Day 26 – Best Anime Fight

I’ll be basing this question more on nostalgia reasons than anything else.

As a kid, there were two fights that were awesome and will always be remembered in that way.

The first is Sailor Moon’s fight against Queen Beryl.

I watched the dubbed version of this and I was fine with it. The music, the fight, the fact that the Sailor Senshis died and still were able to help Serena/Usagi beat Beryl, all of that was simply epic. I only recently watched  the original version, i.e. the subbed one, and it’s a lot more heartfelt. I kind of makes me annoyed that DIC cut everything out. Still, as a kid who didn’t know much anime, this will always be an awesome fight to me…even though hardly any fighting takes place.

The second one is the Gohan – Cell fight from Dragonball Z. I think what I liked best about this one was that future Trunks was a part of it, but more importantly, Gohan surpassed his father in this by going a step further than Super Saiyan.

He went Super Saiyan 2. That was crazy! There are other fights that I liked in the Dragonball universe, but this one holds a special place in my heart for the simple fact that Gohan was the one who saved the day. And he looked pretty awesome in doing that too.

And because this is a best fight topic, I have to include one from my favourite anime! Samurai Champloo!

A lot of the fights in this show are wonderful to look at, but I loved it when Jin and Mugen fought against each other. Their first fight is definitely my favourite though.



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