Sword Art Online II ep 17

sword art online ii - end card

Kirito and his harem (plus Klein) continue their assault on the Boss King.

Even though they’re able to get in some attacks here and there they’re no match for the giant King. So Frejya asks Kirito to find her family’s hidden treasure. That will be the only way they can defeat the King. The hidden treasure is a golden hammer. Kind of like Thor?

sword art online ii (1)

Turns out it is from Thor. Once Kirito finds it and hands it off to Frejya, she becomes Thor. Poor Klein. She also becomes a giant and starts fighting against the Boss King. This proves to be a major asset, because soon enough the team is able to beat the King. But Thor’s not done yet! He gives Klein the legendary hammer, which is nice since Klein was the only one who wanted to save Freyja to begin with. Unfortunately for him, he has no skill points with hammers. And unfortunately for Klein, it still doesn’t get rid of the fact that Freyja became a man.

sword art online ii - Kirito

The quest is not done quite yet, since the team still has to go get Excalibur. Like the legend, Kirito has to pull it from its seal. With some muscle, he pulls the sword out and the team clear the mission!

Suguha hugs him and everyone is happy, only the dungeon is falling. For some reason Kirito throws away Excalibur, since he won’t get it until the mission ends. Sinon, being the awesome girl that she is, uses her magic and shooting skills to bring it back to him. Kirito thanks her and Sinon says that she’ll let him have Excalibur back on one condition. Every time he uses the legendary sword he has to think of her in his heart. He agrees.

Openly flirting in front of the girlfriend…not cool Sinon.

The guys ride on Tonkii and watch as the lower region of ALO becomes green and lush once again. Since the mission is now complete, the lady from before shows up to declare this as fact. She also introduces her sisters, as they want to say thank you as well.

sword art online ii (7)

One of them is Klein’s type, so he asks for her contact information. Kind of a bold move to say to an AI, but whatever. Skuld, the sister he likes, just smiles and gives him fairy dust instead. He hugs it and everyone looks at him with a new found respect.

I like Klein, but I found it sad that he’s this desperate for love that he has to ask a computer sprite for it. Then again, it’s not like he can ask Kirito for help. Kirito only knows high school girls and that would get Klein in jail, so I guess this is the only thing he can do.

sword art online ii - Klein

Anyways, With the mission complete, the crew head back to the real world. There, we learn that Kirito built some sort of system that allows Yui to see their real world without actually being there. It would have been a nice moment for Asuna to see, since she’s the mom, but instead it’s Kirito with Sinon and Suguha.

sword art online ii (10)

Again, I’m confused by Sword Art Online. If Kirito and Asuna are a couple and love each other, why does it seem like the show wants us to ship him with Sinon or Suguha? The amount of times Kirito had scenes with Sinon was fine, but she says things like, “Remember me in your heart when you use it.” And instead of just Asuna getting annoyed, everyone does, which makes her seem like she’s part of the harem when she should be at the head of it.

sword art online ii - Kirito's Harem

Even in the fights, she hardly did anything. Sure, she did heal everyone at one point and used her sword, but when you think of the fight you don’t really remember her.

I don’t even like ships, but if Kirito and Asuna are the main couple, why does she constantly get pushed to the side once other girls show up? I get that Kirito doesn’t have feelings for the others girls and only has eyes for Asuna, but it does seem right to me that this keeps happening to her. With ALO, I understood why he was with Suguha/Leafa all the time. Asuna wasn’t there. And in GGO, he was always with Sinon. That’s fine too, because Asuna wasn’t there. But here she’s right in front of him.

Even back in the real world, Sinon is beside Kirito and Suguha is in front. I know it sounds like I only want Kirito and Asuna to have scenes together, but I don’t. I actually like Sinon and Suguha, and I don’t want a lot of extra scene with Kirito & Asuna acting lovey-dovey together. All I want is just some acknowledgement that she’s his number one. Other than the end card, I don’t think there was any moment in this episode where she was beside him or even across from him. It’s just weird to do this to an established couple. Maybe they’re super comfortable with each other that they don’t need to be together all the time, but why not just have one scene?

I don’t get it.

Anyways, the episode ends with the guys having a feast at Agil’s restaurant and we get to see him in the background for a brief moment.

sword art online ii - Agil, Silicia & Liz

Thankfully, this arc is done. It felt rushed, but the fights were cool to watch. The next arc will be all about Asuna, which is good. Also, Kirito is hardly in it from what I’ve heard. This is good, because Suguha and Sinon both have some depth to their characterization while Asuna doesn’t really have anything. She’s just the love interest that is never there. Hopefully Mother’s Rosario will be good for her character.



5 thoughts on “Sword Art Online II ep 17

  1. geekmumnbubs

    Haha haven’t watched this one yet but I have been wondering about Sinon and Kirito D:

    I think the show wants the viewer to decide who Kirito likes weather it be Sinon, Suguha or Asuna – like a fan service kind of thing?

    I don’t really like it I just want to see more Kirito x Asuna!!

    Nice review though can’t wait to watch! x


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