjour♪ Koiaji Pâtisserie

Today I said to myself, “Mochi, you need to watch a reverse harem.” So off I went to watch Bonjour♪ Koiaji Pâtisserie. Like Orenchi and Danna, Bonjour♪ is another short anime of the fall season.

The art style is quite nice and since I love baking, this seems like something that would suit me. As I watched the first four episodes I thought I would hate this, but I don’t. The bishies here are the same ones you’d find in any reverse harem. You have the angry one (red hair), the serious one (purple hair), the kind hearted one (black hair), and the goofy one (blonde). The angry one is pretty much your only option here though, because he’s a student. The rest of the bishies are teachers and if you get involved with them in a sexual way, then you risk expulsion.

Since this is a rule, there have probably been some incidents in the past. It makes sense though, because when the bishies teach the students how to cook they end up doing something that makes it hard for all of the girls to resist their charm.

I mean, their poses, their knife work, and their spins are like no other. It’s kind of amazing to watch.

It’s like they’re going to transform or something, but instead come out with food. It’s weird, but oddly captivating. However, it wasn’t until episode four when Haruno Sayuri spent some time with the serious purple haired teacher that made me want to start recapping this show. During the car ride, she tries to start up a conversation, but he only provides one word answers. When he asks her if she’s fine and if anything is bothering her, she says no even though she is suffering from some issues at school. When she asks him if anything ever bothers him, he starts talking about how he doesn’t want to be forced into marrying his fiancé and how he wishes he could marry someone he loves.

It’s meant to be a scene to prop him up, but I found myself laughing because that’s way too heavy to bring up the first time you meet up with a student. This show is unintentionally funny, but it does have great food. So for those two reasons, I’m going to start recapping the show.

Let’s start with the most recent one and I’ll continue on from there.

Episode 5:

Today’s food porn is: Fleurir Collection No. 6 – Matcha Cream St. Honoré Cake

In this episode, Sayuri is paired up with another teacher. This time, it’s Gilbert-sensei’s turn to win her heart. Gilbert-sensei is the goofy blonde haired one, who will eventually turn out to be deep and caring. As Sayuri is walking through school, she notices him baking and asks if she can try his food out.

He’s trying to make a new desert that screams Japan, but seems to fall short of expectations. So he asks Sayuri to show him around Tokyo so that he’ll get more inspiration for his deserts. She’s alone again with a teacher and they do share a moment on the train when it surprisingly jerks her forward into his welcoming arms.

Before this, Sayuri is on the look out because she doesn’t want anyone to see them together. If she’s caught, she may be misunderstood by the head teacher and get expelled and unlike the other students, she was only blessed with the school of bishies due to a scholarship so getting kicked out would be a big deal.

Gilbert-sensei also knows this, which is the two of then head over to Tokyo Tower. He’s hoping to get some inspiration while up there and since it reminds him of the Eiffel Tower, it makes for a great first pick.

While there, Sayuri asks Gilbert-sensei if he’s getting any inspiration. Instead of just answering, he decides that this would be a good moment to tell her about his past. Once upon a time, his parents ran a popular sweets shop in Paris, but then his mom died and his dad became too busy to spend time with him. His grandmother would then look after him and the two would spend their days away at the Eiffel Tower, where she would tell him all about Japan, since she’s from there. She always sounded so happy when spoke about Japan, so that’s why he decided to come here and became interested in the country.

Bonjour♪Koiaji Pâtisserie - Gilbert

This sounds somewhat bittersweet. So Sayuri asks him if he’s lonely or if he misses his grandmother, but he just tells her that he isn’t lonely. He can’t be when he’s surrounded by his friends at the school and the students. Then he says that right now, Sayuri-chan is with him. Implying that he’s definitely not feeling lonely, in fact he’s fine. Since he used ‘-chan,’ Sayuri is taken back, but he just walks away saying that they should head over to the next place before it gets dark.

These teachers….

Considering how these guys behave with their underage students I kind of understand why the head teacher seems to always think they’re about to sex up someone. Last week, I thought the head teacher’s head was in the gutter as she accused Suzumi and Sayuri of possibly have an illicit sexual relationship under the guise of cooking. I mean, why would her head go straight to that place?

Then I thought about it. She probably realizes what kind of anime she’s in and is just looking out for the young impressionable students. Considering how the rule is and how quick she’s able to accuse the teachers of doing these things, there were probably cases in the past when it’s happened.

I suppose this makes her kind of a hero of sorts. The hero that Bonjour♪ deserves, but not the one it needs right now. Plus, I think the show would change if she was the hero trying to save the girls from the teachers. She just needs to stop stalking Sayuri and watching her all the time.

I’d watch it though. In a heartbeat.

Considering how we saw two teachers make their way into Sayuri’s heart, I guess this means next week will be Mitsuki-sensei’s turn. Overall, twas a good episode. I find myself thoroughly enjoying this show, possibly for all of the wrong reason but that’s okay.



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