Gugure! Kokkuri-san ep 5

Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Inugami is in his female form at the moment and teases Kokkuri-san to become female too. It seems like a normal scene, until Tanuki-san, Shigaraki, shows up and is shocked that such a beautiful woman is there. Even though everyone tells him that she’s Inugami, who will eventually switch to his male form, Tanuki-san is only focused on the present. The past and future doesn’t matter when there’s a beautiful woman around.

Since the two of them haven’t spoken much, Tanuki-san decides to charm her by saying the following:

“Why don’t we head over to my bed– and have something to eat and drink while we get to know each other.”

Gugure! Kokkuri-san - Tanuki-san (Shigaraki)

That’s right. He went straight to the heart of the issue before changing tactics mid-sentence. Inugami informs him that her body and soul belongs to Kohina and then insult him a few times for good measure. She also shoots him, but this seems to turn him on even more.

Kokkuri-san, being the only proper grownup here, decides to put a stop to this since the morals of the household is become more and more corrupt and Kohina won’t hav e a proper upbringing if it continues like this. He’ll have a hard time though, because he lives with Tanuki-san and Inugami.

Can I mention how much I love the OP, it’s awesome.

In the past episodes, I’ve been wondering about why there was a random flower vase on Kohina’s desk at school. It seems like a classic case of bullying, but Kohina doesn’t seem to mind it and since the person keeps stalking her, I assumed that the bully might have been another ghost who wanted to haunt Kohina. In this show, if you stalk Kohina and keep doing things to her it means that you like her and want to haunt her.

Turns out I was only half right. The bully does indeed like Kohina, but she’s just a human. At first, Jimeko, the girl who is bullying Kohina, only wanted to get Kohina’s attention and become friends. Kohina, being the girl we all know and love, never noticed since she was thinking of ramen too much.

And when she did notice, like when Jimeko threw an eraser at Kohina’s head with a slingshot, it ended up with Jimeko getting hurt.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san - Kohina & Jimeko

Atta girl Kohina.

Jimeko is a bit stupid, but she’s also a shy tsundere type. She wants to make friends, but doesn’t want them to think that she does. When she transfered to Kohina’s school, one year back, she missed her chance at making friends and decided to focus all of her attention to the person beside her. That person happened to be Kohina.

In her effort to get Kohina’s attention, she soon lost sight of her goal and started bullying her. Only, Kohina never really notices the bullying and doesn’t seem all that damaged by the vases on her desk. The only one suffering damage is Jimeko’s wallet.

kokkuri-san (4)

Well, the show solves this in this episode. Kohina was being bullied, only she never realized it. The one bullying her, Jimeko, gets annoyed by her non-reaction and confronts her. Jimeko, is a bit stupid. Her outburst gets her in trouble and we learn that she’s been using her own money to buy the flowers day in and day out. Kohina then says that she should stop trying to bully her, only because the only damage that is being done is to Jimeko’s wallet.

Jimeko does confront Kohina about the bullying, but ends up getting in trouble herself. Like I said, Jimeko is a bit stupid.

After the confrontation, Jimeko stays home from school and Kokkuri transfers in. He lives up to his bishie status and all the girls seem to love him. Inugami gets jealous and decides to transfer to the school as well.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san - Bishie Kokkuri

The only problem is that they’re still both adults and look the part too. Everyone in the class realizes this as well. Inugami also doesn’t seem to have a problem becoming female and showing off his ears and tail. He also threatens poor Yamamoto, who did nothing but sit next to Kohina.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san - Yamamoto & Inugami

At this point, you might be asking yourself, “Why did these two join Kohina’s school?” Inugami did because Kokkuri-san did. And Kokkuri-san did because he wanted Kohina to have more friends. If he got friends, then Kohina, by extension, would gain more friends as well. The friend of my friend is my friend. Only, due to his age and the amount of weird things that have happened since he and Inugami showed up, it’s only alienated her even more. And Kohina tells him that a friend of his would only be an acquaintance to her.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Oh well, at least he tried.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san - Kohina


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