Naruto (manga) is now over

A huge congrats to Kishi! Even though there has been some ups and downs and everything in between, I still enjoyed Naruto and I think I’ll miss it.



There will be a spin off mini series that follows the kids of the main characters. Yes, they do have kids. And it looks like Sasuke/Sakura’s daughter (who looks like Karin for some strange reason) has the hots for Hinata/Naruto’s son.

Speaking of the final chapter, it was nice seeing everyone as grownups. I love that Shino is a teacher. I never pictured him as one, but it really does fit his character. Hopefully the kids treat him well and he’s actually remembered. I don’t know how I feel about him having Godot’s eye wear, but whatever. Maybe they’ll explain the new glasses in the movie.

My only complaint is that the ending didn’t feel like an actual ending. It moved a bit too fast and then chapter 700 was mostly showing us the characters as grown ups, which was nice, but it made me want to see more of their lives instead of just being happy that it’s over. In that sense, I’m glad we’re going to hear about the kids so we can see how everyone grew up.

Till then, at least we have The Last – Naruto the Movie to keep us occupied. The movie, which hits theaters in Japan in December, takes place between chapters 699 and 700, so even though some feel like it’s filler to explain the pairings, it is canon. That means I need to watch it.

In any case, the manga is officially over and 15 years I think Kishi did a great job and character some really compelling characters. Congrats to Kishi and his team! I’ll be looking forward to what you come up with next!

ps. The title page for One Piece was incredibly classy and I loved the pirate skull on the statue in Naruto. Little Bolt clearly has great taste!


10 thoughts on “Naruto (manga) is now over

  1. miharusshi

    I’ve only read and watched Naruto since 2012, so it’s not something I can feel highly nostalgic about. But I really had a great time watching and reading Naruto these past two years. It somehow makes an empty slot for whatever I have to look forward to reading every week.

      1. miharusshi

        Bleach, huh, I think it’s not gonna end so soon after Naruto’s ending. But I really look forward to the day it will end. I wonder what people’s reactions would be by then.
        I still haven’t read One Piece, and I’m stuck at episode 49 of the anime. Is it still far from ending?

        1. mochirochi Post author

          You lasted longer in the anime than me. I think I stopped at 20 something. I don’t see One Piece ending anytime soon, but the manga has continued to be excellent.

          Bleach is actually ending though. The current arc is meant to be the last one, so once this wraps up, which should be soon, then it will be gone too.

          1. mochirochi Post author

            It wasn’t for a bad reason. I just realized that I had 500 some episodes to catch up on and realized it would be much easier to read the manga than to sit through that many episodes. hehe. I watch clips here and there, but it’s mostly the manga for me.

  2. humorworks

    I have been jumping around all day today. I’ll probably be curled up in a corner tomorrow, in complete denial that Naruto’s ended. It’s kinda weird to think that there isn’t going to be a Naruto chapter again ever. I still remember reading the first chapter and going
    “Ugh…so obvious!!!”… I’m really torn about the ending. Sasuke could’ve taken a little longer to transform into a good guy. I know he wasn’t a bad guy towards the end, but it seemed a but abrupt. And no movie’s going to change that.
    But I’m happy it ended on a good note. 🙂

    1. mochirochi Post author

      When Sasuke smiled, it was probably the first time I’ve ever liked him. He seems like a decent guy now when he’s not so full of hate.

      Even though there won’t be a Naruto chapter again, there is a spin off series that deals with the kids. It’s not a full series though, so it won’t last long, but that will provide a little something to keep us interested. 🙂


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