Nobunaga Concerto (jdrama) ep 3

saburo - Nobunaga Concerto

Imagawa, and his army of 45 000 men, are getting closer and closer to Owari. Saburo doesn’t have nearly as enough men to take him head on. Since there is no chance of winning, Saburo says that they should give up and surrender. A peaceful option is better than one where people are killed.

The only problem is that if they surrender, Saburo will get his head chopped off. And if they fight and lose, Saburo will get his head chopped off. It seems like ever scenario will end up with his head being chopped off.

His retainers want an answer, so he asks for more time to think things through. Kichou helps him by thinking up a death poem for him to use before he dies. “The severed head, dangling curiously in the summer wind.” Wow…with a wife like that….

With all these things in his head, Saburo does the only thing he can do. He runs. His plan is to stay as far away from Imagawa territory, only he ends up landing in the very place he didn’t want to be in. At first, he’s okay, but after seeing some of Imagawa’s samurais treating the villagers badly and taking the women as ‘morale boosters,’ Saburo throws some firecrackers in an effort to save them. It doesn’t work. In fact, it fails miserably.

Even though Saburo thought he was helping the villagers, he only made their situation much worse. So the girl who he was talking to beforehand ends up selling him out for the sake of her village. The villagers decide to chop his head off the next day, so they chain him up as they wait for it.

Meanwhile, Owari is in disarray since they don’t know where Saburo is. Once they find him and know that he’s going to get his head chopped, Tsune-chan tries to rally the men to go out and save him. Almost every, minus the main retainers, refuse to do so because they know that Saburo ran away. In their eyes, Oda Nobunaga is a coward so why risk your life for him?

The retainers all wonder how everyone knew that Saburo ran away. But the viewers know that Denjiro used his ninja skills to overhear the conversation and use that information to demoralize everyone. He also sent word to Imagawa, so the enemy knows that Oda Nobunaga is useless.


As Saburo is about to get his head chopped off, he recites the death poem that Kichou told him. Then Tsune-chan saves him. The men are about to attack the villagers, but Saburo stops them and says that Imagawa is the enemy not the villagers.

Saburo learns that even though war is dangerous and many people die, sometimes it may be necessary to bring peace. So with that new mindset, he’s decided to truly become Oda Nobunaga and bring peace to Japan. First step is to take out Imagawa. His text book says he wins, but glosses over the finer details of how that happened.

The villagers give him a way in and history is made. Despite their small number, Oda Nobunaga defeated Imagawa. Everyone is happy, except Denjiro who was really pulling for Imagawa.

I think at this point, the jdrama is very different from the anime so I can’t really compare the two. Despite this, I’m still enjoying it. Unlike Liar Game, where it has a lot of drama and unnecessary scenes that take you away from the game, I feel like the jdrama version of Nobunaga Concerto is still true enough to the original that I can forgive a lot of the changes.

I’m glad that we won’t be seeing Saburo running away anymore. He’s finally going to take charge and become Oda Nobunaga. I thought we were going to see Ieyasu in this episode since we saw him briefly in the last one, but I guess he’ll shows up in the next one. I’m hoping that the jdrama doesn’t change him up too much. I think I’d be able to forgive almost anything in this adaptation, but I won’t be able to hold back my rage if Ieyasu is changed.

I’d still watch the show, but I’d be incredibly annoyed every time he shows up.

All in all, this was a pretty good episode. It wasn’t as good as the previous two, but it was fine. Lots of changes though.


2 thoughts on “Nobunaga Concerto (jdrama) ep 3

  1. clear

    I really liked this episode overall. The only iffy part was how Kichou managed to convince the angry mob of soldiers to move (imo it was a weak speech), but I’m willing to suspend belief on that because Saburo kind of needed to be saved asap.

    Pretty excited for the next episode. There’s Hanbei, Oicchi, and with some luck, Micchi. At this point I just want to see how Shun’s going to pull him off and the extent of his acting.


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