First Impressions: Misaeng (kdrama)


If you go on twitter or read the news, a lot of people have been saying great things about tvN’s fall lineup, especially, Liar Game and Misaeng. I’m already watching Liar Game, but for some reason didn’t check out Misaeng. Actually, the reason was because the first episode 90 minutes long. That’s long.

But I’ve been hearing great things about Misaeng so I sucked it up and watched it. Now that the first episode is done, I’m annoyed that I didn’t watch it before.

The first scene is a chase scene done in Jordan. I was pretty amazed that the show even went there, but I was also confused because I thought that this would be an office drama. After the chasing is done, the office part starts.

Misaeng is about a young man named Jang Geu-Rae, played by ZE:A’s Siwan. After doing a series of part time jobs, he lands an internship at a big company. The moment he gets there, he’s pushed aside, made to feel like he’s stupid, and bullied by the other interns.

He doesn’t have any experience, so the other interns are annoyed that they had to bust their behinds in order to get in and all Geu-Rae did was get in through ‘connections.’ It’s understandable why they are angry by Gue-Rae’s presence, especially since he has this air of uselessness around. But that doesn’t justify some of the things they did.

The amount of times I wanted to punch someone for getting on his case….

Even though the story does have its cliche moments, I think the acting is done so well that you don’t really notice or care about it. At this point, I just want Geu-Rae to succeed and beat out all of the other interns. Some are okay, but others seriously need to get slapped. There’s one that is more upfront about it, but another who does things on the sly.

All in all, this was a fantastic first episode and I can definitely understand the praise its been getting. 1 down, three more to go till I catch up.


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