Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 6

The show starts with Mayu retelling the Girl of White and Girl of Black stories to Fumio in her LRIG state. Mayu then ends the story by saying that the Girl of Black and the Girl of White were original one and the same.

selector spread wixoss (4)

Futase Fumio questions Iona on whether she is indeed the Girl of Black. Iona doesn’t say anything, but he chest does start to light up, but no one notices anything except her. We know that Iona’s colours are black, so she’s probably the Girl of Black, but if we’re going by that logic then that means Tama is the Girl of White. Seems like Ruko has the same thought since she pictures Tama when she hears the words, “Girl of White.”

Meanwhile, we get a scene of Ulith and Akira modelling it up.

Ulith then asks Akira to do something for her and Aki-lovely readily agrees because she doesn’t want to be dumped.

For some strange reason, and I had this feeling last week, I think Ulith is the original Futase. I’m probably wrong, but after hearing the story last week I suspect that Ulith has a connection to Futase in some way. I’m just not sure how exactly though.

Futase Fumio’s LRIG says, “A wish truly begins when one believes that it was fulfilled. It can’t be realized until it is fulfilled. Until death.” This makes it seem like the LRIGs that take over the bodies of their Selectors don’t just fulfill the wish made by the Selector. It’s more like a curse, since the desire to complete this task and never feel satisfied by it continues to push them. Plus, they’re forced to live as someone else, so they lose themselves in the process and forget who they once were.

Futase Fumio is so caught up with being a novelist for Futase’s sake, that she became a Selector again so she could go back to the white room and meet Mayu again. That way, she’ll get more material for her novels. She then challenges Hitoe and Chiyori even though both of them refuse to battle her. She then goes back to writing like a zombie.

selector spread wixoss (5)

I thought LRIGs had it tough, but becoming human again seems just as bad….I love it!

As they walk away, Chiyori leaves the girls behind. Yuzuki says it’s probably due to the shock of finding out the truth behind one of her favourite authors. Yuzuki then says that this is why they need to stop the battles, but Ruko has already decided that she’ll keep battling in order for her dream to be realized.

She can’t save anyone by being passive, so it’s nice to see her being proactive now. She goes to thank Iona, but Iona is on gasping for air and seems to have been shaken quite a bit.

Iona sees Mayu, who taunts her about being the Girl of Black. I don’t know what Mayu’s plan is, but she really likes seeing these girls in pain.

selector spread wixoss (10)

Since it’s getting late, Hitoe leaves Ruko and heads home. Before she does, she leaves Yuzuki with Ruko. Yuzuki is hoping that they’ll get the chance to question Iona about Mayu once she’s recovered from whatever it is that ails her.

As Hitoe is heading home, Aki-lovely stops her and tells her that they need to battle. Since Hitoe left Yuzuki with Ruko, she can’t really do anything. I was expecting Hitoe to let Akira walk all over her, but she actually puts up a bit of a fight. Akira then starts freaking out, because by Hitoe being card free Ulith’s plan happen. If it doesn’t happen, Akira will be dumped. And if Akira is dumped, then she’ll lose all her self worth.

While the freak out is happening, Hitoe just looks on in horror.

selector spread wixoss (11)

Aki-lovely then decides the best course of actions is to simply kidnap Hitoe and drag Ruko out for a battle. It works and the episode ends with Ruko getting ready to battle Akira. But what’s this? Ulith decides to join the party as well.

In the next episode it looks like we’ll see a battle and Tama. Not sure who Ruko will be fighting against though, but at least we’ll get to see another fight.

I’m really curious to see how all of these characters will start linking up to one another. I especially want to know who Ulith is and why she’s deviating from whatever Iona wanted. She has to be connected to Mayu, but in what way? Speaking of Mayu, I wonder why she started Selectors and LRIGs in the first place, when it’s clear that it brings nothing but harm and sadness. I also want to know what happened with Futase and how she must feel knowing that when she was writing no one wanted to touch her books, but with Fumio writing, she’s now a best selling author. That’s got to hurt.

As you can see, I still have a lot of questions. Can’t wait for the show to start answering them. I have a feeling that the level of craziness is only just beginning.


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