OCN’s Bad Guys episode 5 (kdrama)

Bad Guys (kdrama)

A big congrats to everyone involved with Bad Guys. The ratings keep going up and the reviews keep getting better. Kdramas have taken a bit of a hit lately, so it’s nice to see this and Misaeng doing well when they kind of break from the traditional mold that we’re all use to seeing.

Now that that’s done, here’s what happened in the episode.


A man makes his way towards a female. The music playing makes us think that this guy is going to do something, but only a stupid person would attack someone in broad daylight. Instead of having a gun, he takes out a ring. We quickly flash to the actual gun man getting his shotgun ready. I felt bad at this part because I was hoping that the gunman wouldn’t destroy this happy moment. Turns out I was worried for nothing. The girl doesn’t like the guy who proposed to her and tells him to let her go…let her go, she can’t hold it back anymore…

Sorry about that

The gunman doesn’t like this and shoots her and then a bunch of other people. Where are the police when you need them? Well, Team Criminal is taking down a drug pin and got the drug dealer to call 127 and admit to his wrong doings. I never knew there were so many different emergency numbers in Korea. Here, if you have a fire you call 911. If you’re being attacked, you call 911. If someone is driving like a drunken person you call 911. Not in Korea though.

The more you know!

We also find out that Madame Hwang’s arrest warrant was dismissed by the Prosecutor from the Karaoke. The commissioner manhandles him, but stops once another Prosecutor comes in. The higher ranked prosecutor places handcuffs on the Karaoke prosecutor and that’s the end of that.

Tae-Soo is with the mother at the hospital. She says that she wishes a detective like him worked the case for her dead husband. If only she knew that the person who killed him was Tae-Woo and that he turned himself in after that murder.

I’m still curious about Inspector Yu’s role on this show. I initially thought that she’d be their moral compass, but she seems more like someone who hates the criminals and is there to try to control them as much as possible. She’s also not getting along with anyone. Not the criminals, who don’t seem to respect her all that much, or Gu Tak, who has to keep explaining that you have to deal with the criminals in a different way.

Team Criminal take on the cae of the shooter at the park and start doing their own brand of investigation. I like that Tae-Soo always visualizes himself as the criminal and figures out how they did things, but I still cringe when they touch valuable evidence without gloves. Jung Moon looks over all the details and tries to figure out the reasons behind them.

Now I’m not sure if Tea-Soo killed the woman’s husband. It seems like he did, but it also seems like he went to jail to target Jung Moon. That’s twice now that we’ve seen someone target Jung Moon and use the criminals to do so. I wonder, is Jung Moon really that dangerous. He doesn’t remember killing anyone, but when he blacks out he might do some crazy things. Kind of like a certain someone from 14 Days: God’s Gift.

I do have one question though about this show. Jung Moon was the youngest serial killer and yet he’s able to walk about with no one really recognizing him. That seems odd. If Paul Bernardo was in Team Criminal, I’m sure there would be a lot of people who would instantly recognize him and make noise. I know the gangsters know about it, but it seems like they’re the only ones.

And Jung Moon doesn’t even try to hide when he’s out in public. He did at first, but not so much now. I wonder why no one is saying anything. I mean, if he really was the youngest serial killer then his name and face would be seen by everyone.

Anyways, Woong Cheol happens to be at the scene for the next shooting. As she’s chasing the shooter a man stops him and asks for help. So he stops to help. The gangsters from before drive up next to him and tell him that the two weeks are done, so they take him away. Inspector Yu decides to give him some space at this moment and say that they should wait for him, even though he’s gone.

Woong Cheol calls Tae Soo and lets him know what’s up, but Tae Soon ends up getting arrested for fighting some guys who asked him to kill someone. That leaves Jung Moon and Gu Tak on their own….even though Inspector Yu is still there.

They decide to use someone who is targeted use him as bait to find the killer. Even though this is an obvious set up, complete with the bait talking to his microphone in front of everyone. Still, a killer is just a killer and still decides to go for it. With criminals like these…

Jung Moon finds him and confronts the killer about his random killings. He places the gun to his heart and says if you wish to kill someone, you should just kill me. The killer doesn’t do anything, so Jung Moon calmly takes the gun and Team Criminal has apprehended another bad guy.

They’re still touching evidence with their hands though. All those years of watching CSI really makes me feel uncomfortable with this, since tampering with evidence will be bad for the prosecutors.

The ending makes up for it though. The new Prosecutor seems to know about the past that connects the three criminals and Gu Tak. I wonder what it is that connects them all.

The preview for the next episode looks good and Woong Cheol is wearing a lovely black tux and is looking mighty fine in it….I have a problem, I know. His Hyungnim told him that he’ll be buried, but I know that won’t actually happen. They can’t kill him off this early in the game. I hope the burying part is good though.

Overall: Another good episode. I’m still uncomfortable with the evidence tampering that’s happening here and I don’t really get how Jung Moon is able to walk around without getting attacked or something, but it’s easy to overlook these plot points when the show always delivers.


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