Day 30 – An Anime You Wished Never Ended and Continued On

There’s a few animes that I wish continued on, but most of them are for purely selfish reasons, which is what I think the question here is asking. Instead of going that route, I’m going to name two animes that felt ended on a bad note. Both of these series still had a lot of life to them, but for whatever reason they ended on a sour note.

The first one is Pandora Hearts. 

pandora hearts

I watched the anime before I read the manga and thought it was really good. Then the last episode happened and I remember thinking to myself, “What is this garbage?” I like to think that episode 25 never happened, mainly because it was confusing and had no connection to anything else on the show. I was really annoyed by the ending.

All of the stories that were coming together and building up to something amazing, were just dropped. Instead we get some weird out of character scene between Oz and his dad. At this point, I didn’t read the manga, so I wasn’t sure if this episode was canon or not. As an anime viewer though, I thought it was horrible.

Thankfully, I did eventually read the manga, which is fantastic by the way, and found out that it never happened.  I was glad that this was the case, but confused as to why the studio ended the anime like that. I mean, I know why it didn’t. Pandora Hearts is a monthly release and back then I don’t think the studio have enough material to properly conclude things, but still….everything was building up to something and it never came together. It’s not their fault, but the ending they gave us was weak.

I really hope Pandora Hearts comes back once the manga completes. It’s almost done anyways and it’s been a crazy ride.

The second one that I wish never ended is Skip Beat!

skip beat

In terms of the shoujo genre, I found Skip Beat! to be incredibly refreshing anime. Here you have a girl who decided to get into showbiz as a means to get back at her childhood friend. She’s not in it to fall in love or win him back, she simply wants to destroy him.

Her journey in becoming an actress and tapping into her emotions was a nice one. There is some romance here, but it’s fairly tame compared to some of the other shoujos out there. Kyoko simply doesn’t have time to let a guy into her heart, she’s much too busy planning on destroying Sho and becoming even more famous than him.

Like I said, it’s really refreshing to see a female character in a shoujo not be like the typical female shoujo character. Once she realized that her love was mistreating her, she didn’t just say, “Boys will be boys.” She vowed to destroy him and has worked really hard to do that. The problem here is that once the anime was getting to the good part it just ended. Kyoko realizes that she’s changed and then the episode ends with the words “The Next Stage.”

This happened back in 2009….the next stage never happened. Skip Beat! left us at a cliffhanger and that was it. Like Pandora Hearts, the manga is also a monthly release, but it had a lot more material to work with. I really don’t get it. I feel like this deserved a second season, only because it ended on a really bad place.

It’s still not as bad as Pandora Hearts though. Here, the episode at least made sense in terms of the story. With PH, it didn’t. Not even close. But that doesn’t negate the fact that both animes ended badly. It’s a shame too, because I really liked Pandora Hearts and Skip Beat!


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