Selector Spread WIXOSS ep 5

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Last time, Ru, Hitoe, and Chiyori went off to meet Futase Fumio, the author of a widely successful novel about Selectors. They want to know the truth behind everything, well Ru and Hitoe want to know the truth behind everything so they can save everyone, while Chiyori just wants to battle and meet her favourite author.

Unfortunately for them, Futase Fumio refuses to answer anything unless someone battles her. To make matters worse, she’s never lost a match before…just like Ru! Does this mean that Ru can finally have her moment to shine and stop acting like a moopey stick in the mud?

Yes. Yes it does.

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But she doesn’t give in right away and she doesn’t even accept the match until Chiyori rushes up to challenge Futase Fumio. Since Chiyori already lost twice, if she loses again her wish gets tainted, so Ruko steps up to the plate to help a friend out.

The fight starts off like how it did with Akira. Ruko is still indecisive and annoying and letting Iona get hurt a lot. Everyone realizes that she’s not using her full potential, so Futase Fumio decides to go all out. That still does nothing, it’s actually Iona who wakes Ruko up and tells her that she won’t be able to save anyone if she continues behaving like this. Ruko, the way that she is now, can’t even save Tama.

That’s enough for Ruko to finally go back to being an overpowered battle freak that we’ve all come to know and love! And thank God for that. I was getting annoyed by the girls constantly saying that they want to save everyone, without actually doing anything. They just wallowed in their own sadness and instead of helping one another, they encouraged their lack of drive.

Even though battling and Selectors and LRIGs have something terribly wrong with them, the only way to do anything about it is to reach Mayu and you can’t do that unless you battle. 

It took five episodes, but Ruko is finally battling again. Her determination also came as she told Iona to Grow once again, taking Iona from a Level 4 to a Level 5. That’s never happened before. No one goes to level 5. No one, until now. I wonder what is so special about Ruko that she’s able to bring out the best out of her LRIGs?

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Chiyori is amazed by this and mentions how it’s also cliched once again. Before continuing, can I just say how much I love this character. Normally, she’d annoy me, but she really is a delight to watch.

Since Ru won, I wonder how Tama will feel. I’m sure Ru and Ulith will have to fight soon, so I’m interested in seeing how that plays out. For now, Futase Fumio agrees to tell the girls what she knows about Selectors, but to do that, she first needs to reveal a very shocking truth.

Turns out that Futase Fumio was an LRIG before and she’s simply trying to fulfill the wish of her former Selector. Like Tama, she didn’t know her real name from before, so the real Fumio named her Futase. Fumio wanted to be a writer, but refused to fight in battles because she felt like her wish would be tainted if it wasn’t done by her own hands.

Futase lets us know that Fumio had to be lying though, because only those who have a wish they want to see attained get an LRIG and become a Selector. Still, the two grew closer and soon Futase wished for Fumio’s happiness. But this is Selector, so we know that things will get bad enough for her to start fighting. Her home life is in shambles and her dream keeps resulting in rejection letters, so she decides to fight. Thinking that this is the only way for her wish to come true.

selector spread wixoss (5)

Unfortunately for her, she finds out the hard way of what happens when you keep winning. When Futase and Fumio make the pledge and start making their way to the white window, Fumio looks on in horror as Futase’s voice starts to change into Fumio. Before they go through, Futase (in Fumio’s voice) promises Fumio that she’ll make her dream come true.

Poor Fumio. All she wanted was to achieve writing success by her own hands and leave her troubled life at home and instead, her LRIG made that dream possible. What a harsh way of finding out the truth and what a harsh way of knowing that your LRIG had better talent than you.

Poor Fumio. I hope we get to see her later on. I wonder who got her and if she became another girl?

After the back story is done, As Futase tells the girls what Mayu said in the white room.

“The Girl of White had a very beautiful, good heart. On the other hand, the Girl of Black had a very unsightly, evil heart. The Girl of Black envied and hated the ever happy and smiling Girl of White and thought of erasing her very existence.”

Girl of Black? Ulith was black, but the only one that is at the moment is Iona, so Fumio asks Iona if she is the Girl of Black. I was a bit surprised that she asked that. I was wondering if she would notice that Iona looks exactly like the model. But if Iona is the Girl of Black, then what does that make Ulith. This definitely makes her connected to Mayu and Tama, but how exactly?

selector spread wixoss (6)

Speaking of Mayu, she ends the episode by saying, “Don’t Iona. The Girl of Black can’t become the Girl of White. Longing of Such will dirty you to a shade of gray.”

Mayu is creepy and I think I’m loving it. I don’t know if she’s good or bad, but I craziness makes me want to see more from her. Even in the preview for the next episode made me love her even more. It’s basically Mayu saying, “Girl of Black. Girl of Dark.” over and over again. It’s so creepy. And I love it!

Another great episode. Ru is battling again. We learned some new information about Selectors. And Mayu is everything. I can’t wait for the next episode.


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