Karen Senki ep 6

It’s crazy how much better this show is when Karen isn’t around. The fight scenes are better, the characters actually get some development, and the story progresses whenever she’s not there. It’s sad, but I thank the studio for giving us another episode that hardly had her.

karen senki

Why? Because episode six is my favourite episode thus far. Sorry Karen, but it’s true.

Like the previous episode, we’re introduced to another member of the Elevens. X-22. Unlike the other members, X-22 is a machine. Kind of weird for him to be helping the humans, especially since he was a high ranking captain for the machines and fought alongside Jay. But it’s due to his friendship with Eleanor, the female member of Elevens who keeps clones of herself, that he decided to switch sides and help the humans out.

karen senki - Eleanor & X-22

This is surprising to everyone and at first Xiaogang is suspicious and thinks that he may be a spy. But after realizing that X-22 has a crush on Eleanor (so cute), he recruits him to join the Elevens.

karen senki - X-22 & Xiaogang

Before X-22 can even accept the deal, they get attacked by the machines and we get to see the best fight sequences of the show thus far. X-22 holds his own, but when Xiaogang is pushed off of the building, he transforms and becomes this crazy superhero type dude. How does he do this? The suitcase that he carries with him all the time is what makes him transform. When he’s in this state he can’t differentiate between friend from foe. All he knows is to destroy everything in sight and boy does he destroy everything in sight.

karen senki (9)

It was a beautiful sequences and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Xiaogang is a beast and is now my favourite character on the show.

karen senki - xiaogang

The scene changes and we’re back to Karen for the remainder of the episode. She’s fighting Jay, who seems to have a gun with a tracking bullet. Since she also has to fight the other machines there and evade Jay’s gun, she calls out Touka. I still don’t understand how Touka is there or where she comes from, but no matter, she fights and she fights in a cool way so I’m happy.

karen senki - touka

Plus, she seems to have a bit of a crazy look to her eyes and if you’ve been reading about some of my favourite characters. Crazy = favourite when it comes to me, especially when they’re female.

Jay is confused by her though and doesn’t understand where she’s from. Heh, he’s like us. And soon disappears off into the distance. The last bit is with X-22 and Karen talking about why he’s working with the Elevens. According to him, he’s a friend of Eleanor and anyone is a friend of hers is a friend of him. Then he starts singing.

karen senki (8)


In terms of character development, plot, and action. Episode six was the best one yet. I have no faults with anything here. I am still a bit confused as to why the machines bleed when they get hit, but other than that, amazing episode.

karen senki (10)


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