Anime Clubroom recaps – ep 4

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de and Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai are similar animes, which is why I decided to just recap them together instead of making a separate post for each. Welcome to the first edition of the Anime Clubroom Recap….which incidentally starts at episode four for both shows.

Cross-dressing. That is the theme for this week.

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de

Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de episode 4

Chifuyu is having trouble with her friend, Kuki, from elementary school. Since she promised not to reveal her powers to anyone outside of the Literature Club, Kuki has been feeling unloved and unappreciated. She feels like Chifuyu is lying and likes the high school students more than her.

They end up having a fight once Chifuyu tells her that she can’t say anything. Plus, it does help that Kuki finds a half naked Andou at Chifuyu’s house. The fight goes on longer than expected and Chifuyu and Kuki still haven’t made up, so Andou takes matters into his own hands.

He takes Kuki aside and tells her that he’ll reveal the secret that Chifuyu is hiding from her. At first, he seems like he’s honestly going to tell her that everyone has powers, but instead he starts talking about how he’s a major lolicon.

“Good grief, elementary school girls are the best.”

He also tells her that playing with Chifuyu is the only thing he can do to satisfy his need. Why he decided to go this route, who knows, but the stranger thing is that Kuki seems to be taking it well. Sure, she thinks he’s an even bigger pervert than before, but she doesn’t react all that strongly to him. Due to this incident, Andou’s new nickname is the Lolicon Knight. Chifuyu and Kuki eventually make up and everyone is happy!

As for club room antics, the group decide to do some cosplaying and use Chifuyu’s powers to get the costumes. We also find out why Chifuyu wanted to drop out of school. It’s so that she can study and become a high school student. Unless her name is Mashiro, I don’t think that will ever happen.

With each passing episode, I find myself liking Andou more and more. He’s a great character who also has a sweet side, but more importantly he actually has some depth to him. Even though he’s in an anime that I feel particularly indifferent to, he’s always the bright spot in it. His outburst about lolicon, was incredibly inappropriate, but funny.

“Lolicon is a way of life, not a disease!”

Unfortunately, nothing else seems to be working for me. I still don’t really like the girls, except for the one from the student council, and everything feel kind of been there, done that. I don’t like the show or hate it. I’m just indifferent.

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai

Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai episode 4

The group has to hand out flyers for the Spring fair and everyone gets to wear maid outfits, including Kakei. When he’s dressed he’s now Kyouko and all of the guys all seem to flock towards him and want his number. It’s a trap though.

Misono walks by and Shirasaki asks her for help. There is some misunderstanding and Misono runs away. Kakei runs after her to clear things up. He seems to have said the right things, since Misono comes back and she makes up with Shirasaki.

Misono is also invited to join the Happy Project club, but she only agrees once she hears about Giza-san. Since another one has joined the group, Kodachi makes her weekly appearance to tell everyone to shut up.

To make up for the loud noises, Kana invites her, along with everyone else, to a bathhouse. For some reason she has a 30% off coupon, so the group all go together to have some naked fun. If you’ve ever seen a bathhouse scene, then you’ll pretty much know what happens here. The girls complain about their chest size and the guys listen in from the other side with red faces.

Kodachi then tells the girls that she’s been in Kakei’s bedroom before and that their rooms are next to each other. The girls are now feeling dejected by this, because a harem can’t function when the male lead is nicer to only one girl, so when they’re saying bye to each other, all of them are fairly cold to Kakei. He has no idea why and Kodachi just walks away laughing.

However, this incident does trigger Shirasaki to tell Kakei the truth of why she wants to change. She also asks him to give her an answer about the club tomorrow instead of the day they had agreed to before.

The next day, Kakei heads off to the club room unsure of what to do. To his amazement, when he walks in everyone yells Happy Birthday to him. There’s a cake, candles, decorations and party poppers, so it’s no surprise that Kakei is feeling mighty good right now. So good, that allows the club to continue on after Golden Week.

Even though it seems like a lot of things happened here, nothing really did. The mystery surrounding the shepherd is still there and didn’t progress. This episode felt more like a filler than anything else.

I do wonder if we’ll ever see Kakei’s power again. It seems like the show forgot about it once the girls showed up.


Winner of this week: Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai

Even though this felt like a filler episode, I still like the characters enough to enjoy it. Inou-Battle does have Andou, who I do absolutely love, and I did like the lolicon outburst that happened. But! I don’t really care about Chifuyu, so the plot about her and her issues was just okay.


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