Nintendo Direct – 11.5.2014

Here are some of the things that were touched on in no particular order.

– Iwata-san is back and he’s looking good!
– Majora’s Mask coming out for the 3DS/2DS
– Player introductions and gameplay from Codename: Steam. The game is from the makers of Fire Emblem.
– The Dog from Duck Hunt, along with one of the birds, is a fighter for Smash Bros.
– Amiibo stuff
– More Kirby and the Rainbow Curse gameplay
– Nindie Spotlight, featuring Shovel Knights and other awesome Nindie games. – More gameplay is shown in the Nintendo UK direct.
– New 3DS cover for PersonaQ – The Nintendo UK Direct had gameplay footage of it.
– NES Remix stuff too.
– Pikmin movies available for download on the 3DS and WiiU.
– New trailers for Captain Toad and Splatoon
– A sneak peek at the first DLC for Mario Kart 8. Seems like we’ll be getting an ExciteBike level, along with F-Zero and a Zelda one too.
– Mario and Luigi will visit the guys over at Monster Hunter
– Xenoblade Chronicles X gameplay – this game looks fantastic and huge!

In the Japanese one, we got to see more 3DS third party games like Attack on Titans, Final Fantasy Explorers Light, Devil Survivor and much more.

There’s a game shown in around 12:05 that looks amazing. I know it will never be released here, but I’m in love with the art style. The speech bubbles that pop up really make it feel like a manga. I wish I could play it.


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