5-Line Recap: Terra Formars ep 6

Almost at the halfway point and things are starting too look up for the show. Not so much for the roaches though.

terra formars - Akari kick!

I want to start by saying that the manga is still amazing. Right now, I think my favourite character is Joe. He’s a beast. A magnificent, magnificent beast who would probably get me pregnant, but a beast nonetheless. Now that I’ve said that, let’s talk about the episode.

For the most part, I think that Terra Formars is going in the right direction. After a rocky start and a crazy amount of intial hate for it, I think things are getting better. There were no censorship here, so viewers who hated the black bars and black bubbles will be happy to hear that. Even though it didn’t really bother me, I do understand why there were a growing number of people who couldn’t watch the show, because of it.

That being said, I’m glad that it’s stopped for the time being, only because people will actually comment on the show instead of the black circles of doom.

So what happened in this episode. Here’s your 5 Line recap

  1. The cockroaches used the corpses from the Bugs 2 mission and can now use the abilities that were left behind – this will pose a problem, because the cockroaches are already strong and relentless, so the added perks of the new abilities will be a major hindrance for everyone.
  2. Michelle sinks further into the water, so she does a figure four lock to stop the cockroaches movements.
  3. The cockroach, with a grasshopper ability, overtakes Michelle’s crew and drives the ship away.
  4. Akari fights the cockroach that took his crew away and after berating it for its lack of fighting abilities, he ends up showing the cockroach a thing or two before beating it.
  5. One of the teams, we don’t know yet, sent out an SOS transmission.
  6. An extra line, only because the episode ended with team Russia. My hype levels went up so much when I saw this. So much. I wonder if we’ll get to see a proper fight from them and team Germany.

In terms of the episode, it was okay. I did love the new info about the cockroaches having the abilities of the past Bugs members. For them to already know how to do surgery in order to use those bug parts and to know how to drive an aircraft means that these roaches have evolved quite a bit. Their level of intelligence keeps on growing, so the longer that the Bugs 3 crew members stay on Mars, the worse it will be for them.

The fights were fun to see and I did like to see Alex get his moment to shine, but I still don’t feel fully connected to the characters. In the manga, I’m constantly in a state of fear that a character will die, because the mangaka has a tendency to do that quite a bit and I actually love everyone in the series. Here, not so much.

The only time that I did was when Marcos went all out and started killing roaches left right and center. That was awesome and we only touched on a bit of the back story involving him, Sheila and Alex. I think the show, in its haste to get to the main action, skipped a lot of character development. Maybe the studio was banking on the fact that the viewers wanted to see the Mars action, so that’s what they gave them. Only the black bars ended up alienated a lot of people.

But, that wasn’t the problem in this episode. The only real complaint  I have against it is that I felt like the animation dropped quite a bit. The art work still remained the same, but the animation was a bit weird. We had a lot of still frame with some minor movement to them. Either by a small animation not involving the character, or by the camera panning. Not sure why though. It didn’t happen for the entire episode though, but for some moments here and there. It was a bit jarring in some places, but not so bad that it ruined my experience of the show.

terra formars (1)

Even though it sounds like I hated the episode and the show, I don’t. I actually think that it’s been improving for quite a while now. I’m just being overly critical, because I want this to do well.

The fights were fine and I liked that it wasn’t just one sided. Akari and Michelle had a hard time with their roaches and were helped by others, which was nice to see. The two of them are on a higher level than some of the other members of Team Michelle, but they’re still part of a team and not doing this alone.

The cockroaches are still freaking amazing. I seriously love those guys, even though I’d never want to meet them. I mean, not only did they destroy the medicine and kill a bunch of people, but they can use the same machines.

They’ve evolved so quickly that it’s scary, but awesome!

But so are the characters. This is a series where I actually love every character, so I’m super hyped that Team Russia gets to show their moves in the next episode. I have a feeling like a lot of the action will be skipped and some of the backgrounds involving the characters will be as well. But the level of hype I’m feeling at the moment refuses to let me see all that.

Team Russia….I can’t wait!


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