Yu JaeSeok’s I am a Man, but will be a Woman today

Today KBSWorld released the much anticipated Woman’s Special of Yu JaeSeok’s I am a Man.

Even though the show isn’t doing well in the ratings, I’ve been enjoying it. The stories from the guests are funny, the hosts are all likeable, and it’s light entertainment. So when Yu JaeSeok said that they’ll be doing a woman’s special, I was looking forward to it.

They separated the ladies into four groups: unique names, look-a-likes, tone deaf women, and women who went to all girl schools. If you’ve been watching the previous episodes, you’d know that these groups have been featured when there were only men.

And because of that, I kept comparing the special to when the men were there. When they’d talk to the women with unique names, I kept thinking to myself, “No one will be like Penis King.” When they did look-a-likes, KBS didn’t show an image of the celebrity so for those of us not familiar with celebrities, we were left in the dark as to how they actually stacked up. We only got to see a few, since most of the time was spent on the unique names. When the tone deaf women were there, that was the best part. And the women from girl only schools had such little time that I couldn’t really form an opinion on them.


and I found something strange. I liked it better when there were only men. The women were fine as guests, but it seemed like the hosts were a bit too stiff with all of the estrogen in the room. It didn’t feel natural. I was also confused as to why there was no picture to go with the look-a-likes.

There were funny moments though and it was interesting to see the difference between an all male audience and an all female one. When the lady talked about how she broke up with her boyfriend and he then got a new one after a week, everyone was very sympathetic and gave encouraging words to her. The week before, a guy told a story about how his girlfriend dumped him and then got married right after and it was made more into a joke. The guys were sympathetic, but it was different than how the girls reacted.

In that sense, I liked the woman’s special for providing that outlook and showing us the differences between men and women. I just wish it felt more like the usual show. Maybe if they had female guest there to help them out, maybe that would have worked better?

I dunno. I’m in the minority with these views though, since most of the comments on the youtube page is filled with love for the episode. So you might like the episode and I’m just being overly critical.


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