tvN’s Liar Game (kdrama) episode 5


The loan shark guy is slowly walking away with Nam Da Jung’s money, but like an esper Professor Ha calls and starts questioning him. For whatever reason, Professor Ha knows that the loan shark guy stole the money. And for some strange reason, he also knows where the loan shark lives.

There’s a confrontation and Professor Ha mentions how even if Da Jung pays off her father’s debt to the debt collectors, she’ll fall into debt with Do Young. The gangsters who went after Da Jung’s teacher in the first round were thugs from Do Young. The loan shark is obviously troubled by this. Despite his work, he’s a decent guy who does want the best for Da Jung. He starts complaining about her father putting borrowed money in the L Company stocks and got into debt because of that scheme. Professor Ha seems to have a connection to L Company. He was the one who ran the company and went to jail for it. Only the news reporter girl knows about this, but it also seems like Do Young knows the truth as well and is playing both him and Da Jung.

Do Young the troll strikes again! Each episode it becomes clearer and clearer that he’s my favourite character here.

The loan shark does bring the money back though and even leaves a note telling Da Jung to watch her money properly since he almost ran with it. Do Young then contacts Da Jung and tells her that she has to fill in for a modelling shoot since a model had to drop out. When she asks why she has to be the one who does this, Do Young just mentions contract this and contract that and off to the shoot they go.

Even though this is kind of weird, it does make sense for the station to capitalize on Nam Da Jung and put her face everywhere. It does feel out of place, but it does kind of make sense. Do Young then tells Da Jung that she has another appointment to go to. The place – his house. The job – to have ‘dinner’ with him. Da Jung questions this, but eventually goes up with him after hearing that Professor Ha would also show up there.

The thing is, he never really invited Professor Ha but got Da Jung to invite him. While they wait, Do Young reveals Professor Ha’s past. She’s obviously affected by the news of what happened to his mother and why Professor Ha wanted to help her too, but the facial expressions of DO Young were funny here. Almost like he was trying to hold in his laughter and look serious. It works and Da Jung doesn’t suspect a thing, but Professor Ha shows up and is instantly suspicious. He feels like Do Young knows about the past that connects him and Da Jung, which he probably does, and probably wants to figure out what Do Young knows.

As they walk away into the night, Professor Ha asks Da Jung what she would do if she met the person who was responsible for her father’s debt. Da Jung says that she’d probably hate him and get revenge, since it would be too hard to forgive that person.

This is another change to the story to add unnecessary angst between Professor Ha and Da Jung. At this time, I’m not sure if I hate this idea or not. Obviously, I liked that Akiyama just helped Nao because of her strong drive to help everyone, but Da Jung isn’t like Nao, so I can understand creating a need for Professor Ha to want to help Da Jung. He’s feeling guilty over what happened. Even though he got revenge on the people who hurt his mother, he became just like them. Revenge only begets revenge and the cycle only ends once forgiveness comes into play.

There is a reason why I like this change though and that‘s because Do Young has this information and will probably reveal it when Professor Ha and Da Jung are in the finals. Think of the ratings that would bring. Your closest ally was the one who got you stuck in this position to begin with. It would be devastating to Da Jung, but Do Young would be happy.

do young

The next game starts, only this time Da Jung is by herself since Professor Ha doesn’t have to compete in this round. Da Jung says everyone should work together and share the money. Everyone seems to be into it, but only after this game since they already decided to eliminate Jamie in this round. Only Jamie ends up making everyone target Da Jung by using the pictures from the modelling shoot and some with her and Do Young together. The producer seems annoyed because the Director helped Jamie, but Do Young doesn’t seem to mind. This just makes things more interesting for him. Plus, he was the one who gave Jamie those pictures to get everyone to distress Da Jung. Why? Because its fun.

The producer seems to suspect bad thoughts about him, but I don’t think she understands the awesomeness that is of the troll.

Meanwhile, Professor Ha, along with his news reporter friend, try to see if there’s anyone else who is connected to the J Company and was in the Liar Game. The loan shark lets him know what is happening with Da Jung and he says that after taking care of some things he’ll go help her out.

He gets knocked out though.

Jamie tells Da Jung that if they join forces and keep giving each other three stars then they’ll be able to survive. What I don’t understand is that Da Jung should know that Jamie has that gangster guy on her side, so she’s not a complete outcast. Plus, it’s clear that she’s lying so I wonder why Da Jung is so quick to believe her?

With Nao, it was understandable. With Da Jung, it really isn’t. We know she’s the type of person to question things, so why didn’t she question this at all? She trusted her teacher, but Jamie deceived her already so I don’t think she’d be too trusting.

When Jamie made the original deal with Da Jung, she made another deal with everyone else and sold her betrayal for 50k per person. With this, she guaranteed Da Jung’s lost and her victory.

Oh, for some reason Professor Ha was left dangling on the edge of a tall building. He escapes and leaves to go help Da Jung.

Jamie then decides to taunt Da Jung some more by playing a card game with her. If Da Jung wins, then all of Jamie’s stars will go to her. If Jamie wins, then half of Da Jung’s money will go to her. It seems like a 50/50 type of game, only it isn’t and Da Jung quickly loses.

The episode ends with Professor Ha showing up at the shooting place.

We did get some kdrama cliches in this episode with Da Jung doing something rich people do, even though she’s really poor. I was wondering why we needed to see her do a photo shoot, but after seeing what Jamie did it made sense and I actually appreciated that little twist.

I don’t know what Do Young’s motivations are, all I know is that he’s my favourite character on the show. Even though Professor Ha is meant to be the one with all of the brains, it’s clear that Do Young is the puppet-master. He’s pulling strings here and there for whatever reason. Is he just doing this to get good ratings? Or is there another motivation behind it.

I am a little concerned about Da Jung though. I came to really like her, but now she’s really annoying me. I think the writers struggling with her character though and are not sure where to take her. At first, she had this sort of spunky edge to her, but still maintained her naive gullible side from the manga/jdrama. But as the show progressed the we got deeper and deeper into the Liar Game, Da Jung seemed to get weaker and weaker. Her presence isn’t even as strong as it use to be.

The show did change the plot of the story, but by doing so it also changed the characters. Since Da Jung is suffering from debt and has loan sharks coming after her, she actually needs the money. Even though she’s nice, she’s still not at the point where she’d want to save everyone. I think the writers are trying to take her to that point, but it’s hard to do so when she really needs the money.

I’m really interested in seeing how this match turns out, because it really solidified Nao’s claim of wanting to save everyone in the original story.

Overall, this was a lot better than the last episode. I still don’t find the games to be an edge of my seat thrill fest, only because the drama surrounding it seems to be overly done, but I’m enjoying them nonetheless. I do like Jamie, but I wonder if the show will make her an eventual ally of Da Jung or someone who will always be against her?

I think the best thing the show did was Do Young. He’s like the ultimate troll and I’ve been enjoying every moment with him in it. The producer is starting to suspect something though, so hopefully she doesn’t do something stupid and wreck things for him.

Looking forward to the next episode, which is already out. Unfortunately for me, I won’t be able to watch it until tomorrow.


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