OCN’s Bad Guys episode 4

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Looks like I was wrong about the last episode. I thought everything ended there, but it turns out that in order to put a stop to the human trafficking, the team of criminals will have to go after the big guns. The head honcho. The big cheese. Madame Hwang Gyeon Sun.

Madame Hwang use to run an illegal brothel, but after being sent to prison she lost her livelihood. Instead of doing the decent thing and finding a proper job that isn’t illegal, she decides to go into human trafficking. The new business started off small, but like any good business, she branched out and got even bigger.

If someone is getting their organs removed, then you’d know that Madame Hwang had her hand in it.

To their credit, Madame Hwang is deliciously evil. Even though she didn’t really have any depth to her character, the actress played her beautifully. The little nuances here and there really made her come to life and when she said this to a ten year old boy, I got chills.

“Do you know money these eyes are worth? $230,000. Yes, $230,000. $230,000 is a lot of money. That’s also how much money your father owes this grandmother. He should pay grandmother back for that $230,000. But your father says he doesn’t have any money, so he won’t be able to pay grandmother. Do you think that’s a good thing or a bad one?”

If that’s not bad enough, she then had to show the little guy her badly beaten father right before the surgery. That’s just harsh.

bad guys - Madame Hwang

Not only is she involved in human trafficking, she also has some police officers on her payroll, which doesn’t bode well for Team Criminal as they head to her place. When they arrive, everything seems to be in order, until it isn’t. It turns out that their plans were leaked by Officer Kim…you know, the one who always drives the car for everyone.

She also has a SWAT team at her command. This lady is no joke and since she knows that Team Criminal has infiltrated her company, she tells every man in her organization that they should do everything they can in order to capture and kill them. Then, bring the bodies to floor 15 where she’ll be waiting with a big prize.

Sounds a bit like a video game, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, it’s not a game for Team Criminal as they’re attacked on all fronts. Our poor little serial killer gets stabbed as he helps Woong Cheol. This puts Woong Cheol in a sticky situation, because as you’d remember in the last episode, he was kidnapped while he was peeing. The person who kidnapped him was his hyungnim, who wants him to kill Jung Moon.

So when he sees Jung Moon cornered by the dirty SWAT team, he has to decide whether he’ll listen to his hyungnim or save someone who has saved him not once, but twice before? From what we know about Woong Cheol, he’s big on loyalty. He may be just a common thug, but he’s a thug who is willing to help those who helped him. So he comes to the rescue and just as he’s about to be shot, Tae Soo comes and saves him.

Speaking of Tae Soo, I still find him attractive, but now that he’s no longer wearing his suit it’s not as good anymore. It’s the magic of the suit.

Tae-Soo from Bad Guys

RIP suit. Episode 1-2.

He was fantastic in the episode though, especially during his interogation scene when he tells the bad guy that he’ll only ask three question. The bad guy acts like a typical bad guy, but after the three questions, and three pen stabbings later, he comes around and embraces the awesomeness that is of Tae Soo.

So Team Criminal end up getting to floor 15 before the goons catch them and they take Madame Hwang as a hostage. This is done to help them get a safe passage out of the building, but also because they need to arrest her. She’s a horrible person who needs to be locked up. It works at first and they slowly, but surely, make their way towards the front of the building. But the gang of goons stop moving, so Gu Tak threatens to shoot Madame Hwang if they don’t get out of his way. They start to move, until the lovely Madame Hwang tells them that the game rules has been changed. Instead of getting a prize, which was money and a position in her company, they can just take her position if they kill Team Criminal. Her life, doesn’t matter, so just wants them dead.

Even though she’s meant to be a horrible person, I can’t help but love Madame Hwang. She just doesn’t give a flip about anything other than her goals.

She still gets arrested in the end though, but even that is made of awesomeness. As Gu Tak tells her to have fun in prison, she just says she will because they have good food there. I’m paraphrasing, but the exchange was funny. It was ruined when Inspector Yoo Mi Young punches her. I get why they did that and she definitely deserved it. Madame Hwang is not a good person and deserves to be punched, even though she’s old.

Plus, Inspector Yoo does have some beef with her, since Officer Kim was going to kill her as per the orders of Madame Hwang. But here’s my problem, even though we’ve had shades of Inspector Yoo being a little bit off, she’s still very by the books. For her to do this in front of her colleagues seems almost out of character for her.

I do hope the show develops her character a bit more, because I still don’t know much about her. Even though she’s one of the stars, she’s not really there, if that makes sense. She was meant to be the moral compass of the crew, but it’s clear that she separate herself and Gu Tak from the others. The synopsis said she tries to make them work as a team, but we haven’t really seen anything like that yet. It’s a shame too, because she does have a lot of potential.

All in all, it was a good episode. I think Madame Hwang kind of elevated everything though. I think my only complaint, other than the lack of suit and the punch by Inspector Yoo, is that we didn’t see Jung Moon go all out. When he started punching people, I was kind of surprised that he was able to fight. The character doesn’t seem like the type to fight and be good at it.

That being said, we know that when Jung Moon blacks out, he has a tendency to kill people. Not sure how true this is yet, since that’s part of the mystery of his character, but if it was then I was hoping he would black out and go all psycho killer on everyone. Kind of like Clare in Baccano! Where he’d cover himself up in blood and go crazy.

Claire Stanfield

It doesn’t happen though…which is fine. It’s fine. Really, it’s fine. But if it did, it would have made this episode even better.

Looks like next week is the start of a new case involving a shooter.


By the by, there’s talks of a season two of Bad Guys. That’s pretty exciting and great news for OCN and everyone involved in this show.



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